The symptoms of ascariasis in children and adults , the treatment of ascariasis


1. Development ascariasis in

2. human body, causes of disease

3. ascaridosis symptoms at different stages of

4. Path detection ascaridosis

5. Treatment of ascariasis

6. Treatment of ascariasis in children

7. Treatment of ascariasis at adults

8. Warning ascaridosis

That term is called one of the most common parasitic infections in the humanEarth.Cases of infection of ascariasis observed everywhere, except for countries with extremely dry weather conditions.The source of the disease is of Ascaris roundworms that parasitize only in the human body.Infection ascariasis is possible only in case of contact with the human body with eggs already fully developed larva.

Development ascariasis in humans

Just a few hours after the adaptation of the mature eggs and the larvae emerge, penetrating through the intestinal wall, enter the bloodstream.It is this direction and carries them in a chaotic manner on the "destinations", namely the lungs, liver, stomach and inte

stines.Then they scattered into the bronchi, trachea and throat.The process of destruction of the body ascaridiasis completed in about two weeks after infection.The development of larvae to adults, are able to reproduce, individuals, occurs in the small intestine and takes 2-3 months, with the total existence for 1 year.Therefore, it is necessary to be engaged in treatment at the first signs of the disease.


disease is worth noting that infected ascaridiasis very easy enough to use in the food sufficiently treated water, fruit, vegetables or berries.Ascariasis in children manifests itself much more often than adults, due to their persistent non-compliance or ignorance of the elementary rules of hygiene.

ascaridosis symptoms at different stages of

After entering the body, and the adaptation period, beginning to show the first signs of the disease.Basically, they serve as a jump in body temperature in the range of one degree and sudden onset of pain in the abdomen.Also, symptoms of ascariasis at an early stage (about 2-3 weeks) may be a wet or dry cough.

In a neglected disease can change the skin color to pale or jaundiced.Patients undergo bouts of vomiting, nausea, lack of craving for food and excessive salivation.The symptoms of ascariasis are the frequent bowel movements, which sometimes found themselves worms, and chronic constipation.Ascariasis children accompanied by frequent colds diseases, various infections, and the weakening of the protective functions of the organism as a whole.It is a clear indication considered gnashing of teeth during sleep.Deteriorating food assimilation process, there is a deficiency of vitamins A and C. Children ascariasis reduce the amount needed by the body of substances that have a huge impact on the full development of all organs and systems.

Path detection ascaridosis

Confirmation of the diagnosis is possible in the case of necessary clinical and epidemiological studies.Such ascaridosis symptoms as fever and coughing, as well as activities related to the work on the ground, are quite powerful argument when approving suspicion.The decisive factor will be the same finding in the analysis of fecal traces of larvae, worms or fragments themselves individuals.Ascariasis children will be able to notice and the parents, if not disdain to explore their stool.

Treatment of ascariasis

Taking into account the results of all tests, and taking into account the available ascariasis symptoms, the doctor prescribes the appropriate treatment.The process of expulsion from the body of worms of this type include the regular use of modern antihistamine medicines.ascariasis treatment is accompanied by taking iron supplements and multivitamins.It is also recommended to follow a diet containing increased amounts of protein.A very effective traditional methods of treatment are the use of non-fried pumpkin seeds, carrot juice and liqueur Chinese carnation.

Treatment of ascariasis in children

Given this delicate age of the patients, doctors try to avoid the use of aggressive and heavy drugs.After all, many of them are capable of provoking serious side effects that are extremely dangerous for young organism.Treatment of ascariasis in children by conventional methods, followed by complications such as the:

  • poisoning the whole body;
  • nausea and vomiting;
  • disorder and pain in the abdomen;
  • allergies;
  • impaired psycho-emotional state, etc.

ascaridosis Delays in treatment lead to such a problem, as the non-perception of the body of residual substances and larvae of life of adults.Also comes mechanical damage to internal organs, which is extremely dangerous to the general weakening of the body.The lack of an integrated treatment can lead to intestinal obstruction.

ascariasis treatment in adults

mature organism's ability to carry heavy loads over allows Piperazine adipate, levamisole, pyrantel, Kombantri and other performance-enhancing drugs.Also, treatment of ascariasis in adults occurs through the introduction of a gastric probe in 1500 milliliters of oxygen.If there is an initial stage of the disease, it is highly advisable to take allergy medications.such a method of treatment to avoid the negative consequences of taking drugs.All the measures taken should be agreed with your doctor and not self-medicate.That he will paint a course of medications and sparing diet.Quite often in the treatment of ascariasis appoint protivonematodoznye Vermoxum and thiabendazole.A prerequisite of successful getting rid of the worms is to regularly visit your doctor and comply with all the recommendations.In the treatment of children should not be used "adult" products, hoping for a speedy recovery.

Warning ascaridosis

strictly necessary in the absence of feces of humans and animals in backyards and local games.To avoid ascariasis in children, try as early as possible to teach them to clean hands and consumable products.Remember that the uncontrolled flow of infection is fraught with serious consequences.For example, if untreated, ascariasis, a decrease in the protective function of some grafts, occlusion of intestinal cavities and irregularities in the digestive system.Quite often accompanied by dysbiosis ascariasis, peritonitis, and jaundice.It also poses a serious hazard to the fetus during pregnancy.ascaridosis Treatment should be comprehensive and relevant characteristics of the affected organism.An important nuance, giving confidence in the complete purification of the body of worms, is a control test for worms.That it will show how effective were the measures taken in the treatment of ascariasis at adults, and whether a second course is required.If and after the last remaining symptoms such as allergies and ascariasis poisoning of the body, you should resort to receive saline laxatives.Also, do not fail to use a cleansing enema.Treatment of ascariasis in children may be carried out by receiving homeopathy and other dietary supplements.It encouraged by the fact that the variety of drugs that contribute to the treatment of adult ascariasis, enables selection on the capabilities and preferences.


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