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1. Principles 90 separate daily diet

2. three day cycle

3. Days diet

4. 90 day diet recipes

90 day diet - a system based on the principle of power separation, which reduces the weight by 18-25 kg within three months.Unlike the mono-diet, the power supply system does not limit the diet, does not exclude fruit, flour and sweet dishes.Secret 90 separate daily diet in the right combination of foods, cooking methods and compliance with strict food schedule.

Principles 90 separate daily diet

Authors diet Breda Hrobat and Mojca Polyanshek products are divided into four groups - protein, starchy carbohydrate, a separate category of fruit stand.Every day, 90 day diet is devoted to separate one group of products.First day is a starch, then carbohydrate, fruit and protein, the sequence can not be changed.Every day 29 - the discharge at this time can use only pure water.

90 day diet menu is chosen so that you can add to meals other products to family members, the majority of the

diet meals are served in cafes and restaurants.The power supply system lets you to eat three times a day with a meal between breakfast and lunch.Water you can drink without any restrictions, at least 2 liters a day, but if you really want, you can drink and tea or coffee without sugar.You can drink fruit and vegetable juices, but they are equal to the food intake.During the entire period for breakfast can be eaten fresh and dried fruits, berries and juices.

Three day

cycle all known rule not dinner after 6pm has become an insurmountable obstacle for many diets adherents.In 90 separate daily diet is also a ban on a late dinner, but it is much easier to comply with.Authors diets are based on the theory that all metabolic processes of the human body are divided into three identical cycle time.

From 4 to 12 in the morning - the purification cycle, during which meal should be minimal, and the drinks - the maximum.During this 90 day diet menu cycle offers a variety of fruits, low-calorie drinks, tea, water.

From 12 days to 8 pm - a power cycle, which accounts for the main meal.And the amount of food does not play a big role, it is important only a combination of products and the intervals between meals.Hence the rave reviews about the 90 day diet: its proponents are not obliged to limit itself to the amount eaten.But in the days when you can eat meat and vegetables between the first and the second meal to take a break for at least 4 hours, and in starch and carbohydrate days - at least three hours.

From 8 pm to 4 am - cycle of digestion.This time is given to rest and sleep, so you can not use any products.

Days diet

Each day is dedicated to a specific product type.Alternating these days allows you to create a complete and balanced diet, which will not be difficult to maintain for such a long time.Which products are recommended as part of this popular power system?

- I day - protein.This day allowed any meat, fish and seafood, eggs, cheese and dairy products, soups, any vegetable protein, whole grain bread.

- II day - starch.Allowed legumes, cereal porridge, rice and buckwheat, any vegetables, including potatoes, vegetable broth, whole wheat bread.

- III day - carbohydrate.On this day you can eat pasta, pizza with tomatoes, all flour products, cereals, any vegetables, unleavened cakes, sweets, including ice cream and dark chocolate.

- IV day - vitamin.90 day diet menu that day includes fruits, dried fruits, nuts, seeds, fruit juices, fresh vegetables.

- Every day 29 - discharge.This day always follows the vitamins and protein precedes.On this day, only allowed to drink water.

Most scientists do not support the theory of a separate food in its purest form, since almost every product contain different types of nutrients - proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins.Mixed food is not contrary to the digestive system.Where are such rave reviews about the 90 day diet, and whether there is a real result?The main advantage of the program in the absence of a ban on sweet and flour, as well as a variety of diet, which is created due to the constant change in style food.It is, in fact, one of five diets.Since the body does not get used to any one of five diets, weight continues to decline, without encountering a plateau effect.To enhance the effect, diet followers may reduce the amount of food consumed, or give preference to less calories from among the menu.

90 day diet recipes

In his book Breda Hrobat and Mojca Polyanshek not only describe in detail the power system, but also bring along two recipes for each day, as well as alternative recipes for lovers of sophisticated dishes.The most complicated recipe comes to protein days, but in the days of the vitamin can be virtually free yourself from cooking.

protein in the day can indulge in meat dishes.For example, the brown the turkey fillets in butter, add the crushed garlic, 1 tspvinegar, salt, pepper and simmer, covered for 15 minutes, occasionally adding water.On the second proposed fry lettuce leaves, sprinkle with herbs and serve with meat dishes.The starch

day recipe 90 day diet can, for example, include a soup of cauliflower, potatoes, onions frying, rice and cumin.The soup is prepared in half an hour, the taste can be improved by adding nutmeg, pepper and parsley.

The carbohydrate a day can be cooked stewed tomatoes with onion, sweet red pepper and oregano.

to vitamin a day, you can treat yourself to baked apples with jam or marmalade.Apples and pears - are the main products of vitamin day, but on the other hand, all the ingredients for diet foods can be found on store shelves, regardless of seasons.

Recipe 90 day diet on fasting day includes only water - clean drinking or mineral.And as followers of the diet in this day deprived of the taste experience, the authors recommend to take themselves a walk, going to the theater or a gym, as well as carry out check weighing and measuring the volume of the waist, hips, breasts and compare all this with the previous figures.

Reviews of 90 daytime diet say in favor of this diet.However, the main advantage of a diet is not that you can reduce body weight 6-10 kg per month, and that after the abolition of the diet the weight and volume of the body will not be returned to the original performance.Diet does not exclude the foods, it does not prohibit the flour and sweet, but only operates on a combination of products.These lax restrictions allow you to create a balanced and complete diet, which is not difficult to adhere to, and after the abolition of the diet.

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