Diet Elena Malysheva - the basic rules , reviews


1. basic rules of salt-free diet Malysheva

2. Diet 10 days from malyshevoy

man who seeks to lose weight quickly, uses a variety of methods that,, moreover, added health problems generally do not produce the desired effect.Therefore, experts strongly advise to adhere to rigid short-term diets and starve.Diet Elena Malysheva is radically different from such "instant" and inefficient methods to combat obesity, and is aimed at the long-term positive results.

Elena Malysheva, being the education of physicians working leading TV program "Health".This clever and beautiful woman has become for many a model of how to monitor the health and figure.She says she is always trying to keep myself in shape, struggling with a variety of temptations, but as a doctor, understand that being overweight causes the development of cardiovascular disease, diabetes, diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.Therefore, in the "Health" program, she declared war on excess weight and together with nutritionis

ts has developed effective recommendations for weight loss, which became known as the "Elena Malysheva Diet."There may also occur such names as the "personalized diet Malysheva", "salt-free diet Malysheva".In addition, Elena offers a version of the diet for up to 10 days.Diet 10 days from Malysheva - a good way to cleanse the body and set it on effective weight loss.In addition, women, losing weight with it, leave the great reviews about the diet Malysheva.

But it is not so much a diet, in the sense to which we are accustomed to, and the power system is based on the absence of harm to the body.It is designed for the long term - a minimum of 2-3 months.Thus, Elena Malysheva diet involves cleansing of the body and consolidation of results.

basic rule of personal diet Malysheva - do not starve.Many people think that fasting, they will be able to lose weight faster.Short-term results might be it, but it is fraught with a slow metabolism.The body, which does not receive the necessary amount of food begins to hoard their stocks, and process of losing weight does not give the desired result.

Elena Malysheva Diet recommends the split meals, that is to use small amounts of food 5 times a day.This scheme provides a high metabolism, even when a low-calorie diet.Because of this, the body does not go into saving mode and accumulates reserves "for a rainy day."

Elena Malysheva in the diet is recommended to count calories and do not exceed the rate of 1200 kcal per day.On average, a woman, an amount of calories enough to provide your body with energy.

reviews about diet Malysheva very positive, because people do not go hungry and can afford a variety of delicious and wholesome food.

basic rules of salt-free diet Malysheva

First of all, it is necessary to give preference only quality, fresh and healthy food.It is necessary to carefully study the composition of the products, - there must be natural ingredients, no dyes and various additives.Personal diet Malysheva involves minimal use:

  • salt;
  • sugar and foods that contain it;
  • vegetable and animal fats;
  • flour products, rice, potatoes, beets, carrots;
  • rejection of alcoholic beverages.

This salt-free diet Malysheva recommend the following approximate menu:

8. 00 - Breakfast.For breakfast, the preference is to give oatmeal.Cook it is not necessary, you can pour boiling water and let it brew.Then porridge can add grated apple or a handful of berries.Breakfast options could be low-fat yogurt, yogurt or cottage cheese.

10.00 - lunch.It is recommended to eat fruit.Perfect apples, tangerines, or other non-nutritive fruit.

12.00 - lunch.For lunch preferable to use the protein product - chicken, lean meat, fish, eggs.It is also desirable to add to the menu any greens.

16-17.00 - afternoon tea.We eat fruit, it is desirable, apples, mandarins and oranges.

dinner (no later than 19.00).Prefer vegetable salads or low-fat yogurt.You can also eat an egg.

Elena Malysheva Diet involves minimal use of salt, it is recommended to use lemon juice to make the dishes taste.In order to accelerate the metabolism and body cleansing is necessary to drink water in an amount of not less than 1.5-2 liters (1 cup hour before a meal and one hour after the glass).You can exactly follow the above menu, and can themselves choose for themselves the diet, adhering to the recommendations.

basic rules of the diet - restricted by the number of calories and eat natural, healthy foods.

Once you have achieved these results, it is recommended to stick to the basic rules of diet and give up junk food and unhealthy eating habits.Reviews malyshevoy diet confirm its effectiveness.Weight goes progressively 300-500 grams per day, in addition, it is well tolerated.

Diet 10 days from malyshevoy

Although personal diet Malysheva is designed for the long term, the author offers a good option for a shorter period, which is called "Diet 10 days of Malysheva".Such a method does not involve the use of a permanent diet, and let's say for a quick weight loss as a short-term necessity.This diet combines the striping of protein and carbohydrate days.Thus, the diet consists of five protein and carbohydrate five days.It is necessary to drink at least two liters of water a day.

In protein day to eat foods rich in protein, such as chicken and eggs.For breakfast you can eat a boiled egg, also allowed lettuce and cucumber.Then invited the whole day to eat only chicken in the amount 700-800gr.At the same time you can not eat salt.The carbohydrate day to eat vegetables in the approximate amount of 1-1,5kg per day.It is necessary to prepare a salad, which will help cleanse the intestines.Its ingredients will cabbage, raw beetroot and raw carrots.The salad can add a teaspoon of lemon juice instead of salt.This carbohydrate foods used during the day on one glass (every hour).

Thus, the alternation is carried out protein and carbohydrate days for 10 days.Starting a diet is necessary with a protein of the day.Keep in mind that hunger is the best helper, so you need to eat throughout the day, distributing food in small portions (8-10 doses).If all of the recommendations in a couple of days, the weight will be reduced, and in 10 days you will become easier to 5 kg.

The diet Elena Malysheva is very important is the psychological disposition to weight loss and change in the power supply system.Elena offers to explain to ourselves that all our actions are aimed at achieving the beauty and harmony of shapes.The main advantage of a salt-free diet Malysheva is that it will bring an absolute benefit for health, as well as getting rid of the extra kilos.

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