Adenoma of the prostate - symptoms , treatment and removal


1. Symptoms of prostate adenoma

2. Treatment of diseases

3. BPH Treatment folk remedies

BPH (benign prostatic hyperplasia) - a diseasein which the cells grow smaller glands of the submucosal layer of the bladder.When sprouting small glands are formed nodules that interfere with the normal process of urination.

The cause of BPH is not certain.Experts point to the relationship of the disease with the level of male sex hormones, which decreases with age.

In addition, the early appearance of prostate adenoma (aged 30-40 years) is observed in men who have a sedentary job.This is explained by a stagnation of blood in the pelvis, arising due to low physical activity, smoking, alcohol abuse.

additional risk factor for the disease is cardiovascular disease, which lead to a breach of venous valve functions of the machine.

considerable role in the development of BPH men playing craze in extreme sports - surfing, diving, skiing.These studies often contribute to hypothermia, the dev

elopment of non-infectious chronic prostatitis, and as a result, can trigger prostate adenoma.

Symptoms of BPH

main manifestations of the disease are disorders of urination.

first symptoms of BPH becomes frequent, less intense and free, urination.This decreases the amount of urine that is released at a time, becomes weak urine stream.Men have to get up several times a night.Another symptom of BPH - the emergence of a very strong urge to urinate that can not delay even for a short time.

In the subsequent development of the disease the patient more and more difficult to urinate.This urine stream drops almost vertically.A man falls when urinating very tense abdomen.Some patients have to take breaks during urination.

Most men with BPH faced with a feeling of incomplete emptying of the bladder in the morning.They are forced to urinate in the morning at 3-5 times at intervals of 10-20 minutes.

later manifested the following symptoms of BPH - urinary incontinence and withhold.In this case, urine is continuously released dropwise initially only at night, and later - day and night.

In the absence of timely treatment in a patient suffering kidney.For many there is renal failure, signs of which are headache, fatigue, dry mouth, thirst, irritability.The urinary bladder of the patient is constantly overflowing with urine.During urination, urine can be released in a thin stream, and often drop by drop.

If untreated, BPH develop acute urinary retention.Due to the fact that the urethra becomes fully pinched, he does not miss a single drop of urine.Crowded bladder protrudes above the pubis.Patients have a strong pain in the lower abdomen.

Complications of BPH include hematuria, which means the appearance of blood in the urine.The cause of bleeding are the veins of the bladder, which are damaged due to the increased pressure of urine.

often resulting in stagnation of urine in the bladder stones are formed rapidly.


diseases are among the main methods of treatment of BPH - drug therapy, minimally invasive procedures, surgery.

doctor chooses the most appropriate treatment for each patient individually.This takes into account the severity of symptoms, age of the patient, the size of the prostate, the overall health.

Usually medical treatment of BPH is used in the presence of mild to moderate severity.Action of drugs directed to the inhibition of cell growth and a decrease in prostate size.The most commonly used treatment of this disease Alpha-blockers, which are able to relieve the symptoms for several weeks.These medicines include Flomax, Uroksatrap, Gitrin and others.

Furthermore, for the treatment of adenoma applied inhibitors of 5-alpha-reductase, which can reduce the size of the prostate.Most often, it is the following drugs - Proscar, Avodart.These medications are used in patients with a more pronounced increase in the prostate.

With the ineffectiveness of conservative therapy is carried out special procedures for the relief of BPH symptoms without surgery.These procedures are based on the use of certain types of heat.The most often used following manipulations.

1.Vnutritkanevaya laser therapy.Using the laser removed pressing on the urethra of the prostate tissue.This procedure is performed under anesthesia.

2.Transuretralnaya microwave thermotherapy.Lots prostate removed using a special heat.Manipulation is performed under anesthesia.

3.Transuretralnaya radiofrequency needle ablation.By using needles that are inserted into the prostate, high frequency radio waves act on the prostate tissue.

4.Stent.This metal spiral, which is placed in the urethra with a view to its expansion.

Surgery for prostate adenoma is held with the failure or otherwise of other treatments.

most commonly used surgery to remove the prostate adenoma, requiring no incision of peritoneum.This surgical instrument is introduced into the prostate through the urethra and penis.This is called transurethral surgery to remove part of the prostate.

In the case where it is impossible to hold a transurethral procedure, do abdominal operation to remove the prostate adenoma.This operation is carried out at a greatly enlarged prostate, narrowing of the urethra, bladder stones, bladder disease.

After surgery, prostate adenoma greatest improvement observed in men with severe symptoms of the disease.In men with medium symptoms often this improvement does not happen.So you need to think carefully about the feasibility of such a procedure.In addition, after surgery of BPH often develop complications - problems with erectile dysfunction, urinary incontinence, retrograde ejaculation.

BPH Treatment folk remedies

At the initial stage of the disease and at the same time with drug therapy can be used folk methods of treating the disease.Here are some of them.

1.500 g of raw pumpkin seeds crushed in a meat grinder, add honey (200 g).From the resulting mixture is rolled up balls the size of a hazelnut.To eat the ball 1-2 times a day.There should be slowly dissolving in the mouth for a long time.

2. In the treatment of BPH folk remedies successfully used the following recipe.A tablespoon of hazel wood leaves pour a glass of boiled water, to cool.Take twice a day for up to 100 g of food.

3. Mix honey and celery juice in equal parts.Take 2-3 times a day for 2 tablespoons before meals.


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