Quince - useful and healing properties of mature fruit


1. Golden Apple - the use and application of

2. Ripe quince need to be able to cook

One of the most ancient plants, which began to look for a man, a quince.The earliest cultural planting this tree originated in ancient Asia, more than four thousand years ago.Over time, quince has spread across continents and countries, this plant is cultivated in more than forty countries around the world, and the largest area for quince are in Turkey and Uzbekistan, where the culture is widely used in various fields of food and industrial production.

name quince is directly linked to the city of Chania, located in Crete.Quince leaves resemble the leaves of apple trees and beautiful large white or pink flowers of the tree are often sold as decorative.Ripe quince fruit golden or greenish-yellow in appearance resembles a quince fruit cross between a pear and an apple.Fruit quince fresh sour and hard, but the heat treated fruit quince has a soft pink sweetish pulp resembling a pear its granular t


With this golden apple connected many ancient legends.One of them is a beautiful myth of Paris and Helen of Troy.After all, it is the fruit of the quince Paris presented to the goddess Aphrodite, which is often on the frescoes and paintings depict this golden apple.Also with quince it involves a lot of old traditions that have been preserved in some cultures to the present day.The ancient Greeks threw the fruit under the wedding chariot, and the bride and groom before the first wedding night, divided between the fruit of the quince and always ate a piece.Also quince in ancient times included in the wedding table menu as a symbol of fertility, marriage and love.

Useful properties of quince are known in medicine and textile industry, and delicious marmalade, jelly and jam happy to regale both children and adults.

Golden Apple - the use and application of

Fragrant ripe quince jam is not only delicious taste, it is also very useful.Fruits quince rich in vitamins and various trace elements.The composition of ripe quince includes a high content of sodium and potassium, citric, malic, tartronic acid and pectin.Fruits contain high amounts of carbohydrates, particularly fructose.In addition, ripe quince contains a large amount of amino acids, tannins, essential oils, and catechins.

unique beneficial properties quince allow the use of this culture in many areas.In medicine, the fruits are used, the leaves and seeds of quince.This fruit is extremely useful product for the diet, since absolutely no cholesterol, sodium and fat and is rich in dietary fiber and copper.

Useful properties of quince makes it an excellent remedy against depression.A huge amount of antioxidants contained in the quince, to effectively cope with stress and maintain youth and beauty.The fruit has a styptic, tonic, diuretic and antiseptic properties.Due to the increased content of potassium, ripe quince extremely useful for hypertensive patients and people with various diseases of the cardiovascular system.Baked or boiled fruit pulp has an excellent antiemetic action and is perfect for pregnant women suffering from toxemia.

quince seed extract special mucus that has a strong enveloping, antiseptic and soothing effect.Ripe quince seeds and used in cosmetics - are preparing masks and lotions for oily skin.

Useful properties of quince are widely used in folk medicine, colitis, flatulence, various diseases of the respiratory tract, coughing, uterine bleeding.Ripe quince is used to treat tuberculosis, diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, asthma.

Japanese doctors recommend quince in the treatment of stomach ulcers.It is also useful to introduce the fruit in the diet of people suffering from liver disease or eye disease.Quince is not recommended to use for constipation and pleurisy, moreover, it should be very careful to treat people whose work requires constant tension of the vocal cords, such as singers and teachers.In the production of mucous infusion seeds of quince can not chop because they contain natural poison - glycoside amygdalin.

aqueous solution seeds of mucus used to strengthen hair and manufacturing of eye lotions.Also, mucus is used in the textile industry for guidance on the fabric gloss.Water decoction is an excellent replacement for gum arabic.Decorative properties of quince can use it as a plant, totally suitable to create beautiful hedges, because it brings great molding.

From quince wood handicraft masters sometimes made small crafts, carvings, souvenirs.The wood is hard, pinkish-yellow or light yellow color, well-fed varnishing.

Ripe quince need to be able to cook

quince is widely used in cooking around the world.Golden Apple is a member of the elite white wines such as Chenin Blanc, Sauvignon Blanc and Shardonnay.From wonderful cook quince jam, jam and jellies, which are very fond of children and adults of all countries.Most of the fruit is too hard and contain a high amount of tannins, therefore, as a rule, quince subjected to prolonged heat treatment.Braised and baked quince simply delicious - delicate flavor, amazing aroma and stunning reddish hue, from slightly pink to deep purple, make her the queen of afternoon tea.

Many cuisines use the unique properties of quince to prepare a special additive to meat, giving final unusually exquisite taste and flavor and neutralize the excess fat.Some expensive restaurants used an original combination of quince and blue cheese or mushrooms.Added to soup or soup slice of quince will give the dish a pleasant sour taste thin.Also, quince is used instead of lemon tea.Gourmets say that this drink has a pleasant sweet taste.

traditional quince jam is cooked in a certain way.Rough skin is peeled off, and certainly the fruit is completely removed boll.Since fruits have a high density and hardness, use a sharp knife to its processing.In order to shorten the cooking time jam, before falling asleep prepared quince slices with sugar, it should be within five to eight minutes to blanch them in boiling water.

Peel the fruit contains a large number of aromatic substances, which greatly improve the flavor and taste of jam, so it is used for the production of syrups, after which it is boiled fruit slices.

especially delicious jam is obtained, in which the cooking alternates with infusion.This cooking method allows you to save entire slices of quince and surprisingly fragrant.

should be remembered - with whatever dish quince is not used, the seeds should be removed, since they contain amygdalin substance which under the influence of gastric juice turns into a deadly poison - cyanide, which can lead to severe poisoning.

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