Causes, symptoms , types and methods of treatment of amenorrhea


1. Types and causes of the disease

2. Lactational amenorrhea and duration

3. Diagnosis and treatment of amenorrhea

amenorrhea - a violation of the reproductivesystem of women characterized by long-term (more than 6 months) the absence of menstruation.

Types and causes of the disease

There are true and false amenorrhea.Diagnosis cryptomenorrhea says that all the processes that are typical for the normal menstrual cycle, occurring in the body and the outside menses do not come out as a result of any mechanical constraints (for example, when a solid hymen) or congenital structural features of the female genitals.

True amenorrhea occurs in case of failure of hormonal cyclical changes typical of a normal menstrual cycle and includes:

1. Physiological amenorrhea - a natural state, which is observed:

  • before sexual maturation of girls (16 years)
  • during pregnancy
  • lactation - lactation amenorrhea
  • menopausal

2. Pathological: primary and secondary amenorrhea.

primary amenorrhea doctors diagnose the condition that women older than 16 years has not been a single menstruation.In this case, the causes of amenorrhea is most often hereditary disease (underdevelopment of the sexual glands, the ovaries in particular, gene mutations).Primary amenorrhea is very often seen in skinny girls with narrow hips and poor feeding.

But, nevertheless, even with well-developed sexual characteristics in 36% of cases there is absence of menstruation.The causes of amenorrhea are congenital malformations of the uterus and vagina.

In rare occasions Primary amenorrhea occurs after infectious diseases.Sometimes the cause of amenorrhea can not be seen.

secondary amenorrhea diagnosed with previously menstruating woman (women) over 16 years.If a woman has had at least one self-menstruation, and then for six months menstrual function is not renewed, the doctors say about secondary amenorrhea.

Secondary amenorrhea may be due to polycystic ovaries, premature menopause or unrelated to lactation hyperprolactinemia.But more often the cause of amenorrhea is a sharp weight loss and excessive exercise.Therefore, you should carefully choose a regular diet and do not get involved in exhausting for the body sports.

Often, primary and secondary amenorrhea provokes prolonged nervous stress, unstable emotional state and stress.

Lactational amenorrhea and duration

Lactational amenorrhea - a type of physiological amenorrhea.It comes immediately after delivery and provided breastfeeding continues for at least several months after them.The maximal term of lactation amenorrhea is difficult to say because it largely depends on the duration of lactation in some women up to three years or more.However, on average the lactating mother menses is resumed at the end of the first year of life or a baby in the beginning, the second one.

Why lactation amenorrhea occurs?The hormone prolactin is released during each breastfeeding, blocks the production of estrogen hormone responsible for the implementation of ovulation, so that ovulation does not occur.No ovulation - absent and menstruation takes place lactation amenorrhea.

Lactational amenorrhea method - available natural method of contraception.But it is important to know that the effectiveness of this method is 98% only on the condition that the age of your baby is less than 6 months, and the child does not use any other food other than breast milk, breast requests at least five or six times a day.Otherwise, it needs to be concerned about other contraceptive methods allowed nursing mother.

Lactational amenorrhoea - this is normal and does not require any medical intervention.Of course, if in addition to the lack of menstruation you are worried about the pain in the lower abdomen, itching, burning sensation in the genitals area, unnatural discharge or other symptoms, you should consult a doctor to rule out the possibility of gynecological and urological diseases.

Diagnosis and treatment of amenorrhea

To put the correct diagnosis and effective treatment regimens for patients amenorrhea doctor conducts a survey in which clarifies points that can cause amenorrhea, and also carries out a physical examination of the external genitalia of women.

The second step in the diagnosis of both secondary and primary amenorrhea - carrying out ultrasound, which aims - to identify malformations, anomalies of location or a complete absence of internal genital organs, as well as the size of the uterus, the follicular unit and the endometrium.

If there is evidence necessary to conduct additional tests to help you determine the permeability of the fallopian tubes (hysterosalpingography), inspect the uterus (hysteroscopy), brain MRI, diagnostic laparoscopy ovarian and other events.

required laboratory tests, in particular in primary amenorrhea, - a general analysis of blood and urine test with progestins (determination of estrogen deficiency), hormonal colpocytologic study.

Treatment of amenorrhea is aimed at the elimination of its causes.In many cases, after the cause of amenorrhea the menstrual cycle is adjusted independently.But if menstruation has not resumed, the body needs "help" in the form of hormones.

Hormone treatment of amenorrhea is performed in order to stimulate ovulation.It is chosen individually for each patient only after a thorough examination.The wrong hormonal agent can cause obesity and other negative consequences for the organism.

Hormonal treatment of primary and secondary amenorrhea is carried out:

  • drugs containing the hormone estrogen (estrogen)
  • drugs containing the hormone progesterone (progestin)
  • preparations containing gonadotropin-releasing hormones
  • combined (estrogen and progesterone) drugs
  • synthetic non-steroidal drugs

Hormone therapy is often accompanied by the homeopathic treatment of amenorrhea (Remens, Mastodinon).As adjunctive therapy is prescribed vitamin E, folic acid and B vitamins

If false amenorrhea, ie, when the disease is caused by mechanical obstacles, surgical treatment of amenorrhea (cut solid hymen or vaginal septum).

If primary or secondary amenorrhea called polycystic ovaries, before hormone treatment is performed laparoscopic surgery, which aims to remove the abnormal part of the ovary.

Patients with low body weight menstruation usually resumes after weight gain.If amenorrhea is caused by stress or excessive physical exertion, after the elimination of these factors, menstrual cycle, in most cases improving.


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