Favus : poor disease

disease is typical of countries with low cultural and material level.

crusted ringworm (scab) - a fungal disease that affects the hair, skin, nails, and in some cases, and internal organs.The causative agent is the fungus Trichophyton schonleinii.

Ill mostly women.The disease has long been overlooked, so the sick are a constant source of infection, infecting her children and grandchildren.

great importance in the development of favus has state of the organism and the level of personal hygiene.People with low immunity, endocrine system diseases, poor nutrition, do not comply with sanitary regulations, the disease progresses most rapidly.That is why favus incidence is very high in poor countries.Also contributing to its emergence humid and hot climate.

main symptoms favus

first signs of the disease appear after about two weeks after infection.Favus flows in one of three forms: skutulyarnoy, squamous or impetiginoznoy.

The most common form is skutulyarnaya.Getting on the skin, the fungus takes root

in the horny layer of the epidermis and multiplies there, forming a rounded yellow plates with depression in the center - skutuly.They consist of a fungal culture of the epidermal cells and sebum.

If it affects the scalp hair becomes dull, brittle, lifeless.They have a kind of "mouse" smell.

hair fall out, but do not break, that is the difference favus from other fungal diseases.Over time, the fungus penetrates deeper into the dermis, causing skin atrophy under skutuloy.At this point, the scar is formed, then the hair will no longer grow.Also affected and skin on other areas of the body.

When squamous form of rashes occur in a pink scaly spots, which remain after the atrophic scars.Peeling is often very abundant, grayish-white scales, which is often mistaken for dandruff sick.

For impetiginoznoy form characterized by pustules and brownish crust instead skutul that also leave behind scars.

Besides the hair and skin crusted ringworm while affected nails.The culture of the fungus in the nail plate looks like a yellow spot.With the growing and thickening of the nail deformity over time.Most often affects the hands, feet on the disease occurs only when a generalized (common) form of the infection.

Enough favus rarely affects the internal organs.With blood spreads the fungus into the lungs, brain, gastrointestinal tract, bone.


favus dangerous development of scarring on the scalp, which leads to permanent hair loss, as well as possible severe visceral.

skutulyarnoy a typical form of the disease to diagnose the characteristic rash and the hair of it is easy.Squamous and impetiginoznaya forms are atypical varieties favus that are difficult to diagnose.Patients with these rare forms of the disease go to the doctor, thereby maintaining the focus of infection in the family.

An accurate diagnosis is established after the microscopic study of hair and skin.If this is not enough, then the routine culture with the release of the fungus culture.


favus Treatment involves taking antifungal drugs inside and externally.If struck by the hair on the head, they shave once a week.Corky soften mineral oil, and then removed.The skin is treated with antifungal lotions and ointments.

Required receiving systemic antifungal agents with a broad spectrum of action.

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