What bedsores

What bedsores
Bedsores can lead to the development of general intoxication and even sepsis.What it is?

Bedsores occur due to eating disorders (trophism) tissue, and long-term burden on the individual parts of the body.Most often bedsores are formed in the coccyx, the ischial bone, sacrum, at least - in the nape area, ribs, hip and heel.

Bedsores are dangerous because tissue damage affects not only the skin, and bones are also affected, which formed deep cavities and pockets (more often in the event of pressure ulcers in the hip area and the ischial bones).

primarily decubitus dangerous development of intoxication and sepsis.Rarer complications of pressure ulcers include inflammation of the periosteum and bone tissue, resulting in osteomyelitis and abscess (especially spinal cord injury).If the bone adjacent to the edges of the wound (the bottom), then we can talk about the contact osteomyelitis.Over time, there is pus, often putrid fetid odor.

What bedsores: causes

human tissue function, receiving the necessa

ry nutrients from the blood.Blood flow to all tissues and organs of the body providing the blood vessels, which are flexible, soft tube.The smallest of them - the capillaries.They are particularly important in the metabolism in tissues.

It was during prolonged compression of capillaries (over two hours) is a violation of the fabric supply (ischemia), and then necrosis (necrosis).So long lying or sitting still is not safe - it can lead to the development of pressure ulcers.

second common reason - a significant shift of tissue in relation to each other.For example, if the bedridden patient pulls on her messy trying to put a ship under it, pulled out of his wet clothes.In these cases, the blood vessels can be broken off, which disrupts the blood supply to parts of the body.

Risk factors for the appearance of bedsores - exhaustion or overweight, lack of food and drinking, smoking, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, fecal incontinence and urinary disorders, and brain and spinal cord trauma, poor hygiene, skin care, excessive sweating,allergies to skin care products, as well as the seams, pleats, buttons on the bedding.

Prevention of bedsores

in the prevention of pressure ulcers need bedridden patients, patients who use a wheelchair, suffering from immobility of certain parts of the body, or fecal incontinence, obesity, diabetes, emaciated patients suffering from the effects of a stroke.

Knowing what bedsores, it is necessary to provide appropriate prevention.Prophylaxis is to prevent prolonged compression and displacement of body tissue to one another.

The preventive measures include personal hygiene and the corresponding regular treatment of the skin (eg, alcohol, camphor), prevent excessive skin moisture, nutrition, regularity of urination and defecation, massage.

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