Pineapple - caloric properties , slimming


1. Pineapple - calorie, the benefits and nutritional value

2. Healing

Exotic, tasty, juicy and sweet pineapple is a frequent guest in any home anda wonderful dessert that is so loved by children and adults.This handsome overseas has not only pronounced flavor and aroma charming, but also a number of remarkable properties that make normal fetus in an incredibly useful and tasty medicine.Women use pineapple for weight loss, and the male population of the Caribbean since ancient times apply pineapple juice as a natural means of improving potency.

Pineapple refers to land Hedge plants, on average, up to 90 cm in height, and consists of a special rosette of leaves, similar to the top of the fruit, which grows in the middle only, like a big lump fruit.Homeland pineapple believe Paraguay and Brazil.In Europe sweet pineapple was brought by Christopher Columbus, who discovered these juicy fruits in Guadeloupe and was so impressed with a delicate aroma and wonderful taste that brought s

weet pineapple as a gift to his monarch, together with other unknown plants - tobacco and potatoes.

Reviews pineapple from sailors of old vessels revealed an amazing ability of the fetus to the treatment and prevention of scurvy.But heat-loving tropical guest did not catch on in the local cold climate, so it was decided to grow it in the hottest Asian and African colonies of European countries.Today, a sweet pineapple is one of the most important fruit crops that are widely cultivated in tropical countries around the world.

Pineapple fruit is a large cylindrical or oval in shape, topped with a charming leafy crown.Wax dense shell ripe fruit can be a different color - from dark green to reddish-orange.Bright yellow flesh has a terrific flavor and amazing aroma.Ripe fruit can reach a weight of five kilograms.When choosing a pineapple, you must pay special attention to its top: from juicy, ripe fruit of individual leaves quite easily stretched.

This wonderful tropical berry for its unique healing properties owes a whole range of minerals and nutrients needed by the body, which is very rich in its flesh.

Pineapple - calorie, the benefits and nutritional value

Ripe sweet pineapple has a unique advantage and the amazing nutritional value.First of all, it should be emphasized that this wonderful berry contains in its composition a full range of minerals and vitamins, and vitamin C in it is much more than in lemons and other citrus fruits.Furthermore, a high content of potassium, iron, calcium, magnesium, manganese, phosphorus, zinc, iodine and copper makes it an indispensable fruit source of essential nutrient for the human body.

Reviews of pineapple from the medical profession, ordinary consumers and producers a positive, especially there is a low calorie pineapple.This remarkable berry contains a large quantity of organic acids and dietary fiber, and calorie pineapple only 49 kcal per 100 grams of product.Despite the fact that low calorie pineapple so, it is not possible to eat a lot due to the large amount of fiber in the composition of the berries.

In addition, the extract of pineapple and fresh fruit itself is widely used in cosmetology.Berry has a strong antibacterial effect and eliminates the increased oiliness of the skin.Enough to wipe the skin in the morning with a piece of pineapple or a means to an extract of pineapple, and it will shine with freshness, purity, health and beauty.

Reviews of pineapple showed that this useful and delicious berry perfectly stimulates the normal functioning of the digestive system and has a beneficial effect on the cardiovascular system, contributing to the normalization of blood pressure and preventing the development of complex diseases such as thrombosis, atherosclerosis, heart attack and stroke.Effective pineapple extract in the treatment of nervous system diseases, arthritis and a variety of infectious diseases.Do not rush into a cold medication, you can simply cook a delicious drink with extract of pineapple, which will have a great healing effect.


High potassium content allows pineapple rid the human body of excess fluid, improve metabolism and increase fat burning, so many people to effectively use the pineapple diet.But long-term use is not recommended for pineapple diet as a mono-diet, or due to the high content of fruit acids can seriously damage not only the enamel but also the digestive tract.Yes, in and of themselves do not bear monodiets anything positive for effective weight loss is necessary to a balanced diet that will help you choose a specialist dietitian, as well as mandatory exercise.

If a person prefers to meat dishes, which contain a lot of fiber, it is necessary during the meal to eat a slice of fruit, and drink a glass of fresh pineapple juice, which greatly enhance the enzymatic and secretory activity of gastric juice.

The pineapple contains amazing natural enzyme complex of bromelain (bromelain), which effectively splits the complex fats and proteins to simpler compounds, easily are excreted from the body.That is why the pineapple extract is widely used in many anti-cellulite programs and in the fight against excess weight.It is worth noting the fact that the pineapple diet is useful only in fresh form, as the heat treatment destroys the bromelain.Low calorie

pineapple fruit juice can be used in various kidney diseases, gastrointestinal tract, joints, liver, infectious diseases, in both adults and children.In addition, pineapple juice specially appointed weakened kiddies as an additional remedy for diseases of the nervous system and bone fractures.Fasting days with pineapple - effective, and most importantly, tasty way to get rid of excess weight.

Many experts today use a pineapple extract in the treatment of cancer.Thus, stimulated by its own defenses and reduced the heavy side effects of specific anti-cancer therapy.Also, the pineapple as a mandatory element of the daily diet perfectly binds free radicals, taking them out of the body, which prevents the occurrence of cancer.

Keep in mind that despite the numerous excellent reviews about the pineapple and its amazing properties of this fruit is not always possible to eat in unlimited quantities.We do not eat a lot of pineapple for people suffering from peptic ulcer and gastritis with high acidity due to the possible severe irritation of the digestive tract.

People with highly sensitive tooth enamel is necessary to be wary of pineapple and thoroughly rinse your mouth immediately after it ate the fruit to neutralize the negative effects of acid on tooth enamel.

Despite the low calorie pineapple, should limit his intake of pregnant women as a special agent in its composition can cause intense uterine contractions.

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