The simplest and most effective diet for weight loss


1. simple diet of Tim Ferris

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3. simple diet for weight loss

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principle of most diets is based on constant monitoring of calorie products, their selection for each meal, the method of cooking.All this requires a significant investment of time, money and, of course, the moral effort.Therefore, many people are looking for the most simple diet for weight loss.

simple diet of Tim Ferris

American writer, speaker, and, as it is called in the world, the guru of productivity, Tim Ferris suggested the basic principles of good nutrition.Such a simple and effective diet to reduce weight without weighing food portions, counting calories and other burdensome action.Basic rules of supply according to Tim Ferris following.

1.Umenshenie variety of products.Diet The author points to the need to get used to the monotonous food.It is necessary to choose not more than 3-4 main dishes and cook them alternately.At the same time, you can

change them garnishes.

2.Odno of the main rules of this simple diet - from the diet excludes "white" carbohydrates, especially sugar and flour products.These products include bread, desserts, pasta, rice, potatoes, cereals.Side dishes of forbidden foods should be replaced by vegetables.It is recommended to eat meat, fish, chicken.

3.Sleduyuschy principle of this simple diet - control of the use of liquid calories.It is forbidden to drink carbonated and soft drinks, juices, milk, because of their calorie content.But is is quite acceptable daily intake of two glasses of red wine.

4.Kak Ironically, diet author advises against eating large amounts of fruit.In the first place should be excluded from the diet of those fruits that are sold in shops and markets.They are oversaturated by different chemicals, and at the same time contain a small amount of vitamins.In the case where there is a great desire to eat a piece of fruit, it is better to choose one, for which there is no doubt.

5.Pereryv in the diet.Even the most simple diet can cause fatigue or depression.To avoid this, it is necessary once a week to arrange a day when you can eat what you want.But, of course, within reason.

Slimming for the lazy

There is a fairly simple and effective diet, which is also called a diet for the lazy.This method of losing weight with the help of water.

This diet on the water attracts the attention of their availability.It does not need to give up your favorite, but harmful products, does not provide any restrictions.

So, the basic principles of the simplest weight loss diet the following:

  • no restrictions in the choice of products do not exist;
  • not drink during meals and for two hours thereafter;
  • 20 minutes before the start of a meal, two glasses of water you need to drink.

can enjoy a green tea with a slice of lemon, coffee without sugar two hours after eating.But certainly without any food (candy, cookies).

Before any snack (candy, apple) it is necessary to drink a glass of water.

daily fluid volume should not exceed 2-2.5 liters.If at first hard to drink before each meal, two glasses of water, you can start with one cup.

In the opinion, such a simple diet allows you to lose up to 8-10 kg for the first two weeks.Its action is quite simple principle.Drank water before meals brings a sense of fullness in the stomach, there is a feeling of satiety.Therefore, while eating fewer calories used.In addition, due to the large number of drunk liquid, improves the body's metabolism.

The main condition of this simple diet - to drink water should be clean, non-carbonated.

simple diet for weight loss

quite popular is another quite simple diet.

Its essence lies in the fact that only one product can be consumed in one day.The number of eaten only controlled appetite.

sure to drink tea or a decoction of rose hips.Furthermore, it is possible to drink the mineral water, a bit of tea or coffee without sugar.

menu so simple and effective diet the following:

  • 1 day - use only boiled eggs;
  • 2 day - only boiled fish;
  • 3 day - only cheese, which can add a little honey;
  • 4 day - only boiled chicken;
  • 5 day - only potatoes "in uniform";
  • 6 day - only boiled beef;
  • 7 day - only vegetables, except potatoes;
  • 8 day - only fruits, except grapes and bananas;
  • 9 day - only kefir;
  • 10 day - broth hips only.

allowed sequence variations from 1 to 7 days.But 8-10 days can not be changed.It is in these days there is the main weight reduction.

natural way to lose weight

Many people have reduced weight with absolutely no violence on his body.And for that they comply with the most simple diet - principles of healthy eating.Compliance with these principles helps to perpetuate the habit of eating right, useful for the organism food.And as a result, not only human normal weight, but also significantly improves the health and well-being.

principles of proper nutrition simple enough:

  • exclusion from the diet of unhealthy foods, particularly foods with preservatives, dyes and other chemicals;
  • not to eat after 18.00;
  • number of meals should be at least four times a day;
  • eat small portions of food;
  • exclude overeating.

Adhering to these simple recommendations, you can avoid all the problems of excess weight.

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