Atrophy of the optic nerve - symptoms, treatment


1. forms of the disease

2. Optic nerve atrophy in children

3. treatment of optic nerve atrophy

atrophy of the optic nerve - a disease that developsas a result of the withering away of the optic nerve fibers.The light signal, which in this case receives the retina is converted into electric.He disturbances transmitted to the rear lobe of the brain.Because of this reduced human visual acuity and field of view is narrowed.

reason for this disease are inflammation, compression, edema, intoxication, tissue damage or degeneration of the nerve fibers or blood vessels.All these diseases are caused by an illness.These include:

  • brain disease;
  • diseases of the cardiovascular and nervous systems;
  • poisoning;
  • deficiency diseases;
  • infectious diseases;
  • profuse bleeding - severe bleeding from large vessels;
  • meningitis.

In the development of the disease is the gradual destruction of nerve fibers.At the same time, they are replaced by glial and connective tissue.Then the clogged bl

ood vessels, which are responsible for the blood supply to the optic nerve.In humans, decreased visual acuity and pale optic disc.

disease forms

atrophy of the optic nerve can be complete or partial.When complete atrophy of nerve function is lost, a person develops blindness.Symptomatic optic atrophy of the forms are gray, pale, thinned, flat disks of optic nerves that detect the fundus.In addition there is vasoconstriction bottom of the eye.

In partial atrophy of the optic nerve function disorder of less severe.It is characterized by color vision disorder, visual field loss in varying degrees, reduced visual acuity, which can not be corrected with the help of lenses, glasses and surgery.In partial atrophy destructive process affects only the part of the nerve, and then paused.

There is a primary and a secondary form of the disease.

When the primary form of visual function of the eyes is rapidly declining.This atrophy is characterized by concentric narrowing of visual fields, especially in the green and red shades, a permanent reduction of vision in both eyes.

Symptoms of optic nerve atrophy in secondary form - vasodilatation, blurred boundaries disc bulging central portion thereof.

When the hereditary nature of the disease, visual acuity in the patient is reduced gradually, he feels pain when moving eyes.

Amid profuse bleeding (gastrointestinal or uterine) atrophy symptom is loss of visual field, and the lower half of a sudden narrowing of the retinal vessels.

atrophy of the optic nerve in children

In the absence of hereditary predisposition to diagnose the disease at an early age is very difficult.This is due to the hidden course of the disease, lack of typical symptoms.Most often atrophy in children is detected by an ophthalmologist on a planned examination at the age of two months.The ability to lock the kid look characterizes the visual acuity.In addition, its field of view is determined by the ability to keep the eyes on the objects that are moving.Additionally, the physician examines the baby's brain response to visual stimuli.Before the diagnosis, the ophthalmologist examines the fundus of the child.So with optic nerve atrophy can be seen clouding of the optic disc.

treatment of optic nerve atrophy in children begins with the appointment of vasodilator drugs.To improve brain metabolism nootropics drugs are used when necessary.Effective in Children's treatment of this disease the use of hardware methods of treatment, such as light, laser, magnetic, electric effect.

treatment of optic nerve atrophy

most favorable prognosis of treatment is possible with partial atrophy of the optic nerve.This therapy aims to stop the progression of the disease and the prevention of partial atrophy of the transition to the full.

patients received drugs that can improve nerve nutrition and surviving nerve cells.Methods of administering medications may be different - instillation, injection, electrophoresis.

Good results demonstrating stimulation of the optic nerve.Magnetic stimulation is exposed to an alternating magnetic field to the optic nerve.Electrical stimulation is based on the use of electrical impulses of different parameters.As a result of the stimulation of blood supply of the eye tissue, activates metabolic processes.

If the disease is caused by compression of the nerve, use neurosurgical treatment.Then carry out electrical, magnetic or laser stimulation, physiotherapy methods used.

atrophy treatment methods are constantly being improved.New way to combat this disease was the use of regenerative tissue microsurgery.One of the latest developments is a miniature pacemaker.It is implanted in the eye and stimulates the optic nerve for several years.


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