Actinomycosis - forms of the disease , symptoms and treatment


1. forms of the disease and the symptoms of actinomycosis

2. Actinomycosis maxillofacial

3. Diagnosis of actinomycosis

4. Treatment of actinomycosis

Actinomycosis refers to infectious diseases and is caused by actinomycetes (radiant mushrooms).The disease has a primary chronic course, which is characterized by the formation of dense granulomas, abscesses and fistulas.

actinomycosis Pathogens are fungi of the genus of Actinomyces, which are quite often found in nature - in the soil, hay, straw, plants.In the human body by inhalation of actinomycetes enter through broken skin or with food.they usually do not cause disease.But the presence of inflammatory processes in the oral cavity, the respiratory tract or the gastrointestinal tract sometimes contribute to the development and activation of actinomycetes actinomycosis.

In place of introduction of actinomycetes appears infectious granuloma.She grows into the surrounding tissue and leads to abscesses, which are formed in

the breakout fistulas.Education skin suppuration and promotes secondary, usually a staphylococcal infection.

forms of the disease and the symptoms of actinomycosis

duration of the incubation period of actinomycosis is not exactly known.From the time of infection to a specific form of the disease may take even several years.There are main clinical forms of the disease:

  • cervical-maxillofacial form;
  • torokalny actinomycosis - the defeat of the chest cavity and the chest wall;
  • abdominal actinomycosis - foci are in the appendix and cecum, at least in parts of the colon and small intestine;
  • actinomycosis genito-urinary organs;
  • actinomycosis of bones and joints;
  • skin actinomycosis;
  • actinomycosis of the central nervous system;
  • mycetoma or Madurese stop.

Each form of the disease has its own symptoms.Actinomycosis belongs to a primary chronic infection with a long progressive course.Gradually expanding, infiltration pulls the skin in the process.First diagnosed in very dense and virtually painless infiltration.This skin has a purple color, there are signs of the existence of a cavity filled with fluid (fluctuation).Then develop fistulas, which are very long to heal.During the analysis of pus detect drusen - tiny whitish-yellowish lumps.

Actinomycosis maxillofacial

most frequently observed actinomycosis of the maxillofacial region.Normally actinomycetes exist in the human oral cavity.They are found in cavities, periodontal pockets, hard and soft dental deposits.The factor that triggers the onset of actinomycosis is to reduce the human body immunity.Aggravating factors are called foci of infection, mucosal injury.

For actinomycosis of the maxillofacial region is characterized by the emergence of foci of inflammatory infiltrates or granulomas, which are fuzzy, blurred boundaries.The disease develops gradually, pain is insignificant or non-existent.This is often caused by a late visit to a doctor.In the later stages of the disease the skin is soldered to the underlying tissues.This infiltration woody, very tight, the skin over it has a purple-bluish color.Then, in the center of infiltration appear softening and fistulas arise.They are filled with liquid pus, sometimes with kroshkovidnymi inclusions.

actinomycosis of the maxillofacial region is necessary to distinguish from malignant tumors, abscesses, abscesses, tuberculous lymph nodes.

Diagnosis Diagnosis of actinomycosis

actinomycosis does not cause difficulties in the development of characteristic symptoms.However, it is important to make the correct diagnosis at the beginning of the disease.Actinomycetes can be detected in smears of nose or throat, sputum of many healthy people.Therefore, such a study may have diagnostic value.For the analysis carried out percutaneous puncture body that struck discharge or take fistula.Under an ordinary microscope, you can see the Druze actinomycetes.This makes it possible to make a preliminary diagnosis of actinomycosis.Then spend a specific reaction to certain species of actinomycetes.

In 75% of cases of the disease in the material do not detect drusen.In such situations, the most correct method of diagnosis is sowing biopsy material or pus.After 2-3 days after seeding can be seen under the microscope colony characteristic actinomycosis.It is very important to take into account the sensitivity of crop research accompanying microflora to antibiotics.


actinomycosis actinomycosis Treatment is carried out comprehensively.The patient is administered adjuvants to boost the immune system of the body.To suppress the accompanying flora and prevention of secondary infections carried antibacterial drugs therapy.It is very important for the favorable treatment of actinomycosis purpose of fortifying medicines.

addition to the main treatment used physical therapy.At the same time use the local electrophoresis immunostimulant and iodine, UV exposure of the skin to the site of the lesion.

In severe cases, there is a need for surgical treatment of fistulas, draining abdominal or prevralnoy cavity.An abscess necessarily reveal.For large lesions of the lung actinomycosis conduct lobectomy (removal of the lobe of the lung).

In the absence of timely treatment of actinomycosis competent internal organs may lead to death.

most mild form of the disease - maxillofacial actinomycosis.For the disease characterized by the development of a possible relapse.


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