Causes, symptoms , treatment of ovarian apoplexy


1. development mechanism and causes of ovarian apoplexy

2. symptoms

3. Diagnosis and treatment of ovarian apoplexy

apoplexy of the ovary - is the tissue gapovary, which is accompanied by the flow of blood in the abdominal region and acute pain.The disease is common in women 25-40 years old.

apoplexy ovary requires immediate hospitalization and treatment.Bleeding, penetrating into the abdominal cavity is very dangerous and can lead to death.

development mechanism and causes of ovarian apoplexy

in the ovaries of women of reproductive age are growing follicles, which mature egg.Since the beginning of each menstrual cycle begins the growth of the dominant follicle.Its maximum size, it reaches the middle of the menstrual cycle.After that, the shell of the dominant follicle ruptures, it comes from the egg.There is the process of ovulation.formed corpus luteum In place of the dominant follicle.When pathological changes of ovarian tissue disorders occur ovulation and formation

of the corpus luteum.As a result of poor blood vessel contraction, intraabdominal bleeding increases, hemorrhage in the corpus luteum is formed.The woman develops ovarian apoplexy.

main cause of ovarian apoplexy is a vascular pathology.The disease is associated with the violation of the integrity of the blood vessels that nourish the ovary.Pathological disturbances in the blood vessels of the ovary tissue occur as a result of infections or inflammatory processes.Factors that provoke the development of disease is thrombosis, varicose veins, increasing the load on the blood vessels in some periods of the menstrual cycle.

In addition, the cause of apoplexy of the ovary may be diseases that are associated with bleeding disorders.Additional risk for the disease exists when receiving anticoagulation drugs for a long time.

There are some hormonal disorders, resulting in ovarian tissue filled with blood.

Causes of ovarian apoplexy sometimes there are factors that cause increased muscle tension the lower portion of the peritoneum, for example, excessive exercise, too rapid a sexual act.Although in some cases, spontaneous rupture of ovarian tissue occurs at rest.


Symptoms of ovarian apoplexy depend on the form of the disease.Conventionally, there are three forms of the following.

1.Apopleksiya pain is characterized by severe pain that accompanies nausea.Through such practices this form of the disease is often mistaken for appendicitis.

2.Apopleksiya hemorrhagic.Symptoms of this form of the disease indicate internal bleeding.The patient becomes pale, feel weakness, dizziness, sometimes fainting.

3.Apopleksiya mixed.It combines features of the two previous forms of the disease.

main symptom of ovarian apoplexy painful form - severe pain that occurs in the lower abdomen.At the same time there is pain from ovarian rupture.It arises as a result of stimulation of the receptor fields of ovarian tissue and the effects of blood streamed on the peritoneum.In addition, pain is amplified by the ovarian artery spasm.

When symptoms of ovarian apoplexy associated with internal bleeding, the patient nausea, vomiting, weakness, dizziness.The woman may cause shortness of breath, fainting.Leather patient becomes pale, cold to the touch.Pain is usually also present, but not such a high intensity, both in the form of a painful disease.The woman drops the blood pressure, body temperature can rise to 38? C, appears dry mouth, quickens the pulse.

Diagnosis and treatment of ovarian apoplexy

Diagnosis of the disease begins with abdominal palpation.The doctor determines the stress and pain of the anterior abdominal wall.

very important to make a differential diagnosis with ovarian apoplexy attack of appendicitis because of the very similar symptoms.For this purpose there is a special sign of Promptov.When rectal examination in the case of apoplexy in a patient with acute pain appears when you try to move the uterus.At the same time there is no pain in the study of the bottom of the utero-rectal cavity.

Gynecological examination makes it possible to verify the absence of pregnancy, to identify strong tenderness of the uterus on the side of the patient's ovary.

Diagnosing ovarian apoplexy includes ultrasound pelvic peritoneal cavity puncture through the posterior vaginal fornix.

most accurate method in the diagnosis of this disease is the method of laparoscopy.

Conservative treatment of ovarian apoplexy is possible only in mild cases of the disease in the absence of signs of internal bleeding.Treatment in this case involves the use of hemostatic drugs, vitamins, antispasmodics, belladonna suppositories, cold on the abdomen.After calming down of the acute symptoms of the patient is prescribed diathermy (thermal effect of high frequency current), Bernard currents (diadynamic currents), electrophoresis with calcium chloride.But if it shows signs of bleeding patients underwent immediate surgery.

Surgical treatment of ovarian apoplexy carried out in most cases of the disease.Most often it is to carry out a laparoscopy, much less - in laparotomy.Contraindications to surgery can be severe stage of hemorrhagic shock (acute and massive blood loss).

During surgery, the surgeon tries to preserve ovarian tissue.It is important for the prevention of adhesions during surgery to remove clots and thoroughly wash the abdominal cavity.

postoperative therapy aims to restore hormonal processes, preventing the formation of adhesions.During this period the effective use of physical therapy - magnetic therapy, laser therapy, ultrasound, electrical stimulation of the fallopian tubes, electrophoresis Lydasum, zinc.

consequences of apoplexy ovary depend on its shape.Pain form of the disease has a favorable prognosis for life.This is due to the reversibility of circulatory disorders in the ovary, hormonal and central nervous system.Effects of ovarian apoplexy hemorrhagic form depends on timely remedial measures.Such patients prescribed a comprehensive medical therapy, which in most cases turns out to be quite effective.

consequences of apoplexy of the ovary are lethal only when irreversible hemorrhagic shock, which develops in massive blood loss.


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