Causes , symptoms and treatment of major muscle atrophy


1. reasons atrophy

2. Forms and symptoms of muscle atrophy

3. main forms of atrophy:

4. treatment of muscle atrophy

weakening of muscle fibers, reducing their size or degeneration due to prolonged immobility called muscle atrophy.Even slight atrophy leads to a reduction in mobility and muscle strength.In other words, disease leads to a thinning and even disappearance of the muscle fibers, and thus for long-term immobility or limit physical activity of the patient.

reasons atrophy

Most often atrophy is a consequence of the neuromuscular injury or illness.Also, disease can occur under certain endocrine, metabolic disorders, and prolonged immobility person.Some muscle atrophy occurs with age.Muscle fiber length and reduced in volume without losing the regular load.The result of these changes - reducing muscle shape, their size, the deformation of the affected areas.

atrophy of muscles of legs and arms is due to:

  • aging;
  • reduce metabolism;
  • chronic diseases of conne
    ctive tissues, endocrine glands, the stomach or bowel;
  • parasitic and infectious diseases;
  • disorders of the nervous regulation of muscle tone associated with polyneuritis and poisoning;
  • acquired or congenital deficiency of enzymes.

Forms and symptoms of muscle atrophy

For the initial stage of the disease is characterized by symptoms such as abnormal fatigue of the leg muscles during running and walking, rarely - spontaneous twitching of muscles and increase in the calf muscles.The disease is primarily localized in the lower extremities, pelvic girdle, hips, which leads to atrophy of the leg muscles.This causes difficulties in walking, especially stairs leads to a gait change.

main forms of atrophy:

1. Primary muscle atrophy, symptoms of which are very straight defeat muscles.This type of disease can be caused by a bad heredity or bruises, injuries, physical overexertion.In this case, the patient gets tired quickly, the tone of his muscles is reduced, marked involuntary twitching of muscles, indicating that motor neuron disorders.

2. The secondary muscle atrophy, which the treatment is based on the removal of the original cause of atrophic process.This type of disease develops most often after suffering severe injuries and infections.Patients observed atrophy of the muscles of the legs, hands and forearms, causing partial or complete paralysis.In most cases the disease progresses slowly, but exacerbation accompanied by severe pain.

secondary forms of the disease are divided into several types:

  • neural miotrofiya when there is atrophy of the leg muscles to strain legs and feet.When walking, a person has to raise high the knees, greatly disturbed gait.Gradually lose the reflexes of the feet, and the disease progresses to the rest of the limb;
  • muscular atrophy Aran-Duchenne localized in certain parts of the hand.Patients atrophied fingers and intercostals muscles, as a result, the upper limbs take the form of so-called "monkey hand".The sensitivity of the hands persists, but tendon reflexes are absent.The process is progressing steadily and comes to atrophy muscles of the neck and torso;
  • progressive muscle wasting first appears, usually in children.The disease is extremely difficult, characterized by loss of tendon reflexes, hypotonia and twitching limbs.

main symptom of muscle atrophy of all kinds is considered a visible reduction in the size of the damaged muscle.Most noticeable in comparison with the healthy limb steam.In addition, the symptoms of muscle atrophy, depending on the severity of the process, are painful on palpation of the limbs.

treatment of muscle atrophy

The choice of methods and means of treatment of muscle atrophy depend on the age of the patient, the severity of the process and form of the disease.Drug therapy usually involves the subcutaneous or intramuscular administration of the following drugs:

  • Atrifos or Miotrifos (adenosine triphosphate);
  • vitamin E, B1 and B12;
  • galantamine;
  • Neostigmine.

great importance in the treatment of muscle wasting also has proper nutrition, physiotherapy, massage and physiotherapy, psychotherapy.When muscle atrophy occurs in a child who is behind their peers in intellectual development, administered neuropsychological sessions.


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