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Peanuts - a low annual herbaceous plant of the legume family and fruits of the same namethis plant, also known as Chinese or groundnuts.At home

peanuts in South America, there are about 70 varieties of it.In addition to the southern United States this plant is also cultivated in India, China, Spain, Italy, Africa.

The bulk of the fruits of the plant are used for peanut butter production, food quality which allows it to compete with many vegetable oils, including olive.Higher grade of the oil used for cooking chocolate, high-quality margarine, canned fish, bakery and confectionery products, and even for the manufacture of medicines.Peanut oil is lower quality is widely used in soap making.

peanuts are the favorite treat of many adults and children.Eating them in cheese, and in the form of roasted.However, you must remember that the calorie content in peanuts is very high, so eat nuts in excessive amounts still not w

orth it.

Surprisingly, peanuts are used not only in the food industry.This plant is used in the production of artificial fur, adhesives, plastics and other chemical products.

Composition peanut

peanut fruits are extremely rich in unique amino acids, vitamins (A, B1, B2, B3, C, D, E), macro (potassium, calcium, sodium, magnesium, fluoride) and micronutrients (iron), polyunsaturated folicand lionolevoy acid, vegetable fats.

plants Fruits 10% water, 10% from carbohydrates, more than 25% of protein and over 45% from fat, which explains the high calorie peanut.Peanuts contain no cholesterol, and their constituent proteins differ optimal composition of amino acids, so well absorbed by the body.

Calorie in peanuts is high - 100 g of the product contains an average of 550-555 calories.

peanut Benefits

Positive properties have heard a lot of peanuts.The main benefits of peanuts to the human body is its antioxidant effect.According to recent studies, the antioxidants in peanuts as much as in strawberries and blackberries, a palm in the matter peanuts is second only to the grenade.A remarkable fact that in the last heat treatment peanuts polyphenols (antioxidants), 25% more than in the raw fruit.

special favor peanuts brings to those who by virtue of special employment is not in a position to set aside time for a full meal or adhere to different diets for weight loss.A small amount of nuts perfectly satisfies hunger quickly and causes a feeling of fullness.This property is due peanut high content of protein.Of course, if a person seeks to lose weight, you can eat only small portions of nuts, because they do not forget about the high calorie peanut.For peanuts characterized by an optimal ratio of amino acids, so that they are easily absorbed by the body.

also relates to a positive peanut properties: stimulation of the process of renewal of skin cells, the process of normalization of blood, the ability to improve memory, attention and hearing, a beneficial effect on the genitals.

noteworthy that the benefits of peanuts, not only in themselves the fruit of this plant, but also in products made from these fruits.For example, peanut butter is a useful source of vitamins and minerals.Often, this oil is used in the treatment of purulent wounds and hardhealed.Peanut "milk", prepared on the basis of water and peanut flour, it is useful for stomach ulcers and duodenal ulcers.

harm peanut

hard to believe that with all the above advantages, peanuts can cause the body any harm.Nevertheless, it is.

Firstly, as though it did not sound paradoxical, but the damage from the peanut is the same, and what's the use of it - in a high calorie content.People suffering from obesity and those who are inclined to corpulence, and rapid weight gain, it is better to exclude from your diet peanuts or strictly control the amount of used products.

Second, the harm of peanuts is that the fruits of this plant are quite strong allergens.Conclusion: The people who are prone to food allergies should be treated with extreme caution with this product.The same advice applies to children, the first drug peanuts.Familiarity with a product to start with one or two nuts, to test the response of the organism.The main symptoms of food allergy are:

- itching;

- swelling of the mouth and throat;

- nausea and abdominal pain;

- possible anaphylactic shock.

Third, one of the properties is peanut slowing of blood flow in the body.This means that the nuts can not be used for people with varicose disease and those who are prone to thrombosis.It is not recommended to consume nuts in arthritis, osteoarthritis and gout.

potential harm of peanuts can not hide in the product itself, and its violations of the process of storage and transportation.So, if nuts were stored in humid rooms, on their surface can settle mold fungus.Getting in the human body, it releases toxins that can attack any organ weakened.

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