Orange and orange oil - useful properties


1. chemical composition

2. Useful properties of orange

3. orange oil

4. harm and contraindications to the use

Onour planet has two orange ball that bring people to the beauty and health - is our sun and bright, sweet orange!In a sense, the beneficial properties of orange may be just as important for a person, as well as the energy of the sun.

is believed that the birthplace of the fruit - China, no wonder it is called the "Chinese apple."Already in the 19th century fashion for the cultivation of oranges and conquered the whole of Europe, these trees are planted in a specially equipped premises - greenhouses.There is a belief that juicy and sweet orange is so useful for people that residents of the area where it grows abundantly in this wonderful fruit, a kind, joyful and happy.No wonder the main beneficial properties of orange oil is uplifting mood, giving man strength, vivacity, energy and happiness, but we'll discuss this later.

chemical composition

The chemical composition resembles orange treasury with vitamins, mainly comprising B vitamins and vitamins A, PP, and a record number - C content in orange vitamin C really deserves special attention, as only150g its pulp contains up to 80 milligrams of ascorbic acid - this is even more than the daily requirement of the human body in this matter.Also useful are explained orange properties and high in a variety of mineral compounds: sodium, magnesium, potassium, phosphorus, calcium and iron.This calorie orange is small and its consumption will not negatively impact on the figure.

fact that the flesh of the fruit is composed of dietary fiber in food consumption which brings a feeling of satiety.Dietary fiber when driving on the esophageal tract swell and increased volume ingested product.Calorie orange only 38 calories per 100g, or about 80 calories for a small-sized fruit.

Naturally, the family of citrus fruit is quite extensive, it is not only known for lemon and oranges, but also tangerines, grapefruit and lime.And all of these benefits differ excellent healing abilities.But if we compare the lemon and orange on the beneficial properties, it may be noted that Orange is the leader on the content of vitamin C. Even many physicians, comparing the lemon and orange, also secrete large favor of the latter.However, lemon, and orange when used correctly will have the invaluable help to our body.

There are several kinds of fruit Data:

  • ordinary orange with yellow flesh and lots of seeds;
  • wren - sweet orange with a small red pulp;
  • Jaffa - large fruit with thick skin;
  • navel - it has a second embryonic fetus and has orange flesh.

main useful property of orange is considered its ability to strengthen the body, helping it to fight viral infections and stay in good shape.We'll talk about this in more detail.

Useful properties of orange

Indeed, the beneficial properties of orange can hardly be overestimated.Its use is beneficial to the human body with high blood pressure, diseases of the musculoskeletal system, with the rehabilitation of patients with damage to the bone.

is interesting that the very orange pulp contains less nutrients than his skin, so it is useful to add it to jam, for example, apple and orange peel and rub in a variety of dishes.Orange peel also has antimicrobial activity and many useful properties.For example, in the skin are contained a lot pectin, solid fibers and flavonoids, which have a beneficial effect on the intestinal activities.The next time you eat a sweet orange, do not throw away the peel, and to dry it.Then you can add in jelly or compote.

For colds decided to eat lemons, but much more pleasant to be treated the sweet orange, the more the effect is no less strong.After all, this fruit contains natural antibiotics - volatile, as well as citric acid and pectin.Therefore, before it was used not only for the treatment of viral infections, but also for the healing of wounds and ulcers, because the volatile can neutralize harmful microbes.

also known to all the benefits of the use of orange for reducing vitamin deficiency, gastric hyperacidity, eliminate chronic constipation.The high content of pectin in the pulp of the fruit stimulates bowel movements and is the prevention of the development of putrefactive processes in the digestive tract.

And Israeli scientists claim that this member of the family of citrus fruits also helps reduce cholesterol levels in the blood.Therefore, they recommend eating the flesh with fatty foods, that is to cook the meat or duck with apples and oranges - it's not only useful but also delicious.A decrease in vascular occlusion will prevent malfunction of the heart.

repeatedly covered and useful properties of orange juice, which is able to activate the well-coordinated work of all body functions, with its very low calorie.Drinking just one glass of freshly squeezed orange juice, you will satisfy the daily requirement for vitamin complex.Especially invaluable benefits of orange juice in the autumn-winter period, it is considered a magnificent immunoukreplyayuschim means and is the prevention of many common cold and infectious diseases

Also fruit has excellent protivokantserogennye and tonic properties.Orange juice significantly improves the quality of the blood, kills harmful bacteria, burns fat and normalizes the process of digestion.It also removes from the body of harmful substances and toxins, thus providing the body cleansing and rejuvenating effect.Rich in citrus and folic acid - the main female vitamin indispensable for pregnant women.

Also worth noting is that bananas, apples and oranges and normalize metabolic processes in neurons.That is, bananas, apples and oranges are able to prevent the development of Alzheimer's disease.Fruit salad will provide invaluable assistance in strengthening your body.

orange oil

all useful properties contains orange and orange oil.Use orange oil for the prevention of colds, raising the general body tone, improve mood and well being for the aromatic deodorizing rooms.

When using cold orange oil for inhalation - 2-3 drops per cup of water.Celebrating beautiful and cosmetic effects of orange oil, it is used in shampoos, creams and lotions for the body.

orange oil promotes rapid healing wounds and ulcers, so it is used in the treatment of sores, bleeding gums.To do this application to the affected area, mixing orange oil and any vegetable oil, such as almond.

harm and contraindications for use

When intestinal disorders, ulcers, gastritis with high acidity use oranges contraindicated.Excessive use of it may trigger the development of diabetes due to high sugar content in citrus.

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