Useful properties of vitamin B2 content in products


1. properties of vitamin B2

2. How best to get vitamin B2?

3. as riboflavin affect the body?

4. vitamin B2 Compatibility with other vitamins

5. Symptoms of riboflavin deficiency

6. Vitamin B2 in foods

second name for vitamin B2, which is familiar to many people, it is riboflavin.Often this vitamin is also called latoflavinom.Without a doubt, this is an important matter, without which people can not normally feel and function, but which specific properties of riboflavin is, and of what products we get, do not know everything.

properties of vitamin B2

Vitamin B2 refers to a group of flavins, it is painted in yellow color is due to pigment, included in its composition.This vitamin is practically not destroyed by cooking, but quickly loses its properties under the bright sunlight.

Vitamin B2 - is one of the few vitamins that the human body is able to synthesize itself.In the small intestine can be generated daily a small amount of the substance, but often it is no

t enough, as in chronic stress, or heavy physical labor demand for it increases.Also, the need for this vitamin increases during lactation.

How best to get vitamin B2?

How better to get vitamin B2, in ampoules, tablets or products?Vitamin B2 in foods - it's not uncommon for many of its almost all green vegetables and it is easy to digest from this type of product.But to get a digestible form of riboflavin, vegetables should be cooked for a long time.Also, its a lot of mushrooms, fish and nuts.

much better absorbed riboflavin, when people ate well.If you decide to take vitamin B2 tablets, prior to their use better to eat well.And the vitamin can be taken with food or after her.

as riboflavin affect the body?

Riboflavin, or vitamin B2, is responsible for control over the formation of red blood cells or blood cells, and also helps in the synthesis of certain hormones, and thyroid hormones.Riboflavin protects the retina from bright sunlight, and even against UV and artificial, so the substance can improve vision significantly.

Riboflavin helps a person see in the twilight, this substance makes it possible to easily adjust lighting conditions change.If taken in the right doses of riboflavin, it helps not only to improve visual acuity, but also improve the perception of colors.

Riboflavin in the body helps to control important processes of protein metabolism, it also takes part in the digestion of fats and carbohydrates.Almost all the food we take is split by means of this vitamin.Riboflavin is a member of more than ten active enzymes without which normal digestion impossible.

Riboflavin or vitamin B2 is required for people who have suffered severe stress or injury, since this element strengthens the nervous system, and helps to restore the bone and muscle tissue, and a positive effect on their growth.Thanks riboflavin skin, nails and hair become much healthier, more hair grow, and the nails are strengthened and do not exfoliate.

very important adequate riboflavin intake by pregnant women.It helps ensure the normal gestation, and also helps the fetus grow and develop properly, affecting all the vital processes of a pregnant woman.

vitamin B2 Compatibility with other vitamins

When you create vitamin complexes are usually taken into account compatibility of different substances.But if you decided to take vitamin B2 tablets, it is necessary to consider that it is better to combine it with specific products.For example, to secure a good vision, it is necessary to use riboflavin along with foods rich in vitamin A.

Simultaneous use of vitamin B2 tablets with foods rich in vitamin B6, PP and folic acid, contribute to a more pronounced effect of these substances on the body.

Symptoms of riboflavin deficiency

Lack of riboflavin is usually noticeable even to those who do not have medical training.Often, the lack of this substance on the skin begins to peel off the hands, nose and even ears, and lips can form micro cracks in the corners of the mouth.Also, vitamin B2 deficiency can manifest itself in the form of dryness of the pupils and the feeling of sand in the eyes.It can even lead to severe itching in the eyes, redness of proteins and watery eyes.

Unpleasant sensations in the mouth can also be a sign of a lack of riboflavin.Language can swell, become red and rough.Usually people suffering from a lack of riboflavin, slow to heal wounds can occur photophobia and nervous disorders.If the vitamin is not enough for a long time, there are digestive disorders and appearance suffers greatly, scaly skin, upper lip sharply loses volume.In this case it is necessary to take vitamin B2 in ampoules, it will help restore the body soon.

Vitamin B2 in capsules or tablets is often recommended when a person diagnosed with thyroid disease and cancer, as it is shown in feverish conditions.

Vitamin B2 in

product if you do not want to take vitamins in the form of injections if tablets, you can easily find vitamin B2 in foods.Liver and kidney contain 3.5 mg riboflavin per 100 grams of product.The yeast contained 3 mg vitamin.Many riboflavin almonds - 0.8 mg in fat cheese - 0.6 mg, cocoa and turnips - 0.45 mg.At 0.40 mg of riboflavin found in spinach, mushrooms and salmon.Not far behind them trout - 0.35 mg and beans - 0.31 mg.The fat-free cottage cheese, eggs and mushrooms chanterelles contains 0.30 mg of riboflavin.

If you want to receive vitamin B2 in foods, it is not a problem, but if you think about food too lazy, you can use vitamin B2 tablets.The main thing - to prevent the shortage of this vitamin in the body, that it is not only fraught with problems with hair, skin and nails, but also serious disturbances in health.The nice thing is that an overdose of riboflavin is not seen, even excessively its administration by injection does not lead to serious consequences, so you can use it without fear of health.

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