Burn 1st degree : treatment

Burn 1st degree : treatment
Burn called thermal, chemical, radiation or electrical damage to the body's tissues.In addition, the combined release and combined forms of burns.The easiest form of burns is considered to be a burn, 1 st degree.

Depending on the depth of damage burns are divided into 4 degrees, of which burns 1st degree is the most superficial, and burn the 4th degree - the deepest, with signs of charring of tissue.

severity of a burn depends on the degree of the burn area and the affected tissues - the higher these values ​​are, the harder it burn.From the severity of the burn depends on the method of its treatment.

Burn 1st degree manifested by redness and swelling of the affected tissue, such changes accompany everything burns.With superficial burns less than 15% of the body surface area (less than two hands) the degree of damage is considered light.

First aid for burns 1st degree

major role in helping to burn 1st degree plays a factor elimination, caused the burn damage.

Thus, in the classical burns, ie, bu

rns caused by heat, it is necessary to eliminate the thermal agent and how cool the damaged area as soon as possible.This will stop the further spread of burn skin changes and speed healing.

method uniquely applicable only when the stored integrity of the skin.Preferably used for cooling the flowing cold water, placing it under the surface of the burned for 15-20 minutes.

Similarly, should act and sunburn, the majority of which relates specifically to burns of 1st degree.Man with sunburn have to withdraw into the shadows, thus eliminating the damaging factor.Then, the damaged area should be cooled with running water or dipped in bath of cold water towels - depends on the size and location of the burn.

if necessary and there are no contraindications, you can give an analgesic tablet.There are special creams and ointments against burns, containing in its composition substances having analgesic effect and cooling.

Similarly arrive with burns from electric current.Do not forget to exercise due care in the disposal of the person of the current action.

Chemical burns are different from the above the fact that sometimes to get rid of the damaging agent is a better flow of water can be a neutralizing reagent, but the rules are available for help is not all.

treatment of burns of 1st degree

Usually burns 1st degree do not require hospital treatment.An exception may be only extensive burns.Treatment relatively small burns surfaces is correctly rendered first aid, pain relief and the prevention of infection affected zone.

For pain of burns of 1st degree is used as the local media in the form of gels and ointments containing NSAIDs and tablet forms of these drugs.In order to prevent infection sometimes appointed ointment containing antibacterial agents.Regular moisturizing the skin by special means promotes faster healing, and the refusal of coarse cloth over the burn to reduce skin trauma.

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