Allergies in pregnancy - symptoms, treatment


1. Allergies: Causes, stages of development and clinical manifestations of the disease

2. Influence of allergy during pregnancy

3. Allergy Treatment during pregnancy

As the global medical statistics, the frequency of allergic diseases on our planet is rapidly increasing and in some of the most environmentally disadvantaged areas of various allergic manifestations affects more than half of the population.Contact and atopic dermatitis, bronchial asthma, allergic rhinitis, sinusitis, hay fever, drug and food allergies - it is just a small list of known pathology that affects 35% of the world population.

Every person suffering from allergic disease, knows perfectly well how dangerous it can be, and what complications may result.And quite naturally, allergy is hardly a factor positively influencing the course of pregnancy.Many women who are prone to allergic reactions, are afraid to plan pregnancy and try to postpone the birth of a child for an indefinite period, rightly fearing

for the future health of your baby.After all, the disease involves almost constant medication, and allergy treatment during pregnancy is extremely difficult, in fact almost every medication has a negative impact on the embryo.

Allergies: Causes, stages of development and clinical manifestations

disease for the first time the term "allergy" used the Viennese pediatrician Clemens von Pirke, who noted that some of the symptoms of patients, he observed, were summoned from the surrounding certain substances environment, for example, certain types offood, pollen or dust.

So allergy - it is nothing like an overreaction of the human immune system to any external stimulus, in direct contact with him, at the same time, as the allergen can act anything - mold, house dust, food, woolanimals, cosmetics, pollen, and even the sun's rays or cold.

allergies Nature has not been studied and is not clear, it can occur suddenly and so unexpectedly pass.One thing is certain, a predisposition to allergies is inherited, and if at least one of the parents suffers from this disorder, it is likely that the child will be exposed to the disease.

allergy develops gradually and with each successive stage of the disease the body's reaction to the allergen becomes more pronounced.Seasonal allergies during pregnancy appears to a specific allergen (pollen, shrubs, trees, flowers, weeds, and grasses, fungi) are strictly during their flowering.

Most often, chronic allergic reaction or seasonal allergies during pregnancy appears watery eyes, runny nose, hives, shortness of breath, dry cough, headache, edema, and various kinds of rashes.Although the tendency to allergies and is predetermined genetically, during pregnancy, it can develop even among women who are about her before only heard.

course, a combination of pregnancy and allergies are not the best thing that can happen, but the good news is the fact that during pregnancy women cortisol hormone significantly increased, which has excellent anti-allergic activity.Therefore allergy in pregnant women is much rarer and occurs in a much milder form.During gestation baby even such serious conditions like hay fever or asthma may not manifest itself in any way, and take the tablets from allergies during pregnancy will not be necessary.

Influence of allergy during pregnancy

itself allergies, does not threaten to happiness in any way the developing fetus as adequately react to the allergen-specific immune complexes can not penetrate through the placenta.However, allergic reactions deplete a woman's body, which indirectly affects the child's health.For example, anti-allergy pills during pregnancy can cause a decrease in placental-uterine blood flow, which provides the ability to live a normal fetus.

Women who suffer from hay fever for years, noticed that seasonal allergies during pregnancy and the first year after birth, almost does not manifest itself, or is transferred much easier.

Allergy Treatment during pregnancy

If there is a predisposition to allergic reactions, that before planning a pregnancy, you should go for consultation to the allergist.The specialist will assign a complex immunological and allergy tests.The most common diagnostic methods are: conducting skin tests, the study of specific IgE antibodies, an elimination and provocation tests, as well as heat and cold tests.Knowing exactly what substances directly cause violent allergic reactions of the body, you can protect yourself from their influence.

Tablets from allergies during pregnancy should be taken with great caution and only when absolutely necessary.Receiving drugs, treatment and necessary dosage appoint a specialist.No modern antiallergic drug does not guarantee complete security for the unborn child.But if the question of the use of drugs is still worth, should clearly assess the potential benefits of the drug and possible harm to the fetus.In either case, the treatment of allergies during pregnancy is carried out only under strict control professionals.

In addition, it is also important to constantly monitor the effectiveness of the drug.The dose should be minimal, and the course of treatment as short as possible.As a rule, medical treatment is given only in the case of an allergic reaction to a serious threat to the expectant mother's health development of serious complications.Selected antihistamines should be present at the pharmacological market for a long time and have a good recommendation.It is better not to experiment with the reception of newly emerging drugs.

In addition, you should observe a special hypoallergenic diet and exclude from your diet all foods that can trigger a strong reaction of the immune system.The menu should be a minimum of sharp, salty, pickled pepper, and dishes.Excluded are chicken eggs, a variety of nuts, bee products, black and red caviar, citrus, strawberry, chocolate and milk.Following the proper diet can significantly reduce the chance of allergic reactions during pregnancy.


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