Arnold Chiari Anomaly - symptoms, treatment , surgery


1. main symptoms of Arnold Chiari anomaly

2. Complications and consequences of the disease

3. Treatment of anomalies Arnold Chiari

anomaly Arnold Chiari- a violation of brain development, in which part of the skull that contains the cerebellum, deformed or too little.This leads to compression of the brain and serious consequences.Tonsils, or the lowest part of the cerebellum, are shifted to the upper part of the spinal canal.If the indentation of the cerebellum into the spinal canal is a violation of the normal outflow of CSF, the function of which is to protect the spinal cord and brain.This prevents the normal circulation of CSF blockade provokes signals or accumulation of cerebrospinal fluid in the spinal cord and brain.

anomaly Arnold Chiari often discovered by chance during the implementation of the diagnostic procedures for suspected some other disease.The incidence is between three to eight people per hundred thousand population.As for the causes of this disease, th

ey are at the present time is still not fully established.Treatment of this disease is surgery.Medications are used only in the early stages of the disease (to eliminate some of the symptoms).

main symptoms anomalies Arnold Chiari

In the presence of this disease, as a rule, there are some of the following clinical manifestations:

  • hiss, whistle, hum, noise, ringing in the ears (one or both), which are typically reinforcedwhile the head turns.
  • can also be observed nystagmus (involuntary jerking of the eyeballs).
  • next symptom anomalies Arnold Chiari - sensitive enough Morning headache, which provokes an increased tone of the neck muscles, or increased intracranial pressure.
  • dizziness and unsteadiness, worse turning the head.

more difficult for Arnold Chiari syndrome is characterized by the following symptoms:

  • Tremor of hands and feet, disorders of motor coordination.
  • Visual disturbances (coming blindness, double vision, and so on.), Which are mostly amplified when turning head.
  • In addition, patients may experience muscle weakness of extremities, parts of the face and body.
  • Another common symptom of anomalies Arnold Chiari in the later stages is involuntary or difficult urination.
  • Reduced sensitivity of one or more limbs, torso and face.
  • heads turn can cause loss of consciousness.
  • state may also occur which lead to infarction of the brain or spinal cord.

Complications and consequences of the disease

Hydrocephalus.The excess fluid that accumulates in the brain, requires the placement of a flexible tube (shunt) to drain the spinal fluid in some other part of the body.

paralysis.Usually paralysis occur while squeezing the spinal cord.They may persist even after the surgery.

Syringomyelia.At times, patients who suffer from Arnold Chiari anomaly develops a pathological process in which there is abnormal spinal cavity or cyst.After the formation of this cavity quickly fills with fluid, which leads to violations of the spinal cord function.

Treatment of anomalies Arnold Chiari

Treatment of the disease depends on the severity and the patient's condition.If the symptoms are not severe, doctors as a treatment for Arnold Chiari anomaly prescribed monitoring with regular inspections.The primary clinical signs (eg, severe headache) are eliminated with the help of painkillers.Sometimes people with this disease brings significant relief from anti-inflammatory agents.Acceptance of these drugs can delay or even prevent surgical intervention.

most effective and most common method of treatment is surgery.The main goal of surgery for anomaly Arnold Chiari is to stabilize symptoms and stop progression of pathological changes in the structure of the brain and spine.A positive result of a successful outcome of surgery - a reduction of cerebellar and spinal pressure, restoration of normal outflow of cerebrospinal fluid.

most common operation for anomalies Arnold Chiari is kranioektomiya or decompression of the posterior fossa.When such operations are removed small pieces of bone (from the back of the skull), thereby reducing the pressure due to provide more space for the brain.This surgery takes one to two hours.With regard to the recovery period, it generally does not exceed weeks.


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