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Acidosis - causes, symptoms, treatments


1. symptoms of acidosis

2. reasons acidosis

3. Prevention and treatment of acidosis

acidosis is a disturbance of acid-base balance in the human bodyin which the acid has a dominant position.Fluctuations in the acid-base balance is straightforward withdrawal from the body of a number of organic acids and their oxidation.When a person has no health problems, organic acids displayed correctly.But it is necessary, for example, to "declare" an intestinal or digestive disorders as is their stagnation in the body that causes acidosis.Some women learn about this condition during pregnancy.In addition, sufficient familiarity with acidosis threatens many fans diets.One of the main symptoms of acidosis - bitter taste in the mouth after a meal, but the overall clinical picture with this illness is more multi-faceted.

symptoms of acidosis

Acidosis is of two varieties - the respiratory and non-respiratory."Breathing" is often referred to as respiratory acidosis.It is evident when the

carbon dioxide accumulates in the blood.With regard to non-respiratory type illness, he also has an alternative name: "conversion" and "metabolic".The most common exchange acidosis, wherein the non-volatile acids are retained in the blood (primarily lactic acid).

initial stage of acidosis in some cases it is difficult to recognize for any external signs, as the culprit of bad human being can become a low hemoglobin.At the very beginning of human diseases such torment acidosis symptoms such as general weakness, lethargy, drowsiness, headache.Condition of the nervous system at the same time assessed as depressed.After some time it may appear rapid breathing and heartbeat, and after physical activity of any intensity the person has shortness of breath.As

acidosis symptoms also act digestive problems, ranging from poor appetite, diarrhea and finishing, nausea and vomiting which result in dehydration.

In patients with diabetes, this disease is accompanied by this symptom of acidosis as sugary fruit breath odor.Physicians include diabetics in the particular risk group, as acidosis, which can not be called a serious illness, is able in a short time to bring these patients to coma or full cardiac arrest.

Accurate diagnosis of acidosis sets physician who relies on the data of the gas analysis the patient's blood.It also gives the patient guidance on the treatment of acidosis.


acidosis Acidosis - the so-called "acidification" of the body.The prerequisites and thus causes acidosis is excessive consumption of foods such as flour products, white bread, animal fats, cheese and eggs.Risk factors also include the abuse of coffee and alcoholic beverages, as well as the preference of cooked and canned vegetables fresh.

When a person is healthy, organic acid oxidation products are quickly eliminated from the body.If intestinal disorders, febrile diseases, starvation, pregnancy and other factors, they stagnate in the body that, in milder forms accompanied by the appearance in the urine acetone and acetoacetic acid, and in severe cases can lead to coma.

Prevention and treatment of acidosis

Treatment of acidosis is balanced and correctly picked up the daily diet.

Ideally, the patient should completely abandon the use of coffee and alcohol, replacing these harmful drinks more useful - the natural juices, compotes, fruit and berry decoctions.Foods such as white bread and pasta, eggs and cheese, as well as animal fats should be "balanced" vegetable fats, meals of whole grains, fresh fruit, berries and vegetables.

main recommendations of nutritionists for the prevention and treatment of acidosis are: the daily diet should consist of 60% of products of plant origin, two thirds of which should be submitted to raw fruits and vegetables (which can be eaten whole in salads).Also, experts advise to refuse canned food, sausages, smoked meats, chips and other snacks, a variety of semi-finished products, ketchup, mayonnaise and other sauces, ready-made.

In some cases, prevent the development of acidosis helps cleansing the body congee, aimed at the elimination of toxins, toxins and other harmful substances.


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