Amblyopia in Children and Adults - treatment methods


1. symptoms and the degree of amblyopia

2. development of the disease in children

3. amblyopia treatment in adults and children

Amblyopia - areversible decrease in functional vision, which is characterized in that the visual process involved in only one eye.Another eye little or not participating in the visual process.As the eyes see a completely different visual images, the brain is not able to combine them in a single volume.Thus, the work of one eye permanently suppressed.

Patients with amblyopia do not have binocular vision - the ability of the brain to compare images of both eyes at the same volume.This ability is necessary to determine the depth, the sequence location of objects in the visual field, the picture volume worldview integrity.

There are many causes of amblyopia development.But, most often, the disease develops as a result of strabismus.Also, the cause may be the cornea pathology, the bottom of the eye, nerve overvoltage, hysteria.Amblyopia is manifeste

d in certain diseases, such as Ben Tre syndrome, syndrome Kaufman.

symptoms and the degree of amblyopia

degrees of amblyopia varies depending on the level of alleviation in adults and children view:

  • first degree amblyopia - is very low, characterized by visual acuity of about 0.8-0.9;
  • second degree - weak, characterized by a visual acuity of about 0.5-0,7;
  • third degree amblyopia - medium, characterized by visual acuity of about 0.3-0.4;
  • fourth power - a strong, characterized by visual acuity of about 0.05-0.2;
  • fifth degree of amblyopia - very strong, characterized by visual acuity below 0.05.

symptoms may not appear When the low degree of illness.With further development of amblyopia visual impairment can vary from small to alleviate the impossibility of visual fixation and complete loss of vision.

Often patients complain of eye fatigue, headache when performing painstaking work that requires eyestrain.

sudden, sharp deterioration of vision is characterized by hysterical amblyopia in adults.It develops when the nerve strong, emotional upheavals and may persist for several hours to several weeks or even months.

Development in

children the disease is most common in children amblyopia.A common cause of its development is the difference in size of the eyeball or the absence of light proceeds to the retina of the eye.Such a condition may occur when the complex changes in the vitreous humor, a cataract cornea, cataract.

In addition, the cause of amblyopia in children can be a high degree of farsightedness or astigmatism in one eye.In this case, the brain has a clear image from one eye and blurred from the other.As a result, the brain uses the information from the first eye, and blurred ignores the signal from the second eye.

Very often the cause of amblyopia in children is becoming a squint.Although the disease can appear absolutely no apparent reason.

development of the disease in children can cause their clumsiness, carelessness.This is due to the fact that for amblyopia in children disturbed coordination of movements, orientation in unfamiliar places.In addition, a sick child can tilt or turn your head when looking at the object of interest to him.

child does not know In congenital amblyopia, which can be seen in a different way.Therefore, he does not complain of vision.The same thing happens at long untreated disease.Therefore, it is important to identify the pathology of view at an early stage and early treatment.

amblyopia treatment in adults and children

main goal of treatment of amblyopia in children and adults - to get sick eye to function well as healthy.There are various methods of treatment of this disease.

occlusion method is used often.With this method, the treatment of a healthy eye is completely shut down of the visual process.Do it with the help of glasses or special bandages.This method makes the patient more active eye function and helps to restore vision.occlusion method is most often used in the treatment of amblyopia in children.

The treatment of this disease apply special drops that are instilled in the eye to stimulate the visual process.

effectively used in the treatment of amblyopia physiotherapy techniques.These include vacuum massage, electrostimulation "lazy" eye, effects on ultrasound and laser eyes.

are increasingly used in the treatment of disease video-computer method of anger management.When using special video signals stimulate the activity of neurons in the cortex area of ​​the brain responsible for visual perception.

Surgery used in the treatment of amblyopia in the case when the disease is accompanied by corneal opacity or cataract.Also, surgery is carried out at certain types of strabismus.

complete deliverance from amblyopia is only possible in childhood.It is best to begin to treat the disease before the child reaches six years of age.No treatment of the disease can lead to irreversible blindness.

Spontaneous recovery is possible only in the case of hysterical amblyopia in adults.At the same time the patient is prescribed sedatives and conducting psychotherapy courses.


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