Alcoholism - Symptoms , Treatment and Prevention


1. The disease

2. Beer alcoholism

3. Female alcoholism

Alcoholism - a disease that manifests itself in the systematic abuse of alcoholic beverages and is accompaniedmental addiction to alcohol, neurological and somatic disorders, personality degradation.


Flow In the first step the patient alkolizmom an increase in dosage and frequency of administration of alcoholic beverages.At this stage there is a syndrome of altered reactivity in which case changes alcohol tolerance.After uptake of large doses of alcohol the patient is observed manifestations of defensive reactions in the form of vomiting, is characterized by loss of memory.Being sober, a person experiences psychological discomfort, a sharp uplift mood observed before alcohol intake.Depending on various circumstances, the first stage can last from 1 to 5 years.

At the first stage, the alcoholic patients had changes in the liver, there is alcoholic fatty degeneration, which clinically manifested in the form of

bloating, feeling of fullness, diarrhea.A patient experiencing complications of the pancreas in the form of acute or chronic pancreatitis.Diseases accompanied by abdominal pain, loss of appetite, flatulence, nausea, unstable chair.Alcohol abuse leads to the appearance of gastritis, symptoms are pain in epigastrolnoy, nausea, lack of appetite.Prevention of alcoholism in the first step to avoid its rapid development.

second stage of the disease has a duration of 5-15 years.It is characterized by the fact that the patient has been increasing alcoholism altered reactivity syndrome arise psevdozapoi that occur with frequency due to external circumstances, such as the inability to purchase alcohol, lack of funds for its purchase.The patient is characterized by loss of memory, which in strong intoxication replaced by total amnesia.Daily drinking is accompanied by a syndrome of mental dependence.In this case, alcoholics sober unable to perform mental work, there is disorganization of mental activity.Physical alcohol dependence syndrome manifests itself in uncontrollable craving for alcohol, depression patient inoperable, irritability.

In the second stage the treatment of patients with alcoholism should be carried out in a specialized hospital under the supervision of the psychiatrist.Prevention alcoholism accompanied by a sharp rejection of alcohol, resulting in a patient having somatoneurological symptoms that are manifested in the form of finger tremor, exophthalmos, hyperemia of the upper body, vomiting, nausea, pain in the liver, heart, intestine relief measure, headache.Alcoholism second degree may be accompanied by complications of the liver in the form of chronic hepatitis B form.Clinical symptoms of hepatitis are generally not manifested.Alcoholics can disturb heaviness in the epigastric region, bloating, and nausea.

third stage of the disease last for 5-10 years.This stage is the end.According to statistics, it ends mostly lethal.Intoxication occurs instantly, even after taking a small amount of alcohol.As a result of heavy drinking comes physical and psychological exhaustion.As a result of strong intoxication occurs amnesia.The third stage is accompanied by profound mental changes.For the patient is characterized by emotional instability, which manifests itself in the alternation of irritability, gaiety, malice.There comes a degradation of the individual, reduced intellectual capacity.Alcoholism is dangerous third stage liver cirrhosis, which can be of two forms - compensated, decompensated.Compensated form is manifested in the form of flatulence, anorexia, fatigue, liver enlargement, sudden weight loss, hair loss, thinning of the skin, the appearance of white spots on them, spider veins.Decompensated form has symptoms such as portal hypertension leading to ascites, hemorrhoidal, esophageal bleeding.The patient is observed jaundice, increased melanin content.Prevention of alcoholism in the third stage, is generally not carried out, the treatment requires drastic measures.

Beer alcoholism

Beer dependence develops unnoticed for a long period.1-2 bottles of beer per day does not affect the physical, mental state.Beer alcoholism is fixed and gradually manifests itself in the desire to daily consumption of beer.

characteristic features of beer alcoholism is:

  • daily consumption of beer more than 1 liter;
  • slow increase in the abdomen;
  • aggressive behavior, irritability, anger, which arise in the "sober" periods;
  • recurrent headaches;
  • problems with potency;
  • beer consumption with a view to lifting the mood in the morning;
  • daytime sleepiness, insomnia.

Beer alcoholism is having a devastating and irreversible impact on the heart.The results of such an impact is a thickening of the walls, the emergence of neuroses, increased cavities, reducing the number of mitochondria.The heart grows in size, slack, which reduces the efficiency of pumping blood.Beer alcoholism contributes to suppression of testosterone, there is the likelihood of developing cancer, infertility.

prevention of alcoholism is to develop willpower, social qualities, observation and analysis of their actions, the limitation of communication with patients with alcoholism.

Female alcoholism

At the heart of a female alcoholism are usually the reasons for having a psychological nature.Women are emotionally react to difficulties and often fall into a depression.

Among the factors that cause female alcoholism, can be distinguished:

  • problems of the social plan, which is to financial difficulties, poor social status, difficulties at work, training deficiencies, etc .;
  • emotional turmoil, experience;
  • social circle in which there are people who use alcohol;
  • nervous, mental illness;
  • crime, prostitution.

problem of female alcoholism is that the disease is developing with rapid speed.Persistent alcohol abuse takes place within 5 years.Female alcoholism is characterized by all three of the above steps.Prevention of alcoholism in women is identical to the prevention of alcoholism in men.


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