A vegetarian diet for weight loss - reviews , result


1. Principles vegetarian diet for weight loss

2. diet of a vegetarian diet

3. results vegetarian diet

4. Contraindications

Vegetarian diet is one of the most flexible power options.The main condition of this diet - the rejection of animal products (partial or complete).At the same time, in contrast to various strict diets, it includes a very broad list of allowed products and allows you to stick to quite a varied diet.

Principles vegetarian diet for weight loss

Basic principles of a vegetarian diet include the following requisites power:

  • food of animal origin completely or partly replaced by vegetable.Instead of animal protein (meat, fish) in the diet should be present vegetable protein, which is contained in the nuts, cauliflower, legumes.Also, do not necessarily give up eggs and dairy products.
  • During the diet you need to drink plenty of fluids.For example, without any restriction to drink non-carbonated mineral water.
  • Sweet excluded from the diet completely or
  • vegetarian diet for weight loss provides full meals.Many foods (vegetables and some fruits) can be eaten with almost no restrictions.
  • optimal diet period should not exceed 14 days.

comply with these conditions is quite simple, so the choice of many losing weight is just a vegetarian diet - as a result of dumped kilograms of such power can be obtained quickly, and most importantly, it does not require fasting.Reviews of vegetarian diet suggest that it is very easily tolerated by the body and does not require much time to adapt to the new diet.

diet of a vegetarian diet

basic list of foods that can be included in the daily diet is quite varied.It includes:

  • groats (buckwheat, rice, pearl barley, barley);
  • Pasta from wheat flour;
  • Vegetable and olive oil;
  • Dairy products (skim milk, low-fat sour cream, low-fat cheese, yogurt);
  • fruits, berries, vegetables, herbs, legumes;
  • Nuts;
  • Soybeans;
  • Eggs.

For best results, prepare the best for a couple.Vegetables can also simmer in a small amount of oil or bake.In cases of serious intent to lose weight bread and bakery products should be excluded from the diet and replaced with dietary loaves.

Canned fruits and vegetables recommended to eat in limited amounts.Also allowed to moderate drinking - one glass of wine or a glass of beer a day.

results vegetarian diet

Two weeks vegetarian diet as a result of lost weight can be from three to six kilograms.However, the loss of excess weight - not the only plus diet: a diet is also great for unloading the body, tired of heavy meals, and helps to clean it of toxins, pollutants and toxins.

addition to weight reduction diet and also has a healing effect.Plant foods rich in vitamins and minerals, helps to improve overall health, improve the tone of the body and strengthen the immune system.

With the right approach to the diet of a vegetarian diet is an excellent prevention of chronic bowel disease, cardiovascular system and diabetes.Unlike many diets for weight loss, which can cause health problems, a temporary shift to a vegetarian diet, based on a balanced diet is good for the body.


Subject to reasonable diet plan vegetarian diet has no serious contraindications.Judging by the numerous reviews, a vegetarian diet does not bring any discomfort, but on the contrary, improves health and helps improve your health.

At the same time, strict vegetarianism, which excludes the consumption of dairy products, fish and eggs, are contraindicated for children and adolescents as well as pregnant and lactating women.Also, if you have any chronic diseases, before going on a vegetarian diet is recommended to consult with your doctor.

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A vegetarian diet for weight loss - reviews , result
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