Types of retinal angiopathy eye treatments


1. Types retinal angiopathy eyes

2. Symptoms and Diagnosis

3. Treatment angiopathy

Disturbed inflow and outflow of blood, changes in blood vessels andcapillaries in the retina caused by the malfunction of the nervous regulation called angiopathy.The disease most often develops on the background of vascular lesions all over the body.Angiopathy can cause retinal dystrophy and myopia, and cause blurred vision.

Types retinal angiopathy

Doctors distinguish four types of angiopathy:

1. Hypertensive angiopathy, which is a consequence of hypertension.In this case, the patient in the fundus observed petechial hemorrhages, uneven contraction or dilation of the arteries, venous branching.In the advanced stage hypertensive angiopathy risk of irreversible modifications of the retinal tissue.

2. Diabetic angiopathy eye that occurs in the absence of timely treatment of diabetes, is divided into two subspecies:

  • microangiopathy - a thinning of the walls of capillaries, provoking bl
    eeding in the tissue and impaired blood circulation in the eyeball;
  • macroangiopathy - defeat the larger vessels of the eye, including the basement membrane thickening and clogging.This type of diabetic angiopathy, if untreated, leads to a lack of oxygen in the tissues.In the most advanced cases of multiple hemorrhages lead to a significant reduction in vision.

3. Hypotonic angiopathy of the retina - throbbing veins and a significant expansion of the arteries when blood vessels become very tortuous appearance.

4. Traumatic angiopathy occurs as a result of head injuries, whiplash, or due to a sharp compression of the thorax.This is due to a violation of the vessels in the cervical region.

Symptoms and Diagnosis

main symptoms of retinal angiopathy:

  • alleviation or complete loss of vision;
  • appearance of "spots", "points", "flies" in scope;
  • frequent nosebleeds;
  • appearance of bruises on the skin;
  • internal bleeding.

Before treatment angiopathy ophthalmologist must diagnose, including:

  • fundus examination;
  • US vessels using the Doppler and duplex scanning studies that provide information about the flow rate and the state of the vascular walls;
  • Fundus graph to visualize the blood vessels of the retina;
  • angiography - X-rays with the introduction of a special substance, which helps to assess the patency of the vessel;
  • magnetic resonance imaging to study the structure of soft tissue;
  • computed tomography for Layered images and detect abnormalities.

Treatment angiopathy angiopathy

By treating physicians approach individually, taking into account the severity and nature of the disease.In addition to an ophthalmologist, angiopathy patients are advised to consult a physician and cardiologist.To improve the blood microcirculation in the eyeball doctor prescribes such drugs and drops as "Emoksipin", "Solkoserial", "Trental", "Mildronat", a variety of vitamins for the eyes.Treatment of diabetic angiopathy in addition to medication adherence include a low-carb diet.Such patients are recommended moderate exercise, improves the cardiovascular system and activating the burning of sugars in the muscles.Eliminating hypertensive angiopathy is carried out by normalizing blood pressure, after which the fundus becomes healthy.In the treatment of angiopathy often uses a number of methods of physical therapy: acupuncture, magnetic therapy and laser irradiation.


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