Effective Diet ballerinas - menu , results , reviews


1. menu diet dancers

2. basic principles of supply according to the diet dancers

If an urgent need to lose weight, you can use a special diet dancers.This diet refers to a low calorie diet.It is designed for seven days of application.As a result, dancers diet can lose 4-5 kg ​​of weight.

Diet ballerinas - is, above all, the right diet.After all, it is important not only dancers to be slim and light, but also have strength on the daily hours of exercise.Therefore it is very important that their food contained all the necessary body vitamins and minerals.

diet menu dancers

This diet includes two preparatory unloading day and five days a diet proper.In no case can not ignore the preparatory days.Only in case of exact repetition to all the principles of nutrition, you can achieve good results dancers diet.

diet menu dancers preparatory days

Tomato fasting day (first day):

  • breakfast - a glass of tomato juice;
  • lunch - two glasses of tomato juice and a slice of black bread;
  • dinner - a glass of tomato juice.

Kefir and milk fasting day (day two):

  • breakfast - a choice of a glass of milk or yogurt (low-fat);
  • lunch - two glasses of yogurt with a piece of black bread;
  • dinner - a glass of milk or yogurt to choose from.

These fasting days can be carried out independently and, once a week.With their help, you can lose 1-2 kilos.

Main menu dancers diet (per one day):

  • breakfast - ¼ of the low-fat cottage cheese packs with honey, fresh berries, raisins and sour cream;serving of porridge, boiled water;a piece of black bread (required wholemeal) with a piece of hard cheese;
  • lunch - a glass of fresh grapefruit or orange juice;30 minutes later - a glass of "live" low-fat yogurt with no filler and an apple;
  • lunch - rice or buckwheat, a piece of fish, a salad of fresh vegetables;for dessert - an apple and a small piece of chocolate (black only);
  • lunch - soup, cooked with vegetable, light meat or fish broth;necessarily without bread;
  • dinner - baked fish, steamed vegetables, a salad of fresh vegetables and herbs.

According to reviews of the dancers diet such diet is well tolerated.This is due to the fact that, although low in calories, frequent meals helps to avoid feeling hungry.This diet can be reapplied in a month.

Like any other limitation of power, dancers diet is better to use only after consulting your doctor.Otherwise there is a risk of exacerbation of chronic diseases, occurrence of deficiency of some micronutrients.

basic principles of nutrition according dancers

diet menu in the diet dancers are selected according to certain rules.When complying with them can not only significantly reduce the weight, but also stay slim throughout their lives.

1.Razovaya portion of food necessarily halved.This bag of tricks makes it easy to reduce caloric intake without changing his diet.

2. In one go you can not combine different kinds of proteins, in particular, meat and cheese, meat and fish.This allows the body to more fully digest the food without putting unnecessary fat.

3.Esche one principle dancers diet - is that soup is a separate dish.Due to its ability to promote good metabolism, self-eaten soup enhances fat burning in the body.Therefore it is not necessary to use it together with other dishes.

4.Neobhodimo significantly reduce or eliminate the use of salt.In addition, it delays the salt water in the body, it also increases the appetite.To replace the salt can be used condiments, spices, herbs, soy sauce, tomatoes.

5.Vragom diet dancers called mayonnaise.This product contains a lot of high-calorie fats.In addition, the mayonnaise is much utrudnyaet digestion, which leads to increased fat deposition.

6.Podderzhanie necessary water balance of the body.On the day you need to drink about 1.5-2 liters of non-carbonated drinking water.Regular consumption of pure water helps to reduce appetite and body rejuvenation.

7.Soblyudenie proper drinking regime.In addition, it is necessary to use water on a regular basis, you need to drink it properly.It is very important to drink water no later than 30 minutes before a meal, and not earlier than one hour after eating.In the case of the use of water, sugary drinks immediately after a meal in the body breaks down the process of digestion, which promotes intensive fat deposition.

8.Primenyaya diet dancers consume dairy products with reduced fat content only.Low-fat dairy products contain significantly fewer calories.

9.Soblyudenie correct nutritional balance.It is necessary that the daily food was varied and, thus, for balanced carbohydrates, fats and proteins.It must contain the required amount of vitamins and various trace elements.Moreover, in such a diet is not essential micronutrient deficiency, it will notify uncontrolled binge eating.

According to the reviews about the diet of the dancers, the observance of simple rules of good nutrition makes it easy to reduce the weight, significantly improve overall health.

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