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1. Useful properties of apricot

2. Grades

3. that useful, dried apricots or fresh fruits?

4. Application apricot

For many hundreds of years people use the fruits of apricot tree in your diet that have a pronounced taste and not only can quickly satisfy hunger, but also to enrich the body with a variety of microorganisms and vitamins.This sunny fruit gives the human body strength and energy, and due to its special healing properties beneficial for the treatment of a number of diseases.

Homeland apricot are the majestic mountains of Tien Shan, where he gradually has spread to virtually all corners of the globe, especially in countries in the temperate zone.In Europe, apricots came from Armenia for the first time.Most often, the apricot tree height does not exceed 5-8 m, but there are trees to 17 m in height, stem thickness can be more than 60 cm in diameter.

Depending on the variety, the fruits of apricot can be of different sizes, from 2 to 4 cm in diameter, and colors

ranging from pale yellow to orange color marked with bright red spots and veins.It's time to blossom - March, April, the fruits ripen in July and August.

In the food consumed not only delicious juicy fruit of apricot, but also seed and apricot kernel rich juice.Eat fruits both fresh and dried, and used in confectionery varieties with a high content of pectin, after all of them manage to get all those favorite treats like jam, candy, jellies, jelly or a delicious filling for chocolates.

Useful properties of apricot Apricots

in medicine are used in various forms.Due to quite high content of iron and potassium, apricots and its products are an indispensable fruit for pregnant women and people in the diet, which suffer from various cardiovascular diseases and anemia.When arrhythmia, circulatory failure, fatigue, heart attack, doctors recommend eating apricots.Useful properties of apricot is also known to patients receiving a number of specific drugs, such as cardiac glycosides and diuretics.

Apricot juice has a pronounced anti-infective and diuretic properties, has hematopoietic effects and is an excellent antipyretic and thirst-quenching means.Specific useful properties apricot makes it an excellent mild laxative, which is especially valuable for people with abnormalities of the gastrointestinal tract.Apricot juice is indicated for cardiovascular diseases, which are accompanied by high blood pressure and edema, with tuberculosis, anemia, obesity and various skin diseases.

Useful properties of apricot is hard to overestimate, even fruit pits are used in pharmacology.Of these, an oil is obtained, which due to its low viscosity is widely used as a solvent for the bases of certain drugs that are used for intramuscular and subcutaneous administration.apricot oil is also used for the manufacture of certain cosmetic and medicinal ointments.

Due to the very high content of magnesium apricots are an excellent antihypertensive drugs, so it is recommended to hypertensive patients as much as possible to eat this fruit.Properties apricot essential for normal functioning of the brain, as a part of this wonderful fruit includes phosphorus.Also apricot is indispensable for pancreatic diseases and metabolic disorders.The pulp and kernel apricot pits are wonderfully soothing remedy for laryngitis and acute cough.

In Chinese medicine since ancient times known to use apricot and seeds as a strong sedative with hiccups and coughs.Chinese doctors recommend taking apricot seeds (kernels bones) in combination with medicinal plants with tracheitis, bronchitis, whooping cough, and nephritis.

varieties known in the world for more than twenty varieties of apricot trees that reproduce by means of seeds and grafting.Central Asian varieties of apricot trees have small fruits are called dried apricots.These varieties are very heat-loving, and do not survive in a harsh climate.In Japan there is a very special variety of apricot with green, sweet and bitter, tasteless fruit.These fruits are eaten salted or pickled as cucumbers.

Wild apricot, which grows in the Northern Caucasus, Ukraine and Moldova, called zherdela or zarzary.Zherdela excellent varietal hybridizes with apricot and has a high resistance to cold.Bones zherdely eat is not recommended because they have a pronounced bitter taste.

Also in culture is extremely rare black apricot.

that useful, dried apricots or fresh fruits?

Although apricots and can not boast of such a high content of vitamins as fresh fruit, but of useful minerals such as magnesium, potassium, phosphorus and iron it contains much more.Also in dried apricots high pectin content, and various organic acids which are effectively removed from the human body radionuclides and heavy metals.However, dried apricots contains a very high percentage of sucrose, glucose and fructose, so it is not recommended to use for people who suffer from diabetes.

Fresh fruits are indicated for gastric diseases and metabolic disorders.They have long excited the glandular apparatus of the stomach wall and beautifully normalize the acidity of gastric juice, resulting in a normal functioning of the pancreas.The protective properties of apricot leverage the benefits for the prevention of cancer due to the significant number of carotene contained in them.The daily need of the human body in the carotene easily meet just drank three-quarters of a glass of apricot juice or eating five or six fresh fruit.

Apricot is useful for both adults and kids, because it strengthens the immune system and can stimulate growth.It is not recommended to use apricot fasting, as contained in its composition substances can irritate the stomach and cause exacerbation of gastritis and ulcers.

Application apricot

Thanks to its incredible properties of these cute, tasty, flavorful and nutritious fruits are widely used in the food and confectionery industry.However, the use of apricot is not finished.Fruits are great used in the wine and beverage industry.From this fruit is made very soft apricot vodka, apricot juice initially exposing the process of fermentation and then distilled.apricot pits are also used for the manufacture of certain types of liquor, and in which the pharmaceutical is produced from special oil, which due to its low viscosity solvent is a different group of drugs.

used in cosmetology as apricot seed oil from it, it is used in the manufacture of creams and ointments, and overheated from apricot seeds make excellent ink.

sinters apricot tree protruding through natural cracks zasyhaya outdoor form apricot gum, which is ground to a powder and is used in medicine as a substitute for gum arabic, repeatedly surpassing even him with its emulsifying capacity and stability made on the basis of its oil emulsions.And use for making fragrant apricot flavored jam, jam, marmalade or pastes is known to all, without exception.

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