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Amnesia - a condition characterized by an inability to recalldistant and recent events.

Distinguish partial (patient is unable to recall specific events) and complete amnesia.Amnesia can also be temporary.At the same time gradually recovered memories in chronological order, starting with the long-term events.

In some cases, restore the memory so you can not.

symptoms of amnesia

In some cases, the amnesia is a symptom of an independent and sometimes can accompany other mental illnesses.Rolling global amnesia - a sudden, quite heavy and does not remain in the memory of an attack of mental confusion, accompanied by loss of orientation in time and space.The severity of symptoms of amnesia is the inability to know the people around them.Despite the existence of the possibility of recurrence of episodes of transient global amnesia, in some cases, this attack happens only once in life.Amnesia duratio

n is from 12 minutes to 3 hours.

Among the main symptoms of amnesia can be distinguished complete disorientation and loss of memory about events that happened in the last few years.After an attack of mental confusion, usually the patient's full recovery occurs quickly enough.

Wernicke-Korsakoff syndrome - an unusual form of amnesia, which is found in people with an unbalanced diet, as well as in alcoholics.In this case, manifested amnesia symptoms such as prolonged amnesia, as well as acute confusion (acute Wernicke's encephalopathy).This condition is caused by a violation of brain function, provoked by deficiency of thiamine (vitamin B1).Abuse of alcohol in low content of thiamine in the diet helps to reduce the level of this vitamin in the brain.

Among other symptoms of amnesia can be distinguished visual disturbances (double vision, paralysis of the eye muscles and nystagmus - trembling of the eyeball), unsteady gait, confusion and sleepiness.


There are organic causes amnesia (injuries, strokes, tumors, poisoning) and psychological causes amnesia (erase memories of psychological trauma).

brain injury can cause retrograde amnesia in the form in which it is impossible to recall events that occurred before the injury.brain diseases can cause anterograde amnesia in a form that is lost the ability to remember events after the onset of the disease.

seizure duration after the injury ranges from several minutes to several hours based on the severity of the damage.The symptoms disappear without treatment, but there is a risk that the memory and will not be restored.

brain receives information and retrieves it from memory through the work zones located in the occipital, parietal and temporal lobes.The limbic system is also directly involved in the ability to remember.Thus, any kind of brain damage can lead to memory loss as memory requires the participation of many interrelated functions.

cause of amnesia can be hypoxia.It promotes the periodic blockage of small arteries in the brain, which occurs as a result of atherosclerosis.Migraine attacks, in which for a while stops blood flow in the brain, can cause amnesia in passing global form in young people.Among other causes of amnesia can be identified abuse of alcohol and tranquilizers (benzodiazepines and barbiturates).

Children amnesia - a condition in which people lose the ability to remember events that happened to them in childhood.Cause amnesia in this case is corresponding to underdevelopment of the brain structures.

Diagnosis Clinical manifestations of the disease, as well as the history, are the basis for a diagnosis.In some cases a special tests to determine the memory functions.Also carried out a survey of relatives and friends of the patient.

electroencephalography, computed tomography, magnetic resonance imaging, biochemical and toxicological tests, and blood tests are used in the differential diagnosis, and help determine the cause of amnesia.

The diagnosis is attended by professionals such as a psychiatrist, neurologist and psychiatrist.In some cases, a consultation of a neurosurgeon and infectious diseases.

Treatment Treatment of amnesia

amnesia for injuries, poisonings or tumors is based on the treatment of the underlying disease.In the treatment of amnesia with Wernicke's encephalopathy is used intravenous thiamine.This procedure helps to restore brain function.Lack of proper treatment of Wernicke's encephalopathy may otherwise be fatal.For this reason, patients suffering from alcoholism and observed in itself unusual neurological syndromes, as well as confusion, should promptly seek professional medical help.

Amnesia Korsakov can exist as an additional disease in acute Wernicke's encephalopathy, or develop after the time of cardiac arrest, severe head trauma, or acute encephalitis.

Treatment of amnesia provoked by psychological factors, is the use of hypnosis, psychotherapy, and medications (sodium pentothal or amytal).


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