Burns boiling water : treatment

Burns boiling water : treatment
boiling water burns are thermal damage to tissues of the body by the action of water heat.In the treatment of burns, boiling water is important to follow certain rules.

Since hot water is quite certain temperature, comes to the fore the burn area and the duration of action of damaging factors.

In a domestic environment boils rarely develops into a life-threatening condition, on the other hand, when the heating mains breaks, accidents at factories and in other similar situations, boiling water burns usually are large and can have a greater depth of damage.

more dangerous boiling water burns

  1. first and second degree burns is standard for all types of burns picture with redness of the skin, superficial pain and the formation of bubbles with clear content (for second-degree burns).
  2. boiling water burns third degree skin appear pale with a characteristic belosovato-colored marble and testovatoy.
  3. Even slight burns of the first or second degree of danger with extensive skin lesions, since they may devel
    op the disease, or even burn burn shock - hazardous condition with the defeat of all organs and body systems.

First aid for burns, boiling water

First aid for burns, boiling water is the soonest elimination of the damaging factor in effective cooling of the affected area with cold running water, ice, etc.Cool for 15-20 minutes reduced the risk of further progression of thermal injury.

It is not recommended to smear the damaged areas with oil, sour cream and ointments, oil-based - all this only reduces heat and exacerbates the process.If you have a special kit with burn ointments analgesic and cooling components, you can use one of them.Severe pain is possible to stop taking pain medication inside.

If the burn has reached the second degree, and on the skin surface formed bubbles, it is better to turn to the emergency room in the community - a doctor accurately diagnose the degree of the burn, the treated surface, and prescribe treatment.

When the opportunity to see a doctor is absent, after first aid in the form of cooling the affected surfaces and anesthesia performed primary processing with the removal of foreign bodies from the burning zone and the disinfection of the skin around the antiseptic.

Small and medium-sized bubbles is better not to open.To avoid infection, you can gently drain blisters with a sterile needle to pierce the base.Peel off the skin after puncturing the bladder is not removed as it plays the role of biological adhesive, which protects the surface of the burn from getting infectious agents.

surface levometsitinovoy burn treated with ointment with sedative component and closes with a sterile bandage.Dressings are carried out every two days.If the damaged surface appeared pus dressings are made more often, and replaced the ointment with antiseptic solutions (eg chlorhexidine).

burn third degree and above is treated in the hospital: a high probability of complications in the form of burn disease, infection.The same applies to burn with damage to large surfaces of the body.

In this case, all the pre-medical aid to the victim will be in pain relief, wrap in a blanket, mineral water and call an ambulance as soon as possible.

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