Balanoposthitis men - Causes, Symptoms , Treatment


1. Causes of balanoposthitis in men

2. symptoms

3. How to treat balanoposthitis

Balanoposthitis - an inflammatory disease of acute or chronic form,affecting the head of the penis.The inflammatory process is almost always affects the foreskin.

The disease belongs to a fairly common pathologies.According to statistics, about 11% of men had balanoposthitis.

Causes of balanoposthitis in men

most common cause of the disease - infectious.Pathogens may be E. coli, staphylococci, enterococci and many other pathogenic microflora.But usually balanoposthitis in men is the result of infection by fungi of the genus Candida and herpes virus.In addition, the disease can begin to develop when infected with sexually transmitted diseases such as ureaplasmosis, mycoplasmosis, bacterial vaginosis.

There are factors that provoke balanoposthitis:

  • phimosis - narrowing of the foreskin;
  • anomalies head of the penis, such as scar deformation;
  • endocrine diseases such as diabetes;
  • allergic reactions;
  • prolonged use of certain medications (corticosteroids, antibacterial agents);
  • microtrauma of the penis;
  • damage the integrity of the skin that occur during sexual intercourse;
  • failure to comply with personal hygiene;
  • aggressive exposure to certain chemicals, such as antiseptics, disinfectant solution.


first symptoms of balanoposthitis in men are swelling and redness of the foreskin of the penis head.This flushing head is focal or total.In addition to the swelling of the foreskin can be seen dilated capillaries, ulcers, fissures.

In some infections, the surface of the glans and foreskin has a specific coating.The most typical is plaque with Candida infection.Symptomatic balanoposthitis of this type is the large amount of bleeding thick cheesy consistency, which are collected on the head and under the foreskin.

In streptococcal infections are often formed on the erosion surface of the head and foreskin.

balanoposthitis often accompanied by genital herpes.

In some cases, selection of the disease are absent, but the patient is suffering from severe itching.

Symptomatic balanoposthitis severe stage is the swollen lymph nodes in the groin.This is because in the inguinal lymph nodes regional lymph vessels empty into the penis.

balanoposthitis frequent complication is paraphimosis - pinching the glans penis foreskin, in which the head can not be closed.This disturbed blood supply to the glans penis and foreskin tissue clamped.

In some cases, the disease shows signs of deterioration in the general condition of the body - weakness, fatigue, slight fever.

balanoposthitis The acute form is the following forms.

1. Simple.It is characterized by swelling and a small lesion of the glans penis and the foreskin.

2.Erozivnaya.Symptoms balanoposthitis this form are multiple superficial erosion and necrosis of epithelial tissues.

3.Gangrenoznaya.The most severe form of the disease, in which on the glans penis and foreskin formed necrotic areas accompanied by redness and swelling.

Chronic balanoposthitis in men is more characteristic when sexually transmitted, viral and fungal diseases.The main features of this form of the disease are as follows:

  • swelling and redness of the glans penis;
  • burning, stinging, itching, pain in the head;
  • dryness of the skin, ulceration;
  • difficulties laid bare head;
  • pain during intercourse;
  • pus emerging from the urethra.

How to treat balanoposthitis

For successful treatment balanoposthitis very important timely diagnosis and competent.

Initially, the physician must identify the causative agent.For this purpose lesions scrapings are taken, which are then sent for bacterial cultivation.The causative agent of infectious and sexually transmitted diseases is determined by PCR.To determine candidiasis pathogen using potassium hydroxide test analysis.Before you treat balanoposthitis doctor sets all the associated diseases that may affect the course of disease.Usually it pyelonephritis (kidney infection disease), peptic ulcer disease, diabetes and some other diseases.

balanoposthitis The choice of method of treatment depends on the cause of its development.In the treatment of this disease drugs are used in the form of ointments and creams.

local antiseptics used in bacterial nature of the disease.

the treatment balanoposthitis, which is caused by fungi, appoint local agents acting on candidiasis.

allergic disease involves treatment of local glucocorticoid agents.

In many cases, the disease has a mixed cause.Then the combined use of broad-spectrum drug.

When running form or severe balanoposthitis sick prescribe systemic antibiotics.

For all types of the disease are successfully used the bath with an aqueous solution of antimicrobial agents, such as Sangviritin, Rotokan, Mirimistin, Furatsilin.

also proved effective in the treatment balanoposthitis physiotherapy techniques.Especially often used phonophoresis - a combination of the drug and the effects of ultrasonic waves.

If balanoposthitis developed as a result of phimosis, surgery is necessary.In the acute phase is carried out a longitudinal incision of the foreskin.Later, after remission of acute process excised foreskin in a circle, that is, carried out the circumcision.

When gangrenous balanoposthitis during the last stage necessary to carry out a surgical operation - amputation.


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