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Hypotension is blood pressure decrease, whichIt depends on the normal circulation of the blood, therefore, the timely supply of nutrients the human body each.When blood pressure is reduced to 100/60 mm.Hg.Art., talking about hypotension (hypotension).

Blood pressure

human pressure determines its general condition.When blood pressure is reduced, the brain is experiencing oxygen starvation.The human brain, and blood pressure are linked.If hypotension disturbed blood circulation, adequate nutrition cells.Another important factor is the lack of utilization of metabolic products.The cells are supplied, to process it with the help of oxygen and products of metabolism are delayed.They also cause symptoms of intoxication under reduced pressure.The brain regulates blood pressure of a person.Baroreceptors perceive the level of blood pressure, and include mechanisms of adaptation.The human nervous s

ystem signals hormone, and that, in turn, releases adrenaline, which constricts blood vessels.

Normal blood pressure is provided by tone-resistant vessels - arterioles average diameter.With the lack of blood pressure regulation, developing a form of central arterial hypotension.This is what happens when a neurotic state where the stressor acts continuously, and compensatory mechanisms are exhausted.

Another cause of hypotension can be a direct loss of blood pressure regulation center.It's a brain tumor.And not necessarily malignant.Suffice ordinary compression of baroreceptors, so that they no longer respond to changes in blood pressure.

In some diseases, including infectious diseases, produce toxins that "clog" baroreceptors, so the blood vessels cease to respond to the action of adrenaline.

Hypotension is divided into the following types:

  • Alternatively, blood pressure standards, in relation to this person.Blood pressure may be low, but it does not affect his ability to work.Do grandparents, mom and dad were exactly the same blood pressure, and no health problems!
  • compensatory form of hypotension in athletes.During training and competitions blood pressure surpasses all possible limits, but in a state of rest, the human pressure is reduced.
  • Familiar, the geographical shape of the arterial hypotension seen in residents of mountainous areas, in hot or cold climates.Under the conditions of low atmospheric pressure, oxygen in the ambient air is small.Therefore, blood pressure of people below.Blood moves slower to catch oxygenate every organ.
  • acute form of hypotension, collapse.Instantly reduces blood pressure due to heart failure or brain injury.It may be caused by poisoning.In particular, drugs that reduce human pressure.
  • Chronic hypotension develops due to failure of the autonomic nervous system.This form of hypotension may be primary and secondary.

symptoms of hypotension

All symptoms of hypotension conventionally divided into primary and secondary.This depends on the person causes low blood pressure.

primary or general symptoms of hypotension are characteristic of any form of hypotension.

  • general weakness and reducing disability.
  • Dizziness due to lack of oxygen.
  • nausea, drowsiness and headache are caused by the accumulation of the products of cellular metabolism.

Secondary or individual symptoms of hypertension are associated with the main reason that caused the decrease in blood pressure.

  • Loss of consciousness due to cerebral hypoxia.
  • Fainting after a change in body position from horizontal to vertical - orthostatic collapse.Blood pressure is redistributed sharply due to the outflow of blood from the brain to the legs.
  • phenomena of intoxication, until the onset of coma, occur in cases of poisoning.Including, pale toadstool.
  • Lowering blood pressure in bleeding leading to hemorrhagic shock.
  • sharp decline in blood pressure caused by allergic factor appears anaphylactic shock with unconsciousness, cessation of breathing due to laryngeal edema.
  • symptoms of arterial hypotension with endocrine disorders aggravated by the passage of a general disease.In myxedema or heart failure is increasing edema, which does not contribute to the normal circulation of the blood.

Treatment of arterial hypotension

Treatment of arterial hypotension is more effective if you can determine the cause of lowering blood pressure.

In severe cases, fall in blood pressure produced antishock treatment aimed at restoring blood volume, or the removal of toxins, reduce blood pressure a person.Produce a blood transfusion or intravenous transfusion disinfecting solutions.In cases of poisoning produce gastric lavage and administration of specific antidotes.If hypotension is caused by brain tumors, surgery is performed.In this case, only a method of treatment of arterial hypotension is able to return a person to a normal life.

When chronic arterial hypotension, treatment is aimed at the normalization of the overall tone of the person, in this case the pressure is increased by a moderate physical activity, medication and folk remedies.

  • Hardening promotes training of the cardiovascular system, strengthens the walls of the arteries.
  • Proper nutrition, exclusive overeating contributes to sufficient supply of oxygen to the brain.
  • Massage causes blood flow to certain parts of the body, thereby, the overall blood pressure rises because there is need to improve the human blood pressure.
  • tincture of Eleutherococcus, ginseng, lemongrass and hawthorn have a general tonic effect.These drugs are mood stabilizer, that is, they do not raise blood pressure above normal.They are completely harmless and shows even pregnant.

no circumstances should people suffering from hypotension, it is not recommended to abuse coffee.Caffeine - it's not the drug that helps treat hypotension.Quite the contrary.After a sharp narrowing of the blood vessels occurs them sustained expansion.This "dance of the vessels' leads to thinning of the walls of the arterioles.Similarly, the action has nicotine, so you should stop smoking.


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