Avocado and avocado oil - useful properties , composition


1. General

2. composition of avocado

3. Useful properties of avocado

4. harm alligator pear and contraindications

5. avocado oil: properties and applications

Perseus American (avocado) - a type of evergreen fruit plants laurel family.The flesh of this fruit is full of lots of minerals and vitamins.This plant and its fruit has another name - "alligator pear".As for the avocado tree, it can reach a height of eighteen meters.


The fruits are oval Persia American, pear-shaped and spherical.Weight per fruit is 200-1500 grams.Peel unripe avocado is very tough, has a dark green color.After maturing skin color takes on a black color.If we talk about the flesh of mature alligator pear, it is green or yellow-green in color, consistency reminiscent of butter, as it is very oily.Inside the fruit is a great seed.

leaves, as well as bone avocado enriched with harmful substances, which are dangerous for both man and animals.These substances contribute to the disruption o

f the functioning of the digestive tract and provoke allergic reactions.Therefore, the use of the leaves and seeds of this plant should be carried out under the strict supervision of a medical professional.

Pulp mature Percy American is used in the preparation of various cold dishes: sandwiches, snacks and salads that are usually sprinkled with lemon juice or lime juice, in order to prevent damage to the taste and appearance of the avocado, as well as to avoid oxidation.

alligator pear popular in vegetarian cuisine as an alternative to meat and eggs.Very often, the avocado is used as a filling for vegetarian sushi.The most famous dish of Persia is a Mexican American starter "guacamole", the main ingredient of which - mashed avocado pulp.

composition of avocado

Many scientists proved that the avocado is useful to all: and the fruits and seeds, and leaves (if we consider the recommendations of doctors).In 100 grams of fruit contains about 250 calories.Perseus the US has a huge amount of nutrients.With regard to sugar and unhealthy fats, they are in this fruit is not, therefore, be very useful avocado for those trying to lose weight.

The composition of the fruit of the plant include: oleic acid (breaks down the accumulated cholesterol and prevents the formation in the blood), potassium (even more than bananas), phosphorus, calcium, sodium, manganese, magnesium and many other minerals.If we talk about vitamins, they are in this fruit is also a sufficient amount of: B vitamins, vitamins D and PP, provitamin A and vitamin C, which indicates a variety of useful properties of avocado.In addition, fruits are rich in the US Persians vitamin E, which protects human cells from aging, as well as enriching them with oxygen.Once avocados useful in that it has a biologically-active compounds that rejuvenate the human body as a whole.

Useful properties of avocado

Medical Practice has proved that the avocado is useful for everyone - children and adults, and the elderly.Since no fruit of the plant sugars and proteins, it can be safely included in the composition of dietary intake.

seeds and leaves of the fruit have many useful properties.Healing properties of avocado is very relevant at different cuts, wounds and other skin injuries.Decoction of the leaves are used for alligator pear enterocolitis, chronic colitis and dysentery.

specialists have shown that avocado is useful for low hemoglobin, poor immunity and nervous exhaustion.In addition, recently it was discovered and anti-tumor properties of avocado, as the fruits of Persia US contain phytonutrients and phytochemicals (the elements that destroy the tumor cells).

Through polyunsaturated fatty acids, the fruit reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases, concentrating memory and prevents the development of atherosclerosis.Another useful feature of the avocado is a decrease in blood pressure.

harm alligator pear and contraindications

Also useful properties, avocados has also harmful substances that can lead to serious health problems.Harm Perseus American can do in cases of individual intolerance.It is also necessary to remember that in the bones of the fetus are toxic substances that cause (for misuse of the fruit) significant harm to the human body.

Avocado oil: properties and applications

Avocado oil is unique in that it has in its composition strongly close to the human body cells, so affects him naturally and organically.For effective treatment of blood vessels and of the gastrointestinal tract, as well as for general health avocado oil recommended to take one teaspoon twice a day for twenty or thirty days.

In addition, this oil is used for cooking fish and meat dishes and some salads.Regular application help to cure inflammation and bleeding gums.

In cosmetology is also very frequently used fruits and avocado oil: to improve skin immunity, prevent wrinkles, dry skin, protect, restore the protective function of the epidermis and other purposes.

Oil alligator pear considered ideal reducing agent for hair.Periodic massaging it into the scalp helps to stop hair loss, treats split ends and brittle, returns shine and a healthy appearance.Head massage with avocado oil increases the blood flow to the hair follicles, leading to a significant improvement in the hair structure.Also, the American oil Percy is very useful for eyelash.Its hypoallergenic properties and delicate texture are ideal for food and treatment of eyelashes and eyelid skin.

word, avocado oil - this is truly effective regenerating, revitalizing and rejuvenating tool that allows many women to avoid serious problems with hair, as well as premature aging.

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