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1. Types and symptoms of basal cell carcinoma skin

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3. Diagnosis and treatment of basal cell carcinoma

called basal cell carcinoma skin cancer, which is located at the malignancybetween malignant and benign tumors.A feature of the disease is the absence of metastases, despite significant local distribution.Due to this basal cell survival is close to 100%, in contrast to other types of skin cancer.Most often, the disease progresses to the neck, scalp and face in the form of a single lesion.

Types and symptoms of basal cell carcinoma skin

There are three main types of basal cell carcinoma:

1. Nodular basal cell carcinoma of the skin, which is a rounded pink bleeding tumor.Depending on the clinical form of this type of disease can be:

  • ulcerative nodular;
  • krupnouzelkovym;
  • perforating (growing inward).

symptoms of basal cell carcinoma:

  • appearance of the sores with a slight depression;
  • very slow increase in the affected area;
  • ingrown sores muscle fibers
    , bones and cartilage.

2. Flat basal cell carcinoma - a neoplasm in a plaque with raised rounded edges.This type of cancer is prone to ulceration.Most often flat basal cell carcinoma occurs in the form of a pigment or a scar-atrophic spots.

3. Superficial basal cell carcinoma, the symptoms of which:

  • formation of brilliant spots of pink color, slightly elevated above the normal skin;
  • no discomfort.

this most benign type of disease often exists for decades, without causing much discomfort to the patient.In addition, the surface basal cell carcinoma occurs in multiple forms:

  • warty;
  • Shpiglera tumor, called tsilindromoy, and others.

There is also a type of congenital skin baziolomy - Gorlin-Goltz syndrome, which combines the lower jaw cysts, the defects of the ribs and the flat surface of the tumor.


skin basal cell carcinoma usually occurs in people over 40 years.The main factor contributing to its development, experts say prolonged and frequent exposure to the sun.For this reason, people working in the sun, and the inhabitants of tropical countries most frequently diagnosed basal cell carcinoma.It is known that the human skin is darker, the stronger it is protected from the disease.

also provokes illness factors include:

  • contact with carcinogens and toxic substances (oil, tar, chemicals);
  • permanent injury to a specific skin site;
  • burns, scars;
  • chronic skin diseases;
  • radiation exposure;
  • decreased immunity.

Diagnosis and treatment of basal cell carcinoma

Before treatment of basal cell carcinoma need her diagnosis, which does not cause any inconvenience, because of poor quality education easily available for analysis.For diagnosis, primarily used histological examination, determining the severity and duration of illness.Based on these results oncologist assigns a particular type of treatment of basal cell carcinoma.

Today, there are few effective therapies:

  • surgical removal of basal cell carcinoma, including laser;
  • radiotherapy;
  • drug therapy;
  • cryosurgery;
  • combination treatment.

These treatments are applied at certain stages of tumor development and are not interchangeable.For example, radiation therapy is indicated in the early stages of the disease, however, has a number of contraindications.

most commonly used basal cell carcinoma removal by means of surgery.Surgery is only possible in the presence of tumors of small size, arranged with the open areas of the body.When basal cell carcinoma located in the auricle or nasal passage, such treatment is not carried out.Surgical removal of basal cell carcinoma is very effective, however, as with any surgery, it involves suturing and rehabilitation period.The danger in this case is the risk of recurrence in order to avoid that the place where the tumor is treated with liquid nitrogen has been removed.


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