Tongue piercing : problems

Tongue Piercing : Challenges |Reliably problems tongue piercing
Tongue piercing, lips or cheeks - what to expect complications and how to avoid them.

This cosmetic procedure like tongue piercing, lips or cheeks, can have many complications.

Possible complications of oral piercings

  • infections.The wounds formed as a result of punctures, and a huge amount of bacteria in the mouth increases the risk of infection.
  • transmission of diseases.Oral piercing - is a potential risk factor for the transmission of herpes simplex virus or hepatitis B and C.
  • Endocarditis.Streptococci - the main inhabitants of the oral cavity.Once in the blood through a wound from the piercing, they can cause inflammation of the lining of the heart - endocarditis.
  • nerve damage.Numbness or loss of sensation in the puncture site, problems with language mobility may indicate nerve damage.
  • Prolonged bleeding.When punctured blood vessels, which are quite large in the language can be prolonged bleeding.
  • Shortness of breath.Swelling of the tongue as a result of piercing can be so strong that i
    t can block the airway and obstruct breathing.
  • gum disease.People with oral piercings, especially with long decorations (rods), are more at risk of gum disease than people without piercing.Decoration may be contacted with the gum surface, damaging them, which in turn may result in loosening and loss of teeth.
  • damage teeth.Teeth that are in contact with the decoration, can chip or crack.A study conducted by dentists, showed that 47% of people wearing decoration in the form of a rod for four years or more, had at least one chipped tooth.
  • difficulties in the work of the oral cavity.Tongue piercing can cause difficulty in chewing and swallowing food, as well as problems with speech.This is due to the fact that excessive decoration stimulates saliva flow.
  • change in taste.
  • allergic reaction to metal.Hypersensitivity reaction to the metal, known as allergic contact dermatitis, may occur in some patients.
  • risk swallow decorations.Decoration, which flew out of the puncture, can cause breathing difficulties, until the complete overlap of the respiratory tract and swallowed jewelry can cause damage to the digestive tract or lungs.

Choice piercing salon

If despite all these risks, you still decide to undergo the procedure of oral piercing, consider the following recommendations.

Ask friends who are already pierced tongue, lips or cheek and did not suffer at the same time from the adverse effects, to recommend the salon.

Go to the salon.It looks whether it clean, especially that part of it, where do piercings?Specify whether to use the cabin steam sterilizers or disposable instruments, disposable gloves if staff enjoys.

Ask for sanitary certificate.Ensure that all the needles and bolts, rings and rods are stored in the sterilized package.

staff dealing piercing should always be vaccinated against hepatitis B.

If unfriendly staff answers your questions or refuses to answer - go to another salon!

Care oral piercings in

home pierce my tongue heals 4 to 6 weeks.Pierce the lips - from one to two months.The healing period should adhere to the following rules:

  • avoid alcohol, spicy, solid and roughage;
  • do not smoke or drink tabakosoderzhaschie products;
  • brush your teeth after each meal and rinse your mouth with antiseptic liquid;
  • frequently rinse your mouth with warm salt water;
  • eat soft foods, taking vitamins, accelerating the healing process (after consultation with your doctor);
  • go to the dentist, if something is bothering - the doctor will check your teeth, gums, tongue and soft tissues for early signs of complications of body piercing.

Anxiety symptoms after piercing

If the following symptoms of an urgent need to go to the doctor:

  • yellow or green discharge from the puncture (whitish or clear discharge are the norm);
  • scarring or thickening of tissue that forms around the puncture and darkens;
  • gain redness, pain or swelling of the puncture site;
  • pryschevidny abscess at the site of puncture;
  • bleeding or rupture of education after primary healing of the puncture;
  • stable low-grade body temperature for several days after the piercing procedure.

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