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Atherosclerosis of the extremities - is a common disease of the arteries of hands and feet, in which limb vessels filled atherosclerotic plaques and blood clots that lead to partial or complete cessation of the blood flow in them.Most often, the disease affects the lower limbs is - this form of the disease affects one in ten people aged 65 and older.Atherosclerosis of the extremities affects most cases of male smokers over 50 years old, although it can be diagnosed in women, including those under the age of 45 years

symptoms of lower limb arteriosclerosis

Atherosclerosis of the extremities are called "obliterating", because during the clearance of diseasesarteries gradually narrows, disrupting circulation.Arteriosclerosis obliterans of the lower extremities is that narrows the lumen of blood vessels due to increase in size of an at

herosclerotic plaque.

main danger extremities atherosclerosis is that it can occur for a long time, almost no symptoms, but in the end can lead to limb amputation.The only manifestation may be a heavy physical load, namely, prolonged walking.In the first stage of lower extremity atherosclerosis pain occur only after 1 km distance traveled, the condition is called "intermittent claudication", because after some stops pain all the same passes.In the second stage of atherosclerosis limb pain-free walking distance is reduced to 50-250 m, even on the third path 50 meters seems too complicated, the patients complain of nocturnal pain in the leg muscles, pain forces them to wake up in the night and lower legs from the bed to restore blood flow.In the third step of the lower extremities atherosclerosis on your toes and heels appear the necrosis, gangrene and then begins.Against the background of diabetes disease develops more rapidly - necrosis and gangrene can occur for a few days or even hours.

on atherosclerosis extremities may indicate other symptoms - numbness in hands and feet, non-healing ulcers and wounds on the feet and legs, cracking and peeling of the skin.When atherosclerosis affects only one of the limbs, it is cooler than cool.

reasons atherosclerosis extremities

The main causes of atherosclerosis of the lower extremities, include heredity, diabetes, high cholesterol content in the diet, smoking and high blood pressure.However, the fact that it provokes the disease, the spores are still underway.

There are several factors that increase the risk of disease.The risk for atherosclerosis extremities include men as in women the disease is manifested much less high-pressure owners, diabetics, obese people and those with high blood cholesterol, as well as those who lead a sedentary lifestyle.Risk factors also include frostbite, violation of cholesterol metabolism caused by inflammation in the kidneys and liver.Perhaps the most common cause of limb atherosclerosis - is smoking, as contained in tobacco products, nicotine causes a spasm of blood vessels and of itself increases the risk of blood clots and prevents normal blood flow in the vessels.

Diagnosis For the diagnosis of lower limb arteriosclerosis obliterans requires specialist examination using modern hardware methods:

- Ultrasonic duplex scanning.The method, which allows to consider the walls of blood vessels and the surrounding tissues, speed and direction of blood as well as blood clots and plaque.

- Arteriography vessels feet.The method consists in the fact that the blood vessel lumen is entered contrast that captures the picture lumen of the artery.atherosclerosis diagnostic method requires steady limbs of bed rest for 12 hours after the procedure and has a radiation effect, but it is crucial to carry out surgery.

- CT angiography.Method CT, which by means of X-ray radiation provides a two- or three-dimensional image of the investigated vessel.As arteriography, the method is carried out using contrast.

- Magnetic resonance imaging of vessels.Method of using a magnetic field and electromagnetic waves.It allows to obtain two- and three-dimensional images using a vessel without using a contrast agent.

lower limbs Treatment of Atherosclerosis Treatment

limb atherosclerosis may be conservative, minimally invasive or operative.The choice of method depends on how the patient's artery and amazed if they have any associated disease.

If atherosclerosis limbs found at the stage of intermittent claudication, and if the patient is weakened by a disease and will not survive the operation, appointed conservative treatment.It may include a complex of medicines and physiotherapy.Patients with atherosclerosis of the extremities shows dosed walking, therapeutic exercises, medications that reduce blood viscosity and relieve vascular spasm, stimulate the development of collateral branches and protect artery walls from damage.medicine course is repeated several times a year, and some drugs are taken continuously.

Sometimes atherosclerosis limbs spend pnevmostressoterapiyu.It's kind of hard foot massage in which the cuff is put on the sick limb, and then the pressure in the alternate from high to low, which causes the blood flow to the tissues and an extension of the peripheral arteries.

minimally invasive method of treatment of atherosclerosis of limbs used in segmental artery spasm.Through a small incision in the affected vessel with a balloon catheter, which is applied to the affected area of ​​the artery.The balloon is inflated, because the artery which mechanically increases, it allows to restore blood flow.To not narrowed artery in the future, it is set stent.

Surgical treatment of atherosclerosis of the lower extremities are in prosthetics artery artificial vessel bypass surgery, and surgical removal of the arteries of atherosclerotic plaques.

When the disease reaches the stage of trophic ulcers and necrosis, patients received surgery to remove dead tissue.If gangrene is a large portion of the limb, the only solution is amputation of the limb.


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