Care for bedsores

care and treatment of bedsores should start immediately after the first signs of their appearance.Are used as surgical and conservative treatment, depending on the degree of tissue damage.

If you have pressure sores I-II degree, the treatment consists in cleansing the wound to protect it from joining the infection.Thus most commonly used dressings, skin treated with a 5 percent solution of potassium permanganate.If the wound pus, apply an aqueous solution of chlorhexidine or other antiseptic.

With the destruction of tissue, which is characteristic for pressure ulcers stage III-IV, only surgical intervention effectively.In step remove dead tissue and close the wound.

When bedsores occur to care for patients must be carefully and regularly.This may require a home nurse.It should be at least once every two hours to change the position of the patient, treating wounds, to feed the patient's diet, rich in vitamins and proteins.When caring for patients with bed sores use special mattresses.

Traditional methods of care for bedsores

In folk medicine, there are many ways to care for bedsores.In areas of the body that are exposed to prolonged pressure applied ointment consisting of seven pieces of butter, two parts of oak bark and one part of the kidneys black poplar.All components are ground finely, stirred, allowed to stand overnight in a warm place to infuse the morning boil on low heat.The broth is filtered and poured into a jar.The mixture was stored in a refrigerator.It can not be used warm.

skin Sites bedsores smeared ointment: 30 g of juice of onion and almond oil.Mix equal parts clavate Lycopodium, black elderberry leaves of white birch, oak bark.Three tablespoons of the mixture pour 800 ml boiling water, stand for three hours, filtered, again pour boiling water and infuse for six hours.The infusion moistened cloth and used as a lotion on sores.

In the formation of patient non-healing pressure ulcers effectively means the following, has a healing, soothing and anti-inflammatory effect.Two teaspoons of calendula flowers pour 400 g of boiling water, stand 15 minutes and filtered.Use it for half a cup three or four times a day before meals.The same tincture washed the wound.Applied to him soaked gauze infusion.For large wounds can be applied to them crushed marigold leaves.

Twice a day for pressure sores, you can apply a lotion with the infusion of young leaves of black elderberry with milk or water.Speeds healing of bedsores rosehip oil or sea buckthorn ointment from the leaves of aloe.

For lubrication of pressure ulcers can mix egg yolk with a little vodka and beat the mixture.

Buds of birch pour 70 percent alcohol solution and allow to infuse.This tincture can be lubricated with bedsores and use it for lotions.

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