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1. Causes of autism in children

2. Symptoms of autism

3. Autism Treatment

4. Peculiarities of disorders

5. Whenparents should show the child specialist

Autism is a mental disorder characterized by impaired development of motor skills and speech, poverty, emotional sphere, as well as stereotyped behaviors.These factors lead to the disruption of social interaction and a desire to avoid contact with reality.

This mental disorder can occur as a result of violations of the processes in the brain before birth.The disease has a significant impact on early childhood development, and its effects are often reflected in the individual's life.

To date, there are no medical tests that can be used to identify autism.Diagnosis is based on the children's neuropsychiatrist observing the child's behavior and features of its communication activities.As pointed out by experts, the disease has two degrees of severity: light and heavy.

signs of autism are withdrawn, unsociable, and a

tendency to repeat any actions or words several times.In parallel with this disease often manifest allergies, digestive disorders and sleep.

Causes of autism in children

This mental disorder is much more common in boys and is formed under the age of 3 years.Its prevalence is 6 cases per 1000 people.

Cause Autism science is still not known.It is believed that a key role in causing the disease heredity plays.For example, if there is a child in the family with autism, there is a possibility of formation of the disease and another child (5-10%).

assumed that the cause of autism in children is breaking in genes that are responsible for the synaptic connections in the brain.Such chromosomal abnormalities as deletions, duplications and inversions can affect the development of the disorder.

At one time there was a hypothesis that the cause of autism associated with carrying out vaccination of children, but to date, this assumption is unfounded.

Symptoms of autism

Autism is characterized by diverse manifestations which marked the first time in infancy and persist into adulthood in a gentle way.

To determine the disorder is not enough merely one symptom of autism, but must have the characteristic triad of the disease:

  • disturbed mutual communication;
  • lack of social interaction;
  • stereotypical behaviors and limited interests.

Other features such as selectivity in eating too often found with the disease, but they are not essential for diagnosis.

signs of autism prevalence is closed inner life, the scarcity of expressions of emotions and removal from the outside world.

Violation of social interactions in autism can be seen in early childhood.Such babies are less likely to smile, paying less attention to social stimuli and does not respond to his own name.

Another symptom of autism in children is their refusal to make eye contact during a conversation and no anticipation of changes in posture when trying to get their hands on.

older children with this disorder does not succeed to recognize faces and emotions, it is difficult to make friends and keep in touch with them.

In the first year of baby's life, such parents can be alerted signs of autism:

  • unusual gestures or lack thereof;
  • slight reaction to communication attempts;
  • belated emergence of babbling.

When a child is 2-3 years, parents should pay attention to the symptoms of autism, as the meager child's vocabulary, wishy-washy prattle, and a small number of consonants used by the child in his speech.In addition, it is difficult to play games that require imagination and fantasy.Often it seems the parents that the child lives in a world of their own.

Autism Treatment

Generally, the disorder is detected in 2-2.5 years in specialist pediatric neurologist.It is important to remember that it is not formed from a healthy child after 5 years.Since the symptoms of autism to some extent similar to the symptoms of schizophrenia, mental retardation, psychosis and regressive speech disorders, only an experienced specialist can put the correct diagnosis.

single best method of treatment of autism does not exist, it is mainly chosen individually.The therapy is aimed at reducing deficits associated with the disease and to increase functional independence and quality of life of autistic.

Today there are many methods of correction and treatment of autism.

main directions of correction is considered to be:

  • family therapy;
  • medical and psychological treatment;
  • correction of behavioral disorders.

regular exercise therapy, physical therapy is also recommended for children with autism learned to feel my body.And parents is important to understand what is happening with your child and make every effort to establish emotional contact with him.

autism treatment involves a special diet and the use of drugs.In cases of extremely inappropriate behavior of the child, when his desire for self-mutilation is prescribed sedatives.

Physiotherapy, occupational therapy and speech therapy may also contribute to improve the condition of the child, and special training helps in acquiring different skills and adjusts its behavior.

If treatment of autism started in a timely manner, it can give a good result.

Peculiarities of

disorder One of the key symptoms of autism are repetitive actions and limited interests.Among them are:

  • stereopitiyu - purposeless movement (rotation of the head, waving hands);
  • compulsive behavior, which involves excessive pedantry, and the deliberate respect for its rules;
  • ritualistic behaviors - perform daily activities in an institution, the usual order and sequence;
  • need for uniformity and an unwillingness to change;
  • limited behavior, for which the interest or activity of human direction on one subject or object;
  • autoaggression - activity that is able to cause harm to the person.

Of these varieties of behavior none is specific to autism, but the existence of the complex may indicate the presence of autism spectrum disorders.

When the parents should show the child specialist

Despite the fact that the cause of autism is difficult to determine, the manifestations of the disease occurs in childhood.About 50% of parents noticed unusual features in the behavior of children to eighteen months of life, and to two years for 80% of them pay attention to such deviations.

Due to the fact that the delay in carrying out treatment can negatively affect long-term outcome, the child should be examined by a specialist if any of these signs of autism:

  • to 1 year of age the child does not babble issues and gestures;
  • to 1.5 years of a child does not utter basic words;
  • to 2 years, he does not say a spontaneous short phrases;
  • if there is a loss of language or social skills.

Cure Autism can not be, but at the same time, if in time to see a specialist, it is possible to achieve remission and this significantly help your child.


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