Asthenozoospermia - causes , extent and management


1. causes of disease

2. Degrees asthenozoospermia

3. Treatment asthenozoospermia

4. How to defeat this disease folk remedies

asthenozoospermiaIt is the most common disorder of sperm quality.In this disease in humans is significantly reduced sperm motility, which lose their speed and thus change the direction of its movement.According to medical statistics, asthenozoospermia - one of the main reasons why nearly 40% of men suffer from infertility.

causes of disease

This disease is asthenozoospermia, can be caused by a variety of reasons.Primarily, this disease may develop against genital infections or viruses which fall within the ejaculate, as well as inflammatory diseases and genital secretions prostate.

There are many factors which may cause asthenozoospermia.For example, genetic factors - a congenital mutation that leads to morphological defects of the head, neck and flagellum of the sperm, as they are the main structural elements that provide the movement of the

sperm.Toxic effects - it is smoking and alcohol consumption, especially when combined, these bad habits, use of drugs, poisoning by pesticides industry.The temperature factor when a person is exposed to high or low temperatures (frequent stay in the sauna or bath), and vice versa, when a long time stays in the cold.

asthenozoospermia important reason could be drugs, the effects of large doses of radiation, strong electromagnetic radiation.In rare cases, the cause can be asthenozoospermia prolonged sexual abstinence or a genetic abnormality in the development of sperm flagellar apparatus.asthenozoospermia The reasons may be many other factors that are not associated with the sexual sphere.

Degrees asthenozoospermia

According to the World Health Organization classification, the sperm are separated into 4 classes.

Class A - progressively actively moving sperm.When asthenozoospermia number of actively moving sperm that move in a straight direction, is less than 20%.

Class B - slightly progressively motile spermatozoa.In this disease the level of slow-moving sperm in the ejaculate is less than 30%.

Class C - non-progressive motile sperm that move for the most part along different trajectories.If asthenozoospermia number of moving sperm in place of 50%

Class D are sperm that are completely motionless, but because asthenozoospermia number of sperm in the ejaculate is 10%.

Depending on the quantitative content of certain of sperm in the ejaculate are three degrees asthenozoospermia.

1 degree asthenozoospermia is mild.It includes a number of motile sperm groups A and B, which is less than 50%.At this level of sperm fertilization potential is quite high, only need a small correction and elimination of the causes that causes "defect" quality of sperm.

2 degree asthenozoospermia considered moderate.The number of mobile sperm cells of groups A and B are less than 30-40%.When the extent required for a thorough examination in order to identify the development of the cause and eliminate it.

asthenozoospermia 3 degree - the degree is expressed, which includes active sperm groups A and B, is less than 30%, and the sperm of groups C and D. This form of pathology needs careful examination and debt recovery of spermatogenesis.

important to know that at any rate there is a possibility asthenozoospermia sperm fertilization of the egg.Availability asthenozoospermia can not become a major cause of infertility couples.


Treatment To begin treatment asthenozoospermia, you must determine the cause of the disease.In some cases, the treatment is enough to give up bad habits, frequent trips to the sauna, you can change the place of work for more favorable in the case, if there is exposure to high levels of radiation and heavy metals.

asthenozoospermia To identify and begin treatment, you need to do laboratory tests of semen.The attending physician on the basis of test results establish the extent of disease, prescribe treatment, as well as the necessary lifestyle changes.The concentration of active sperm, the possibility of fertilization and semen quality depends on the power of man, his psychological state and physical activity.

Generally the disease is asymptomatic.When treating asthenozoospermia apply medicated preparations in which the correction is carried diseases.If the disease is determined on the basis of genetic mutations morphology (structure) of sperm, then an unfavorable result.In such a case can be applied for successful IVF fertilization.

asthenozoospermia complex treatment for each patient is chosen individually.In most cases, treatment consists of physiotherapy (laser, ozone, and other forms of micro-current therapy).It is also prescribed for the treatment of prostate massage asthenozoospermia and seminal vesicles.Another prescribed vitamins and minerals, and hormones.In severe cases, when due asthenozoospermia can begin development of a varicocele (varicose veins in the spermatic cord), doctors resort to surgical intervention.

How to defeat this disease folk remedies

asthenozoospermia folk remedies Treatment should start with a change of lifestyle.And give up all bad habits, such as smoking, drinking and even more drugs.It is important to follow the diet: it must be balanced and in the daily diet should include fruits and vegetables as they are rich in vitamin C, folic acid and zinc.You must make your lifestyle more active and mobile.As for the sex life, the main thing here is to normalize it by making more regular.

For the treatment of the disease is recommended to use decoctions of psyllium, sage.You can also take dietary supplements with a high content of lycopene.However, it is important to remember that treatment asthenozoospermia folk remedies should be started only after a call to the doctor and determine the exact cause of the disease, or a disease can only worsen.


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