What is barley

Barley, or stye (hordeolum), - acute inflammation of the hair follicle and sebaceous glands of the lower or upper eyelid.

cause of barley is usually staphylococcus, living on the skin surface.Under normal circumstances, the human body is covered with billions of harmless bacteria.Bacteria breed on dead skin cells and other debris, causing local inflammation can occur.In some cases these bacteria with dead skin cells can clog pores, along the edge of the eyelid.

outside or inside

Barley is usually found on the outer surface of the century, but sometimes it can be located on the inside.Outside the barley begins with a small protuberance on the eyelid near the lashes.In the future, barley is transformed into a red, painful swelling of the touch, which remains unchanged for a few days and then come out.In some cases, the outer barley may pop up for a short time and disappear on their own, but often it requires qualified treatment.

Internal barley, located on the inside of the eyelid may also cause re

d, painful swelling of the touch.But in this case because of its location in its white head, as in the case of external barley, it is not visible on the surface of the century.

Internal barley usually passes without consequences, as soon as the infection disappears.But it can also leave a small fluid-filled cyst, which should be opened surgically.

chalazion Barley is often confused with chalazion - a benign neoplasm century, appearing due to meibomian gland inflammation.Chalazion is a local tissue reaction to the sebaceous gland excretion, which are not able to stand on the surface of the century due to blockage of the lumen of the gland.

These glands produce fat secret lubricating edge of the eyelid and facilitate its sliding when flashing.As a result, swells and iron capsule formed around it.Time of chalazion ranges from several weeks to several months.


chalazion Barley and mostly harmless, and only in rare cases can cause blurred vision or complications, the most dangerous of them - a common infection of the century.Barley may occur at any age and has a tendency to relapse.

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