Joint Ankylosis - classification , symptoms, treatment


1. reasons

2. Classification ankylosis

3. Symptoms ankylosis

4. Diagnostics

5. Treatment of ankylosis

6. Prevention of ankylosis and contractures

ankylosis - a disease which is a full joint immobility.It occurs when lesions occur in the joint.The impetus for the development of this disease usually becomes an injury, arthritis or arthritis.In this case the affected joint becomes bad first movable and then completely loses mobility.

Causes There are several causes of ankylosis and contractures.This inflammation of the joints (arthrosis and arthritis), severe intra-articular fractures, occurred due to the destruction of the articular surface, and open joint injury with the development of purulent process, which lead to the degeneration of the cartilage covering the articular surface.By joint ankylosis can result in a prolonged stay in a cast.In addition, ankylosis and contractures often manifest themselves as complications in the treatment of diseases associated

with surgical infection (purulent lesions).

Classification ankylosis Ankylosis

joint is bone and fibrous.When fibrous ankylosis of the joints persists barely noticeable mobility, and at the bone - the movement is completely absent.When bone ankylosis bone ends connected to each other at a smaller or larger over the bone tissue and for fibrous - between the articular ends of bones appear layer of fibrous tissue, which may contain residues of cartilage or synovium.

Distinguish complete ankylosis of the joints where movement is completely absent and can not be restored, and incomplete, in which the mobility of the joint is partially preserved and it can be increased.

By location classified as intra-articular ankylosis, articular and capsular.

Symptoms ankylosis

Typically, ankylosis and contractures have the same symptoms.Contractures called limit joint mobility, which was caused by the shortening of the articular or extra-articular tissues.

main feature of ankylosis and contractures - problems with joint mobility.Other symptoms of the disease depend on the position in which there was a fixation of the limb.For example, if a knee joint ankylosis fixed leg in a bent position or at an angle, normal walking in this case is nearly impossible.If the fixation occurred rectified or slightly flexed position, the patient will be able to safely walk and perform his usual activities.

main feature in fibrous ankylosis becomes a pain in the joint, with the possibility of oscillating movement.When bone ankylosis is neither movement nor pain.

Diagnostics If there is a suspicion of ankylosis and contractures, needed as soon as possible to go to the reception to the surgeon or traumatologist.The specialist will ask the patient in detail about the existing problems, analyze his medical history and determine how the affected joint is moved.After the consultation the doctor will send the patient to the examination: X-rays of the affected joint, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) or computed tomography (CT).

Treatment of ankylosis

joint ankylosis Treatment can be conservative and surgical.The method of treatment is determined depending on the type of disease, and research.In either case, the treatment of inflammatory processes in the joints must be complex, and it should be carried out promptly.

purpose of conservative treatment of ankylosis - complete restoration of joint mobility, improving its supply, elimination of pain at movement and increase muscle tone.To do this, appoint gymnastics aimed at the rhythmic tension limb in a cast, manual therapy (articular or muscular technique), therapeutic massage and medication nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, analgesics and hormones (introduced into the cavity of the damaged joint).

Also in the complex treatment of ankylosis using physiotherapy techniques such as electrophoresis, SMT and UHF.They help to cope with swelling, inflammation, soreness in joints and to restore his mobility.

Fibrous joint ankylosis can cure development Oscillation limbs (with anesthesia).With this disease, surgical treatment of ankylosis - arthroplasty, in which the disconnect articular ends of bones, create new joint surfaces and disposed between the plastic of the tissue lining.An uncomfortable position when the limb ankylosis can eliminate osteotomy (straightening of the limbs).In the most difficult cases, perform a complete joint replacement (arthroplasty).

Prevention of ankylosis and contractures

To prevent the development of contractures and joint ankylosis, you need as soon as possible to take care of the sick joint: start of his comprehensive treatment and treatment of intra-articular fractures, which includes drug therapy (external and internal) and LFK, aimed atthe development of joint and muscle in contact with him.

To prevent functionally unfavorable ankylosis need proper immobilization of the affected limb trauma.


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