What is the immune agranulocytosis

immune agranulocytosis - a blood disorder in which reduced number of white blood cells and granulocytes in the blood.

immune agranulocytosis provoked by taking medications (analgesics, steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, sulfonamides, antithyroid drugs).They attach to leukocytes and stimulate them to produce antibodies.Destroyed granulocytes.The basis of this mechanism is immune conflict.

In this disease of blood leukocytes at least 1x10 ninth degree / l and the granulocytes - at least in the ninth degree 0,75h10 / l.

clinical picture

the first 7-10 days from the time of infection of the disease can not be.With its accession the patient's condition deteriorates.It appears fever, chills, infection process (stomatitis, tonsillitis, pneumonia, abscesses).The patient loses weight, there are signs of intoxication, headache, weakness.

in blood tests of patients have leukopenia (reduction in white blood cells).In the study of bone marrow progenitor no granulocyte (blood cell).When blood cultures, smears

from the mucous membranes are identified pathogens.

If you suspect an immune agranulocytosis patient should be hospitalized immediately.Timely and proper treatment leads to recovery.

Treatment Treatment is carried out in a hospital.To reduce the contact with carriers of infection patients are placed in separate wards, equipped with special filters and ultraviolet lamps for air purification.Recommend only thermally processed foods.

A prerequisite of successful treatment should be the abolition of drugs.Recommended intravenous antibiotics.In the event that the treatment process is delayed, prescribe corticosteroid hormones.

Some patients can relapse.Therefore, diagnosis, treatment strategy, patient education must be perfect.

Prevention Prevention includes discontinuation of drugs proven to cause immune agranulocytosis.

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