Vitamin E - properties instruction , the use of face


1. Properties and application of vitamin E

2. Vitamin E Face

3. Norma tocopherol

4. formulations tocopherol

Vitamin E (tocopherol) is a fat-soluble substance, which mainly contained in fats, in particular oils of animal and vegetable origin (cotton seed, corn, olive and sunflower oil) as well as in products having a high fat content (in nuts, seeds, andother whole grains, legumes, spinach, egg yolk, liver, soybeans).In addition, the tocopherol is found in milk, wheat germ, alfalfa and dandelion in, in green leafy vegetables, flax seeds, the leaves of raspberry, oats, nettle, rosehip berries and other foods.

tocopherol Often referred to as "female vitamin."Naturally, this vitamin is extremely necessary to all people, both men and women, but for women's health is one of the main elements.

Properties and application of vitamin E

The use of vitamin E is very flexible, it is widely used in medicine and cosmetology, as it has a wide range of useful properties.

So, what is needed by the body Vitamin E:

  • it prevents the formation of blood clots, as in the case of the formation of clots it helps their resorption;
  • tocopherol improves fertility (ability to produce healthy offspring);
  • he takes part in the restoration of skin cells, so it is quite often used vitamin E for persons so as tocopherol inhibits oxidation processes and prevents cell withering, helps get rid of pimples, blackheads, wrinkles;
  • tocopherol regulates blood clotting, helps to saturate the cells with oxygen, "cleans" the capillaries and protects red blood cells.

With a shortage of vitamin E in the body decreases the concentration of semen in men and women broken cycle regularity.Like men, women have reduced sexual desire with a deficit of tocopherol.With a shortage of this vitamin dried mucous membranes, increased sweating, it may be depression, mood changes often, there is apathy, there is degeneration of the skeletal muscles.

Vitamin E Face

Vitamin E are very fond of the nails, hair, and especially the skin.Therefore, many products for skin care face and lips, nails and hair contain tocopherol.

It needs vitamin E to face, as it not only helps to saturate the skin cells of oxygen, but also slows down the aging process, leading to normal capillaries and blood vessels.

Lack of vitamin E face a catastrophic, as the skin becomes loose and dull, dark spots appear, the skin loses its elasticity and natural beauty.


tocopherol vitamin E in dire need of people at any age, but especially in need following groups of people:

  • he desperately needs women during pregnancy and lactation (20-30 IU per day);
  • in need of men in the period of high physical exertion (20 IU per day);
  • tocopherol needs of infants (6-8 IU per day) and children in the period of active growth from 4 to 14 years (10-15 IU per day).

should be understood that the vitamin E - it's not a drug that can be complex, "drink", make up the shortfall and to think that the problem is completely resolved.This vitamin is a fundamental element, which is directly involved in the construction of the body and maintains its normal functioning.Therefore, we need a tocopherol is constantly, every day.And the faster we understand and accept this fact, the longer we can preserve youth, health and beauty of our body.

Recognize vitamin E deficiency is not so difficult.With a lack of tocopherol occur fatigue, muscle weakness, skin becomes unhealthy appearance, becomes inelastic and sagging.This situation can correct and balanced nutrition when a person receives a sufficient amount of fat, protein and carbohydrates of raw and heat-treated products.But it should be remembered that during the heat treatment product is a rapid destruction of the E vitamin, for example, in a heated vegetable oil is much less of tocopherol, than cold.

But all endeavors to organize a balanced and nutritious food, we are not always able to provide your body with sufficient amount of tocopherol, therefore forced to have recourse to artificial vitamin-containing preparations.


tocopherol Vitamin E is produced in a variety of dosage forms in the form of lozenges, tablets, pills, solutions.Tocopherol is a member of various multivitamins, for example, "Undevit" or "Complivit", "Gendevita" (vitamins for pregnant and lactating women).

now produced a lot of dietary supplements, which include tocopherol.However, in some Badakhshan contains several thousand IU of tocopherol, whereas recommended daily norm of this vitamin - 10-30 IU.In such high dosages to take vitamin E is not worth it, because the body is simply unable to absorb such excess amount, so you should abandon the use of dietary supplements.

The instructions to vitamin E reported that the drugs should be taken in the following cases:

  • in hypovitaminosis E;
  • dermatomyositis;
  • in muscular dystrophy;
  • with dysmenorrhea;
  • the threat of miscarriage;
  • degenerative changes in the joints, spine and muscles;
  • in menopause;
  • when hypogonadal men;
  • with neurotic syndrome;
  • with lupus erythematosus, atherosclerosis, rheumatoid arthritis, peripheral vascular spasm, hypertension, angina pectoris, cardiovascular diseases;
  • at dermatoses, liver diseases, trophic ulcers, psoriasis, malnutrition.

The instructions to vitamin E reported that the drug should be taken for medicinal purposes of 200-300 mg per day.In

instructions to vitamin E is reported that the drug can be taken for a long time, however, recommended dosages (10-20 IU prophylactically and 100-300 IU for medical purposes).

contraindicated tocopherol mainly in hypervitaminosis E

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