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Everyone from a young age is faced with colds and howconsequently with a runny nose, or speaking medical terms - rhinitis.

Atrophic rhinitis is a chronic disease of the nasal cavity membrane, leading subsequently to atrophy of mucous.Atrophic rhinitis has several significant differences from other forms of the disease.In the first stage of the disease the patient has a feeling of dryness of the nasal cavity, formed viscous, purulent yellow-green discharge, which are difficult vysmarkivayutsya.In the future, the nasal mucosa is covered with crusts, bleeding are possible.For advanced forms of the disease is characterized by unpleasant, fetid odor emissions.During the course of the disease the patient may decrease the level of smell or advance its absence.


Among the key reasons that contribute to the emergence of rhinitis, include the following factors:

  • genetic predisposition;
  • infectious agents - all kinds of pathogens that enter the cavity of the respiratory system;
  • unfavorable ecological situation - harmful environmental factors, reduce the overall immunity of the body.. For example, a high content of vapor, dust, gases, chemicals and compounds such as household cleaners, deodorants, etc., may affect the detrimental condition nasal mucosa;
  • iron deficiency - people with low content of this element in the body atrophic rhinitis is diagnosed more often.

In numerous medical studies proved the relationship between atrophic rhinitis and atrophic different processes in the body, which are the precursors of the disease.For example, patients diagnosed with atrophic gastritis more likely in a subsequent occurrence of atrophy and nasal mucosa.

symptoms of atrophic rhinitis

As mentioned earlier, the main symptoms of atrophic rhinitis is a dry nose, formation of crusts on the mucous membrane, the patient creates a sensation of contraction of the mucous.From time to time there may be slight bleeding from the nose, which quickly cease.With disease atrophic process extends across the nose and leads to poor smelling.Rhinoscopy shows that the mucosa has a pale pink color, its structure is dry and dull with a few crusts of yellow-green color.Particular mucosal thinning observed in the anterior septum.

Depending on the symptoms of atrophic rhinitis, distinguish simple limited type of rhinitis, which affects the anterior lobe of the turbinates, and diffuse.

treatment of atrophic rhinitis

treatment of atrophic rhinitis appointed ENT doctor depending on the form of the disease.Infectious atrophic rhinitis usually treated easily.Usually it appointed conservative treatment, which includes the local and complex procedures to facilitate the patient's condition.

main method of treatment of atrophic rhinitis is intermittent nasal irrigation to eliminate the cortical structures and moistening the mucous.This procedure can be carried out independently by rinsing the nose with isotonic solution, heated to 35-40 ° C..It is also possible to use heated hypertonic buffer solution for washing.Otolaryngologist can spend nasal cleansing procedure using suction.

With infectious atrophic rhinitis nasal cavity is washed with a solution of antimicrobial drugs.This procedure helps to remove abundant purulent discharge.Applicability This procedure and chronic atrophic rhinitis.Additionally, it may be prescribed a course of systemic antibiotic therapy.With infectious atrophic rhinitis drugs are chosen depending on the pathogen.For example, it can be assigned:

- Amikacin,
- Rifampicin 0.6 g,
- Ciprofloxacin oral, etc.

infectious atrophic rhinitis as chronic easier cured using topical preparations.This solution, oils and ointments containing vitamins A, B2.mucolytics also appointed:. nasal spray, acetylcysteine, etc.

successful is the treatment of atrophic rhinitis combination therapy, combining mucolytics and decongestants.In chronic and infectious atrophic rhinitis is a reason of the treatment of iron deficiency anemia.In order to strengthen the general condition of used biogenic stimulators - FIBS, aloe extract, splenin, B vitamins (intramuscularly), placenta extract (subcutaneously).

spend treatment of atrophic rhinitis and folk remedies, this instilled into the nose oil solution propolis, fruit juice or aloe Kalanchoe.

separate approach is required in the treatment of chronic atrophic rhinitis which is shown smelly atrophic rhinitis (Awzen).In this form of the disease is a sharp atrophy of the nasal mucosa, highlight the thick, formed on the mucous offensive, shriveled crust occurs thinning of bone tissue walls of the nose and nasal turbinates.

Ozen develops mostly in young women.When Awzen due to atrophy of bone changes the nasal cavity in the expansion direction.Chronic atrophic rhinitis is treated by washing the nasal cavity with solutions of potassium permanganate, sodium, dioxin, hydrogen peroxide.Complete the washing procedure the introduction into the nasal cavity of the tampon with Vishnevsky ointment or other antibacterial drugs.General treatment of atrophic rhinitis in ozena steps are carried out with the help of antibiotics.

treatment of atrophic rhinitis surgical method is aimed at narrowing the nasal cavity.During surgery under the mucosa in the nasal cavity bottom zone may be introduced alloplastic implant materials (PTFE, nylon, acrylic plastic).


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