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Angiology - is a branch of medicine that specializes in the diagnosis and treatmentcardiovascular diseases, including diseases of the veins, arteries, lymphatic vessels.Subject studying


vascular system of the human body is made up of the heart, blood vessels, bone marrow, lymph vessels, lymph nodes and spleen.Depending on the functional and morphological characteristics, uniform vascular system of the human body is divided by the lymphatic and circulatory systems.

For a good human being, the normal functioning of all its organs, it is necessary that its vascular system was in good shape.This is achieved by means of permanent loads.In the absence of such loads develop angiologic diseases of the cardiovascular system, which considers Angiology.

Angiology examines the following diseases of the vascular system of the person:

  • atherosclerosis - a disease of the large blood vessels;
  • aneurysm - bulging of the wall of the arteries, heart or, more rarely, the veins;
  • anemia - a decrease in hemoglobin in the blood;
  • acute thrombosis - blood clots inside the blood vessels;
  • vein thrombosis;
  • lymphostasis - pathology of lymphatic drainage;
  • angiopathy - pathology tone of blood vessels;
  • different vascular injury;
  • varicose veins - the increase or veins;
  • embolism arteries or veins - blockage of the blood stream.


diagnosis Angiology in diagnosis of diseases of the cardiovascular system is based on clinical symptoms.It is implemented by means of hardware research.These studies provide an opportunity to professionally assess the stage of the disease, to establish the place of localization of the pathological process.

Sometimes the results of research angiologic doctor prescribes surgery.Most often, when it is removed conducting vascular thrombi.This helps prevent the development of a human heart attack (myocardial necrosis) or stroke (acute impairment of cerebral blood flow).

Angiology successfully developed and pediatric surgery.Newborns are sometimes encountered the following diseases of the cardiovascular system:

  • tumor vessels or angioma;
  • cysts vascular plexus;
  • hemangiomas - benign tumors of blood vessels.

In identifying the above angiologic diseases that pose a danger to the health or life of the child, carried out surgery.Typically, these steps do not represent a great difficulty and chances of complications are minimal.

Ultrasonic Angiology

Ultrasonic Angiology is a scan.This diagnostic method is widely used in modern medicine.It provides an opportunity to identify with great precision the localization of foci of pathological processes in the vessels, to determine the nature of the lesion, the condition of venous and arterial systems of the human body.

Ultrasonic Angiology allows you to make an objective assessment of the state of the arteries of the whole body.It helps to determine the thickness of the walls of blood vessels in a particular place, to see education in vascular walls, to evaluate the degree of impaired patency of certain vessels.This method of investigation is completely painless.At the same time it is extremely effective for the detection of disease and determine further treatment.

Many vascular lesions contribute to the formation of hemodynamic (blood flow through the vessels) disorders.Data breaches include local and systemic pathology of blood flow in the veins, arterial aneurysms, arterial deformation.All of these disorders can be detected by ultrasonic Angiology.


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