Diet Tatiana Malakhova - principles of nutrition , reviews


1. Basic principles of diet Tatiana Malakhova

2. Products for diet Malakhov

3. results diet "Malakhov minusĀ»

diet of FriendshipTatiana Malakhova got its name from the main principle, which underlies its creation: the organism should be friends, not to torment his debilitating hunger strike.As the author Tatiana Malakhova diet to lose weight, you need to eat, and a full and varied from time to time allowing yourself the most favorite foods.

In fact, this diet is not a diet in the conventional sense of the word, but rather a power system based on the acquisition of good habits.Diet Tatiana Malakhova - a set of recommendations for the proper nutrition that should be implemented gradually, listening to your body and making an individual nutrition program.

Basic principles of diet Tatiana Malakhova

his diet Friendship Tatiana Malakhova positioned not just as a way to lose weight, as well as lifestyle.The main recommendations are placed in a small list of tips:

  • every morning start with a clean glass of water and drink a glass of water 15 minutes before eating and 40 minutes after.
  • In no case do not skip breakfast.
  • Adhere to a clear timetable food at one and the same time, which should include three to five meals, refuse to eat.
  • Eat fresh vegetables at the beginning of lunch and dinner, and it is desirable and breakfast.
  • Do not rush while eating - chew food slowly and thoroughly.During the meal it is recommended to drink.
  • last meal should be no later than three to four hours before bedtime.

more or less universal meal plan that will suit almost everyone, looks like this:

  • Breakfast: low-fat cottage cheese, cereal.
  • Lunch: boiled vegetables, proteins.
  • Snack: Fresh fruit.
  • Dinner: fresh vegetables and proteins.

addition, Tatiana Malakhova diet involves some restrictions, according to which should be avoided for the following products:

  • salt and sugar.
  • Fried food on oil.
  • Ketchup, mayonnaise and other sauces in industrial production.
  • Semi-finished products, canned food, sausage.
  • Foods with a high glycemic index (bread, pastries, rice, potatoes).
  • Spirits and beer.

Tatiana Malakhova Diet guarantees weight loss only in case of failure of the above products.After achieving the desired result to eat your favorite, but "junk" food can be, but do so rarely recommended, and in limited quantities.However, diet supporters claim that after the transition to a healthy diet to return to bad habits no longer want.

List for diet products Malakhov

When diet Tatiana Malakhova encouraged eating the following foods:

  • Fresh fruits and vegetables.
  • Whole grains, legumes.
  • Dairy products with a low percentage of fat that do not contain sugar and additives, low-fat cheese.
  • Fish and seafood.
  • Nuts and dried fruits.
  • natural seasonings.
  • Bitter Chocolate.
  • Red wine.

diet results "Malakhov minusĀ»

Judging by the majority of reviews about the diet Malakhov, first results are visible after one or two weeks.After this period, there is a general improvement of health, the rise of forces and increase vitality, and most importantly - begin to fade extra kilos.

Those who use diet "Malakhov minus" as a weight-loss system is a menu of low-calorie foods and drastically limits the use of hazardous products, there is a fairly rapid weight loss.If you believe the reviews about the diet Tatiana Malakhova, in the first week, you can lose about three to five kilograms.

If you follow the recommendations of diet, moving to a new eating plan gradually drastic weight loss should not be expected.However, this option has an important advantage: it does not require drastic restrictive measures in the form of a refusal from the usual dishes, and meals between becoming more healthy and useful.In addition, the slow but steady introduction of useful habits - a guarantee that the defects disappear forever shape and overweight will not return, as is the case with strict diets.

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