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1. Causes of balanitis

2. Symptoms of balanitis

3. Diagnosis and treatment of balanitis

Balanitis - a disease which is caused by an inflammatory process of the headpenis.The disease is common in men of all ages, including boys.

The article focuses on the causes of balanitis, the main symptoms and types of this disease, as well as the treatment of Candida balanitis and obliterating form.

Causes of balanitis

disease begins after the introduction of the pathogen into the skin of the glans penis.At the same time developing the local inflammatory process, which is accompanied by characteristic symptoms.

Balanitis most often occurs as a result of non-observance of rules of personal hygiene.In this case, favorable conditions for pathogenic micro-organisms, which fall to the sexual organ.

balanitis often suffer from the young sexually active men who are promiscuous.In this case, the disease is one of the symptoms of sexually transmitted diseases.

disease often called phimosi

s - a sharp narrowing of the foreskin, which interferes with passage of smegma.This is the main cause of balanitis in children.

Another reason, which provokes the disease, called the glans penis injuries.It may occur during the operation of circumcision, wearing tight, synthetic underwear.There

chronic infectious diseases, endocrinology and autoimmune nature, which contribute to the development of balanitis.Such diseases include diabetes mellitus, systemic lupus erythematosus, psoriasis, scleroderma, genital herpes, trichomoniasis, gonorrhea, syphilis.A common cause are fungi of the genus Candida, in which case the patient develops candida balanitis.

The causes of this type of diseases like obliterans balanitis not yet clearly established.

Symptoms of balanitis

to the initial symptoms of balanitis include discomfort in the penis head.The patient complains of itching, burning, which are enhanced when you try to open the head.The head member is red, edematous.

In the acute form the symptoms of balanitis join attributes the general deterioration of the patient's condition.It reduces the overall tone of the body, a headache, general body temperature rises.

Local balanitis symptoms include increasing the number of smegma, often so abundant that permeates the patient's underwear.From the prepuce (foreskin cavity) often stands festering secret.

When erosive form of balanitis are added to the symptoms of erosion on the glans penis, which if not treated promptly turn into ulcers.Education erosions and ulcers accompanied by severe pain, which is particularly enhanced by the move.

For Candida balanitis is characterized by the appearance of a strong sense of itching, burning sensation.In addition, a specific symptom of Candida balanitis forms are erosion on the glans penis.They are abundantly covered with a whitish bloom, which can be seen by removing the congested surface.In the region the coronal sulcus accumulate cheesy white flakes of the prepuce is released liquid exudate.Discharges have an unpleasant sour smell.Development of Candida balanitis in men indicates a fairly low immunity of the patient, as is usually the disease is not typical for them.In addition, the above symptoms may indicate the presence of the patient's other diseases of the reproductive system.

obliterans balanitis is characterized by the formation of a skin on the glans penis scarring areas.The appearance of pale, with atrophied skin areas, accompanied by a strong sense of tightness.Prolonged, severe balanitis obliterans often the narrowing of the urethra, causing urinary disorders develop.In addition, over time, head of the penis is no longer open and forms scar phimosis.When balanitis obliterans reduces the elasticity of the skin of the outer edge of the foreskin, which contributes to its anguish.

balanitis initial symptoms in children is often their restless behavior.The child is naughty, sensitive to attempt to expose the glans penis.After contact with urine for a painful inflammation of the glans penis tissue reacts crying child.Typically, when increased in children balanitis general body temperature.

Diagnosis and treatment of balanitis balanitis

diagnosis is not difficult, even with the external examination of genitals patient doctor.But to determine the causative agent of the disease is necessary to smear from the urethra.

A detailed diagnosis of the disease is only used with the ineffectiveness of the treatment balanitis.To do this, the patient is prescribed a blood test for sugar, urinalysis, a study to determine the presence of diseases that are transmitted sexually.

Treatment of balanitis, uncomplicated purulent inflammation, is to conduct local therapy.The patient is prescribed anti-inflammatory and antiseptic solutions, ointments, creams, gels.They are applied after hygiene twice a day to the affected sites.Of great importance for the effectiveness of the treatment of balanitis is the observance of personal hygiene rules man.

the treatment of balanitis erosive ulcerous or gangrenous form, except for local funds are used antibiotics.Usually, the patient is prescribed broad-spectrum drugs Heading 7 - 14 days.

Candida balanitis is rather easy to treat.In most cases, the doctor prescribes a comprehensive patient treatment.Treatment of Candida balanitis form is receiving antifungal agent inside (usually fluconazole) and the use of antifungal ointment topically to the affected skin.In addition, the period of treatment Candida balanitis type diet is important.It involves a decrease in carbohydrate diet, sweet, spicy.And the consumption of fermented milk products containing live lactic acid bacteria.

choice of method of therapy obliterans balanitis depends on the stage of the disease.At the initial stage of the disease can restrict the use of local anti-hormonal agents.In the case where the patient resulting obliterans balanitis urethral constriction occurred resorting to surgery.During surgery, the doctor widens the urethra and removes the patches of skin that have undergone scarring.

Balanitis in children most commonly treated by local means.The child is doing the washing with antiseptic solutions and decoctions of medicinal plants.Effectively applied in such cases, the bath with medicinal solutions and infusions of herbs.Typically, a hydrogen peroxide, a weak solution of furatsilina, potassium permanganate, decoctions of herbs (chamomile, sage, eucalyptus).In severe balanitis children doctor prescribes medication drugs inside, depending on the causative agent.

If the reason was the balanitis phimosis patients underwent circumcision or circumcision.


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