Rice diet - the types , operation , results


1. Rice diet for weight loss

2. Rice diet to cleanse

3. diet results

4. Contraindications diet

Rice diet belongs to the category of strict mono-diet, which is quite difficult to observe.However, to lose weight with this diet, you can pretty quickly - it shows a lot of positive feedback on the rice diet.In addition, there are softer supply circuit, which does not adhere so hard to hard addition variant diet.

only rule is the same for every version of the mono-diet - to get the desired result should be brown rice.It was he who possesses valuable properties, which give this diet efficiency: brown rice contains the maximum amount of useful minerals, vitamins and fiber.

Rice diet for weight loss

There are several different types of rice diet for weight loss, which differ in duration and diet.The toughest option - during the day there is only rice.On the day you can eat only one cup of cooked rice.Use it is recommended that small portions, drinking apple juice.On the day

you can also eat one or two apples.Sticking to a diet is recommended that no more than three days.

A simpler and lighter portable option - rice diet for 7 days.Within a week for breakfast, lunch and dinner can be eaten not only rice but also fresh vegetables and herbs.As the filling is recommended to use olive oil and soy sauce.Every day in the diet can also add any fruit.

Besides rice diet for 7 days, there are other softer version of this diet, characterized by more or less varied menu, which includes not only rice.method can distinguish among them titled "3 3 3 rice diet."His condition is very simple: the first day allowed to eat one rice, in the second - boiled chicken breast, and on the third day to eat some one fruit.

Rice diet lasts 3 3 3 9 days - every three days repeated menu, change can only be the fruit.The salt can not be used during the diet period, sugar and spices, and water and green tea you can drink without any restrictions.

Rice diet to cleanse

Thanks valuable cleansing properties of rice, rice diet are widely used not only for weight loss but for health improvement.Rice diet to cleanse involves eating rice only in the mornings, so it is not considered a diet per se, but rather a method of cleaning the body of toxins, toxins and excess of harmful salts.

Two tablespoons of rice should be washed, put in a glass and fill with water.Rice should infuse for four days in a cool place, and the water should be changed every day.Culling is recommended for two weeks, so you need to prepare in advance a few servings of rice.

Every day in the morning you need to eat rice from a cup on an empty stomach, the pre-rinse and cook it.Throughout the day you can eat in the usual way, but should be excluded from the diet spicy and fatty food, and it is desirable to give up salt.

diet results

As confirmed by numerous positive reviews about rice diet, it can help to achieve good results, and quickly get rid of the extra kilos.It is the result of the speed is the main reason for the popularity of this mono-diet.

Adhering to a strict diet variation, you can get rid of three to five kilograms in just a few days.More easily portable types allow diet to lose two to five kilograms per week.However, in order not to gain weight after the diet and consolidate the results should be to normalize the power supply system - to give up fatty and high-calorie foods and do not overeat.

Contraindications diet

Like any mono-diet, a diet based on rice has a number of contraindications: it can not be used in violation of metabolism, diabetes and diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.

Regardless of the type of diet it is important to drink plenty of fluids.For this purpose, perfect regular still water or green tea without sugar.But drink immediately before a meal or during a meal can not be - it should be done 20 minutes before meals or an hour and a half after.

also need to know that when cleaning with the help of rice from the body are derived not only harmful substances, salts, and waste products, but also useful elements - potassium salts.Their loss can have a negative impact on health, especially for occasional use of the mono-diet.Therefore, for the duration of the diet need to take potassium supplements.

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