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cyst - a benign tumor(cyst), which is formed by blockage of the sebaceous gland excretory duct.This is a fairly common skin disease, which is a round, soft subcutaneous formation of various sizes, having the ability to grow.This disease may suffer from both men and women at any age.

Since the cause of atheroma is a blockage of the output of the sebaceous gland duct is formed as a result of this kind of capsule filled with dense masses of yellowish color.As a rule, the contents of these capsules has a very unpleasant smell.We must remember that atheroma is not a tumor, but there is a kind of cyst.

why disease develops most often in those areas of the skin that have many sebaceous glands, namely - on the face, back, scalp, anterior abdominal wall, scrotum.

From atheroma phenomenon should be distinguished atheromatosis disease.It is a multiple atheroma.

Causes disease

reason atheroma may be any state of the organism in which the outflow of sebum is broken or there is a complete blockage of the duct.

Basically atheroma causes are:

  • blockage of the sebaceous gland duct;
  • injury with damage to the gland duct;
  • swelling of the hair follicle;
  • hyperhidrosis.

Factors that can trigger the disease include:

  • metabolic disorder;
  • increased oiliness of the skin;
  • elevated levels of testosterone;
  • poor environmental conditions;
  • neglect of personal hygiene;
  • occupational hazard.

In addition, it is important to know that the use of such cosmetic products as deodorants, antiperspirants increases the risk of heart disease and can cause atheroma.


Experts distinguish primary and secondary atheroma.Primary has these symptoms:

  • redness, pain, fever;
  • tight formation, which can be detected by palpation.Its size can vary from a pea to a large walnut.

symptoms secondary atheroma (sebaceous gland retention cyst) manifest the characteristic bluish color cysts and ulcers may form at its opening.

It mostly occurs on the face, nose, wings, back and buttocks.

Although the disease can occur in both adults and children, yet there is a certain risk.These include:

  • men 20-35 years due to metabolic features;
  • people often used fried and fatty foods;
  • patients who have observed extensive acne and seborrheic skin changes.

People's treatment of atheroma

There are a lot of people's methods of struggle with this disease.The sooner treatment is started, the greater will be its effectiveness.Thus, we consider people's methods of treatment of atheroma:

Method №1.The melted and cooled to room temperature, mutton fat must rub into the sore spots on the skin.

Method №2.Prepare a paste of garlic and sunflower oil, then massage movements, it should be rubbed into the problem areas on the body.Repeat procedure should be as long until no talc.This method aims to pull out the contents of the cyst.

method №3.Since the main cause of the disease - a slagging of the body, the national treatment of atheroma involves cleansing the body of toxins.This can be achieved by the use of teas and infusions of herbs beneficial fees.

Method number 4. Wen Treatment with films from chicken eggs.After this procedure, it may be a side effect such as swelling and redness of the skin and the respective portions.But do not worry, because this is a temporary phenomenon.This procedure should be carried out to the complete disappearance of the problem areas.

Method number 5. Another method of national treatment of atheroma - the use of silver objects.By Wen applied and secured, for example, a silver cross, and for a month, it is not removed.After this time, wen, how to plant, dissolves.

Method number 6. The fresh leaves of grass mother and stepmother are applied to the sore area of ​​the skin and fixed plaster or bandage.So you need to keep a bandage during the day, then replace it with a new.This procedure should be done about a week.

method number 7. The use of ointments Vishnevsky, which has regenerative properties.It should be abundantly lubricated gauze bandage this ointment and apply to problem areas.After several repeated procedures ointment should pull out the contents of the atheroma.

In general, there is quite a lot of methods of national treatment of atheroma.But they are effective, provided a timely start of treatment.In the case of advanced disease self-treatment is not only not help, but harm.It is necessary, as quickly as possible to see a doctor in order to prevent inflammation and festering inside the capsule.

Treatment atheroma

course, atheroma is a clear cosmetic defect, which is able to be a source of psychological stress and nervous disorders of the patient.First inconspicuous, it may become inflamed and begin to grow in size.This is accompanied by fever, there is swelling and pain, and then the pus tumors may break out.In this case, you can not loiter, and should make the removal of atheroma.

there are three main methods of treatment of atheroma Today:

  • surgical technique;
  • laser method;
  • radio wave removal of atheroma.

to surgery is resorted to only when other treatments have failed.The operation is considered to be simple and is performed under local anesthesia for 5-10 minutes.In a small incision is made through which removed the atheroma and its shell during surgery of the skin.This method allows you to get rid of Wen even larger without postoperative scar.

atheroma removal by laser to avoid surgery.This method is effective in the early stages of the disease, until the tumor has not acquired large size.The laser reveals the atheroma, and then processes the abscess cavity.

Compared with the above methods, the method of radio wave is a new and more secure in the treatment of atheroma.On the effectiveness of it is not inferior to the laser removal of atheroma, it does not need to make any cuts or punctures.Removal of atheroma is carried out by evaporation of the cells of the tumors and its contents.

In order to prevent this disease, it is necessary to eliminate all triggers and possible causes of atheroma, and strictly observe personal hygiene and reduce the consumption of fried and fatty foods.


This article is available exclusively in the educational purposes and is not research material or professional medical advice.

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