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1. Astigmatism in children

2. Causes

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4. Treatment of astigmatism

astigmatism - an eye diseasewhich is characterized by the absence of convergence of light rays at a point after refraction in the optical system of the eye.Rays are projected at the same time directly onto the retina in the form of multiple points, circles, ellipses or segments of different lengths.Thus, instead of the normal image turns fuzzy and distorted image.For this disease is characterized by distortion of the image both near and far.

According to some experts, each inhabitant of the planet in varying degrees, suffer from astigmatism, but for the majority of the population (85%) is characterized by small, its value (up to 1 diopters), which has no significant effect on the quality of vision.Meanwhile, an average of 15% of the population is necessary to correct astigmatism using special glasses (or lenses) or by surgery.

Astigmatism in children

Among the main symptoms of astigmatis

m in children can distinguish headaches, poor vision, fatigue, and discomfort in the brow area.For an accurate diagnosis it is necessary to consult a doctor-ophthalmologist, who will be able not only to recognize the disease, but also to choose the right glasses or contact lenses.In the case of confirmation of the diagnosis, glasses or contact lenses are selected depending on the age of the child, as well as subjective tolerability.When astigmatism in children, as a rule, are appointed by the glasses with cylindrical lenses for continuous wear.Excimer laser correction, ie the surgical treatment of the disease, it is recommended after 18 years, when the visual system will be formed before the end.

require regular visits to an ophthalmologist twice a year with astigmatism in children.In the process of a child wearing glasses, you need to monitor the growth of the eye and change the optics of time.For the astigmatism is not peculiar to the progression, therefore, with due observance of all prescriptions specialist disease can be controlled.

Astigmatism in children should be diagnosed promptly to ensure that measures were taken as soon as possible for its correction.If the disease is detected late, it increases the likelihood of irreversible loss of visual acuity as well as the gradual development of amblyopia ( "lazy eye") and strabismus.

astigmatism treatment of children includes a variety of methods of optical, physical, and functional impact.It is important to choose the special glasses needed for the treatment of amblyopia.

specific therapeutic techniques that contribute to a gradual decrease in strength points or even completely get rid of the spectacle correction is used in some modern hospitals.


disease of both adults and children are at eye astigmatism.In most cases, the disease is hereditary.Rough scarring in the cornea after surgery or injury to the eyes can cause the development of eye astigmatism.


only after examination of the patient optometrist can diagnose the presence of astigmatism in his eyes.Verification of visual acuity is carried out using special tables, and by determining the difference in the curvature of the cornea, which special cylindrical lenses are used.

Sph (sphere), cyl (cylinder) and ax (axis) - special notation introduced in eyeglass prescription.Sphere in this case shows the magnitude of astigmatism spherical eye, while the cylinder axis and demonstrate its size and orientation.These special glasses are called "cylindrical".

Treatment of astigmatism Treatment of astigmatism

today comprises three main areas: glasses, contact lenses and surgery.

Glasses and contact lenses are selected individually.If the need arises, a cylindrical lens may be combined with the lenses for the correction of myopia and hyperopia.It should also be noted that the high degree of astigmatism eye patients can not tolerate glasses.In the treatment of astigmatism start to hurt the eyes, as well as notes dizziness.

astigmatism Treatment involves regular observation by an ophthalmologist for the timely detection of the need to replace points weaker or stronger.

should also be noted that the contact lenses and glasses are not an independent part of the treatment of astigmatism, and represent only a corrective vision supplement.Completely get rid of the disease can help only surgery with astigmatism.Today, with this purpose, the keratotomy - operation with astigmatism eye, suggesting the application of non-through incisions on the cornea in order to ease by reinforced refractive axis.Keratotomy is used for short-sighted or mixed astigmatism.

Termokeratokoagulyatsiya - surgery for astigmatism eye, based on the cauterization of the peripheral cornea heated metal needle.Termokeratokoagulyatsiya increases corneal curvature and hence its refractive power increase.This operation applies generally to forms of the disease correction farsighted.

Laser coagulation - operation, which does not use metal needle, a laser beam.

In recent years become increasingly popular excimer laser with which the operation is carried out with an eye astigmatism.astigmatism treatment in this case is to eliminate from the surface of the cornea setpoint layer with an excimer laser.


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