Vitamin H - the value in what foods contain


1. Which contains vitamin H?

2. role and importance of vitamin H

3. daily requirement for vitamin H, and the well, its scarcity and oversupply

4. interaction of biotin

Vitamin of H, which is also known asvitamin B7 or biotin, was discovered almost by accident.Laboratory rats fed with egg white, wishing to ensure their protein, but after such a diet they start falling out hair, appeared skin and muscles.All these unpleasant symptoms were once the rats were yolk.This led me to think that in the yolk of a substance necessary for healthy skin and coat, and a full two years this substance has been allocated and named biotin or vitamin H. Biotin

refer to water-soluble vitamins, but it is soluble only in water with highpH.Also, the substance does not tolerate high temperatures and collapses under their influence.Usually, biotin is synthesized in the human gut, so healthy intestinal microflora is a key to beautiful skin and hair.Stock biotin is stored in our liver, and until t

here is at least 0.001 grams of the substance can not worry about your hair and skin, the very nature of their care.

Which contains vitamin H?

Actually, biotin can not only be produced in the body, it can be obtained from food.Products, which contain vitamin of H, not so little.More it in animal products, in the liver and kidneys of pigs and cattle, in the heart of the bull and egg yolks.Also a lot of biotin in chicken, beef, veal, cheese and milk, flounder, herring, and even in canned sardines.

There is also a lot of plant products, which contain vitamin of H, it is tomatoes, brown rice and soy beans, wheat flour, rice bran, mushrooms, peanuts, green beans and potatoes, carrots, cauliflower, oranges, apples, bananas, melons, whole grain rye and fresh onions.

in foods of animal origin Biotin is usually associated with proteins and plant products it is in a free state.All of these products can be a source of biotin, vitamin H but in substance completely replace products synthesized intestinal microflora can not therefore necessary to monitor the health of their gastrointestinal tract.

role and importance of vitamin H

In that vitamin H for the hair and skin is irreplaceable, nobody doubts.But many do not take into account the fact that disrupt its production in the intestines is very simple, simple enough to drink alcohol, eat too sweet or greasy, to undergo treatment antibiotic.All this leads to a decrease in production of biotin, so people who do not eat, abuse of alcohol and drugs commonly used to grow old, lose their elasticity of the skin and hair.

Given that there are so many substances in the world today that can penetrate our body and destroy local flora, you must carefully monitor their diet.Scientists have proved that last only 5-6 weeks of malnutrition with the regular use of preservatives, fatty foods, fried and smoked, soda and candy, to kill intestinal microflora.Compounding the picture of alcohol consumption and uncontrolled intake of drugs.

signs of damage to the intestinal microflora are digestive problems, constipation, diarrhea, flatulence and bad breath.In this rapidly deteriorating condition of the hair and skin.Lack of biotin in the body immediately makes itself felt.It biotin contains sulfur and delivers it to the skin, hair and nails, providing them with health and beauty.Biotin controls fat metabolism in the skin, prevents excessive sebum and seborrhea.

Sometimes children are born with a lack of biotin.If time does not notice the problem and take steps to address it, already on the third or fourth month of life, they begin to fall the hair, and the skin becomes inflamed.Biotin deficiency can even lead to sudden death of the newborn, so often it is recommended to check the level immediately after the birth of a baby.

One of the tasks of vitamin H is the energy supply of nerve cells, but the mental processes it has no effect.Industry biotin - is physiological processes.

daily requirement for vitamin H, and the well, its scarcity and oversupply

daily requirement for vitamin H is about 30 to 100 mg per day, and women during pregnancy and lactation should be consumed 20 micrograms of vitamin more.Since

hair vitamin H is one of the major materials and then its deficiency in the body can be seen, especially at the hair condition.Also, a lack of vitamin H is suffering skin, it becomes a pale and sickly.There may be inflammation of the mucous membranes, disturbance of blood sugar, anemia, depression, pain in muscles and significant worsening of appetite due to atrophy of the taste buds.Sometimes there is insomnia, or vice versa, drowsiness, lethargy, and can chase fatigue, depression and irritability.In such cases, help normalization of intestinal microflora and vitamin H in food.

With regard to excess biotin, then get it by eating only the vitamin H in food products impossible.At the use of large doses of the vitamin in the form of a drug overdose has not been detected even once, even when using the drug in children and pregnant women.

In extremely rare cases, you may experience side effects when using biotin.In most cases, the cause of the side effects is the idiosyncrasy of the drug.Possible side effects - rash, skin rash, shortness of breath, chest pain.

biotin interaction

Vitamin hair H is able to interact in the body to vitamin B12 as well, pantothenic and folic acid.Assimilation biotin significantly violates the alcohol.Antibiotics and anticonvulsants also have a negative impact on the concentration of vitamin H in the body.

To convert vitamin H in the products in its active stage, needs magnesium, so it is useful to combine products containing these substances.

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